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I have very oily acne prone skin and blackheads.I'm looking for a mask. I try to stay with products that are as natural as possible.(but I'm willing to venture out as long as it works) I've tried the Boscia mask but it was a real hassle and it didn't seem to do much and I recently brought the Ole Henriksen Power Peel two treatment pack. Has anyone used that? Results? Any sugguestions? I don't really have a price range just looking for a good product.

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Well even though you have oily skin you don't want anything that dries you skin out TOO MUCH.  I have oily acne prone skin, and also have some black-head issues on my nose.  I personally really love the LUSH Love Lettuce Face Mask, its mostly nautral and whats great is its made with fresh products (even requires to remain refridgerated and has an expiration date).  Its helps to obsorb oil and exfoliates my face! My face feels so soft after I use it! And its only 7 dollars for a jar!  It keeps my skin clear and is crucial in my skin routine.

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  • Go to - I followed that exactly and i'm clear now after struggling for 10 years. People don't even recognize me somtimes, which is a little sad to realize how bad I had it before. I have found that  just masks don't really help treat acne on there own 


  • Dr Dennis Gross – Alpha Beta Peel – EXPENSIVE but in the beginning of my acne battle it was worth it – It takes the dead dry skin off helping it heal faster. 


  • Look up Milk of Magnesia Primer in YouTube – it will sound crazy at first but it works wonders for keeping oily skin under control which would help the acne 


  • Help with redness $35 – Philosophy Micro delivery Mini Peel Pads (they really help calm my skin once a day)


  • I do like the Botanics Organic line at Target - There is a mud masks that I just feels good and makes my pores smaller. 
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Hi romancewriter,


Dr. Murad's line has a clarifying acne mask and all of his acne products get really good reviews.

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Try this: put some oats (raw, quick, stone-rolled whatever) in food processor and pulse a bit to make them smaller chunks, then add some honey and plain whole milk yogurt, then apply a thin layer onto face. When it dries, rub most of it off then rinse. I'm a skincare junkie and have combo skin, so I've tried tons of masks for dry and oily skin depending on the season. That DIY remains my favorite because it makes my face feel SO clean, matte, refreshed, and hydrated (oats soak up oil, yogurt and honey hydrates but are good for acne). Remember to use clean everything and  keep leftovers in the fridge.


Other than that, I love Origins Charcoal mask. It softens the junk under the skin and draws them out, so it's not as drying as other masks like Murad which dries up the junk and pulls them out. The thing is don't use it the night before a big event, because it's bringing the stuff to the surface, so your face will look a bit worse after 1-2 use, but much much better on the 3rd or 4th use if you have those acne/whitehead/blackhead bumps under the skin.

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