Top Moisturizers for Oily & Dehydrated Skin?

What are some good moisturizers for oily yet dehydrated skin? I am currently using Murad's skin perfecting lotion but it is too light for the winter weather.

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Reading these answers helped me discover the perfect moisturizer for my skin type: Korres Yogurt Cream!! Smiley Very Happy

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I've been using Boscia's black line lately to try to get my oily/acne prone skin under control (this set is a really great way to try a couple of those products: I really like their Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel and tend to use that at night. During the daytime I use their Oil-Free Hydration SPF15 to give my skin extra sun protection. They also have something called No Pores No Shine that's been awesome at making my T-Zone less oily throughout the day. On a related sidenote, maybe you should also consider changing up your cleanser for the winter months too. If your skin is being stripped of it's natural moisture at this time of year it can sometimes become too oily in an attempt to compensate. Using a super gentle cleanser might help keep your skin happy and less likely to overproduce oil.

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Some options for you would be to stay with oil free and go with something just a little heavier with some antioxidants in them you can try:


1. Korres Pomengranate Cream gel moisturizer

2. Murad Energizing Pomengranate moisturizer which is a little heavier than you are using now but also with antioxidants in it.


Also drink more water to help with your hydration and that will make a big difference alone. Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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kindly check the link, I am sure you will love this product.




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I have the same skin-type, and I've had really great results from:


the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream 




the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief


Both products hydrated my skin perfectly without making my face crazy oily at the end of the day, and the Kate Somerville cream kept my irritated skin calm.

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If you're going to switch moisturizers, Sephora carried Korres Yogurt Cream that works really well for dehydrated but oily skin.  It seems to be out of stock online right now, but maybe your local store has it?  It's this:


Personally, I've switched to La Mer Soft Cream for my winter use (my standard is the Oil Absorbing Lotion) and find it works well, really sinking into the skin without leaving any oiliness - my oily T-zones turns into the Sahara during winter so I know how you feel .  However, La Mer is quite an investment (read: expensive), one that works amazing for me but might not be so great for you.


If you really like what your current moisturizer is doing for you, I'd say just drink more water and invest in a bottle of Peter Thomas Roth's VIZ-1000:

This should solve the dehydration problem but won't solve any under-moisturization issues, though hopefully there's none if you like your current moisturizer.

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I really like using FAB Ultra Repair Cream - it's very light, with a whipped texture that sinks right into your skin, hydrating it without making you very oily. It's what I've been using since late July now and I love it. 

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