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Really, really ridiculously oily skin
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I have the oiliest skin ever, I have tired everything-Primers, Powders, blotting, nothing works. Right now I am using the Murad primer, Lancome long lasting foundation (the 24 hour one)-I love it, but it makes my skin oily so fast and I'm just using a clinique powder...please help!! I feel like I've tried so many things and nothing works...O

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I have extremely oily skin too and tried everything! but these product changed my life cuz they really reduced the oil by A LOT.First i use the clairsonic brushes to cleanse with murad time release acne wash and they have cleared up my congested skin and made it baby soft. Then I use the peel pads from dr. dennis gross. its a 30 day supply that u use once everyday and it noticeably reduced the oil,brightened my skin,made my skin super absorbent to other products and got rid of acne/scars.I swear the peel pads have made my skin the best I've ever had. then I use the philosophy breath of fresh air cream gel moisturiser day and night on top of the peel pads..this stuff is a great moisturiser for combo skin its super light u just need a tiny bit and it wont make u greasy cuz ur skin just absorb it in seconds. Then I use dr. brant pores no more pore refiner in the day time on my t zone..okay this stuff is amazingg for absrbing oil.It feels super nice too kinda like a powder once u appy it on and this last you for ages cuz a tiny bit does the trick. I use to use around 8 sheets of blotting paper throughout the day and now I use ZERO sheets if im not wearing foundation..but if im wearing foundation then i would use only 2 sheets. u gotta try these products! trust me i tried sooo many products to control oil through out like 3 years and finally i have found the gold!

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