Oily & Dry skin
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Hey everyone ,

I have oily and dry skin , so i was wondering what kind of cleanser and moisturizer would be the best for me ?
I've tried so many things that i just don't know anymore. help !



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I have combination skin too! Here's a list of the products I use and why (they vary in price):


Olay Daily Facial Cloths, for oily/combo skin - I can't live without them!! Inexpensive, you get a whole stack for like $8 or so. Each cloth has a soft side and a 'scrubbier' side lol. They polish away all the dead skin cells and yucky-ness that builds up on the oily parts without over-exfoliating the dryer patches. Polishes for smooth skin!


Kate Sommerville Oil-Free Moisturizer - Expensive but really nice product. The perfect medium-moisture-level cream. Not too lightweight and not too intensive. Very versatile in that respect, use it all over, use it at night, use it how you like!


The Body Shop Vitamin E Rich Moisture Cream - Exactly what it sounds. It's formulated for dry skin, so yes it has the potential to break you out in your oily spots, but Vitamin E has amazing topical benefits for all skin types. My dry patches drink this up like crazy and it's improved my overall complexion. It's the only cream I've ever used that have actually made a noticable difference to my dry spots.


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