cleansing before exfoliating?

Should I cleanse the skin with a face cleanser before going in with an exfoliating cleanser, or visa versa? I am only exfoliating twice a week, but I was just curious if I need to cleanse my skin beforehand or after OR if just washing my face with an exfoliating cleanser is enough?


I would then follow with a toner and moisturizer.

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If you want the exfoliant to do its job and not just take off makeup and dirt, but dead skin cells, I wold say use a gentle cleanser before you exfoliate. That's my expert opinion as an Esthetician Smiley Happy

If I didn't wear any make up, I just rinse/wipe my face with water then exfoliate.


If I did wear make up, I use an oil based cleanser (too moisturizing for my combo skin), then exfoliate, then normal cleanser, then the toner/serum/moisturizer stuff. If I went full out and wore a ton of make up, I use make up remover before the oil cleanser.


Honestly tho, since that's so much trouble, I ended up just do make up and exfoliate on alternate days. =P

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You should take your makeup off with wipes or a product first. Then you should use a cleanser when you exfoliate. Purity by Philosophy is a good one.

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I say cleanse first to get all of your makeup off, and then exploliate. Follow with a toner only if you like, and then moistrize!

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Actually, when you wash your face regularly, you should wash it twice. First to get off any makeup and dirt, second to actually cleanse your skin. You will find that you break out less and have less oil for your oily skin. Then, if you want to use an exfoliator, do that after. And then youre right to use toner and moisturizer after. Always use moisturizer after washing your face. It helps protect your skin from sun and helps wrinkles. If you do all of this you will notice a difference in your skin within a week. But, make sure you dont exfoliate too much because it will rub off your good skin.


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