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Really, really ridiculously oily skin
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I have the oiliest skin ever, I have tired everything-Primers, Powders, blotting, nothing works. Right now I am using the Murad primer, Lancome long lasting foundation (the 24 hour one)-I love it, but it makes my skin oily so fast and I'm just using a clinique powder...please help!! I feel like I've tried so many things and nothing works...O

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I have extremely oily skin too and tried everything! but these product changed my life cuz they really reduced the oil by A LOT.First i use the clairsonic brushes to cleanse with murad time release acne wash and they have cleared up my congested skin and made it baby soft. Then I use the peel pads from dr. dennis gross. its a 30 day supply that u use once everyday and it noticeably reduced the oil,brightened my skin,made my skin super absorbent to other products and got rid of acne/scars.I swear the peel pads have made my skin the best I've ever had. then I use the philosophy breath of fresh air cream gel moisturiser day and night on top of the peel pads..this stuff is a great moisturiser for combo skin its super light u just need a tiny bit and it wont make u greasy cuz ur skin just absorb it in seconds. Then I use dr. brant pores no more pore refiner in the day time on my t zone..okay this stuff is amazingg for absrbing oil.It feels super nice too kinda like a powder once u appy it on and this last you for ages cuz a tiny bit does the trick. I use to use around 8 sheets of blotting paper throughout the day and now I use ZERO sheets if im not wearing foundation..but if im wearing foundation then i would use only 2 sheets. u gotta try these products! trust me i tried sooo many products to control oil through out like 3 years and finally i have found the gold!

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Have you tried controlling the oil from the inside out? Products will only help absorb the oil. Your body is producing the same amount of oil as if you didn't use anything. Are you drinking enough water? Eating right? Putting stress levels at a minimum? Some people take certain vitamins/ minerals to help control oil- I heard Saw Palmetto and Milk Thistle is a good combo. I'm actually going to begin using those 2 to see if I can bring a complete stop to my oily T-zone. Does your mom or dad have ridiculously oily skin too? If so, then it is likely genetic.


I as well have very oily skin and had the same problem you did but I finally found awesome products that work!

I use the spectro acne gel cleanser and it works awesome at controlling my oily skin. As for makeup I use smashbox photofinish primer which is oil free along with the De-Slick oil control makeup setting spray by Urban Decay before my foundation and it really is effetive at blocking out the oil. Also I switched to the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Mattifying foundation and I set it with the Smashbox photo set finishing powder. All of these products combined have allowed me to eliminate the oily look from my face and I'm finally able to use highlights without looking overly greasy!


I hope this helps :smileyhappy:


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One cheap way is to use  Milk of Magnesia to treat oily skin by first washing and drying your face.  Saturate the cotton ball with the Milk of Magnesia and dab it lightly onto your  skin. Cover all oily areas well.  Put your make-up on directly on top of the Milk of Magnesia once it has  completely dried.  The tip comes from makeup artist Wayne Goss so you know it has to be good.

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Do you exfoliate regularly? You could add retinol, alpha hydroxy acid or a scrub to your skincare routine and see if that helps cut down on oil pre makeup.

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I had the same issue and I started using the Clinique Acne solutions foundation. It's thin and goes on ultra smooth and the finish is very natural looking, but with a verrrrry slight powder finish. It has really helped to control the oiliness in my skin and it's the first HG foundation I've found. If I know I won't be able to touch up my makeup after 8 or so hours, I do set it with a powder... but that's not every time.

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Seban Liquid. It's THE BEST oil control product I have ever used. It used to be sold at Walgreens many years ago, but now it can be bought online only. It's very shocking to me that more people don't know about Seban.

(0) Hearts have you try this ? I dont know I couldn't find the link for a urbandecay 's oil control one. They have that one.. I just can't find the link ..

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Having oily and acne prone skin myself, I spent a good chunk of my adolescent/adult life using every type of acne banishing/oil reducing cleanser possible. Nothing ever seemed to work, though. My skin would be dried out and yet super greasy. I finally switched to a gentle oil free cleanser and moisturizer that was meant for people with "normal" skin and all of a sudden my face is starting to be happy!  I think there's something to be said for breaking the oily skin cycle. If your skin retains it's natural moisture it'll slowly begin to rebalance itself and produce less oil. I also try to exfoliate my skin regularly and use a mask that draws out impurities and hydrates my skin at least a couple of times a week. That seems to have helped as well!

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I have rediculiously oily skin too and I read someone else's "problem oily" skin solution and they said they use josie maran argan oil...and yes it seems odd that when you have oily skin that you would add more oil...but it has really helped my skin. And then I apply a spf lotion...such as clinique  city block sheer spf 25. Plus I do use urban decay deslick spray and deslick in a tube and the urban decay mattifying powder and then benefits one hot minute bronzer. Its not fool proof but does help me from getting oily in 1 hour. Dont use too much argan oil...only a couple of drops. Plus is great for aging skin. And it is a great idea to use an spf all year around! I hope this helps you.

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Hi Caligirl91,


If your skin is extremely oily and you are using more and more products to stop the oil your actually making your oil glands kick into over drive and making them go crazy, the last thing that you need to do is scrub too much or use more product to stop the oil. You need to use a gel cleanser and if you choose a toner and a oil free moisturizer, even though you don't want to add more oil you still need to hydrate. Also instead of touching up with more powder using oil blotting sheets thru the day. Hope this helps!

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