good moisturizer for oily combination skin?
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   Hey everyone, 


I just hav a question to ask about a goo moisturizer. 

I have dry but oily skin and is prone to get acne every now and then 

I like something that is more natural, and organic (but doesnt have to be if its amazing) 

I have pores, redness, and my skin is rather always warm 


could you recomment me an amazing moisturizer that would be suited for my skin? 

The sales associate recommended me the mositurizer from nude today, but i find that theyre way too expensive, and when i searched online for their review, people didn't think they did too much of their job compared to its price 


please help me Smiley Sad 

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One of the things that actually helped to clear up my acne and now is helping IMMENSELY on hyperpigmentation is Tarte's Maracuja oil. I have really sensitive skin, combination but tends to be on the oilier side. This stuff is incredible. I've been using it for almost a year and my complexion is a complete 180 from what it was before. 


Try this. You will NOT be disappointed!

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