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Moisturizer necessary when using serum?

Having oily skin I've been finding that my skin feels better when I use my Orgin's skin brightening serum and skip moisturizer.  Is moisturizer really necessary if I'm using a serum?  If so, any suggestions?  I'm currently using Boscia's Black Hydrating Gel.  So far it's the best I've found, but I still think my skin looks and feels better if i skip it.

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You should always listen to your skin. My mom have oily skin and she refuse to use more than 1 product on her face, so I chose anti-aging serums rather than moisturizers since serums are more potent. I was worried since even oily skin needs some hydration, but she liked serum much much better than moisturizer.


Moisturizer is necessary because even oily skin can get dehydrated, but in your case it sounds like your oily skin is perfectly fine without moisturizer. By all means, ditch the moisturizer at night. However, SPF during the day is necessary regardless of moisturizer, so you can get a moisturizer with SPF, or one of the super liquidy serums with SPF like Origins Perfect World SPF35, or Clinique City Block SPF 40 and such.

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