Oily Skin and Face Primer
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Best face primer for very oily skin... ready, Set... GOOO!!

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My skin is quite oily as well, and I've had the hardest time trying to find the perfect primer. But I've recently purchased the Tarte primer set and it has worket amazing. The set includes two face primers that are both great and one eye primer that is good-ish. The set is only a sampler/travel set, so it's only $9 if you're shopping online! So if you had a problem with this primer set, it's not a huge dent in your wallet. Hope this helps you make your decision!

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 - Look up Milk of Magnesia Primer in YouTube – it will sound crazy at first but it works wonders for keeping oily skin under control.


- That will leave your skin very matt which will make it hard to apply makeup so I used a velvet primer over the top – I have tried/used/like Elf primer, Makeup 4Ever, and Sephora Ultra Smoothing

The only thing is that you don’t get a lot in the bottles .5 oz,  So I switched to Smashbox original just becuase it came in a jumbo (they really are all basically the same velvety primer) 


- And the HD Makeup4Ever Power on top of makeup 

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Hands down, Smashbox Photofinish in Light. My make up actually stays on my face!


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I used to use face primers but then found myself slowly using them less and less once I got my skin care regimen down. It worked wonders in reducing my overall oil production. Now I only use primers (currently Too Faced) for special events, or times when there is going to be lots of photography. 

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