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I have very oily/acne/uneven face, how do i stop it?

I have very oily/acne/uneven face, how do i stop it?


I need something that i will use and get results please, i am sick of it and need help!


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Tenngal, the Clinique Acne Solutions kit is awful!!!!!!! Tried it. Cleanser just okay. Toner- had to shake before use- odd. And it burned!!! Step 3 (moisturizing) had bp in it that my skin just hated- like proactiv. Disappointed in Clinique for that one. No matter your age, don't beat your skin up. It will only aggrevate the condtion. I've tried a few products that helped, and at my age (early 30's) I'm really learning to take care of my skin. Seems the more I nourish it (inside and out) the better it's looking. I've tried a few different products that helped with acne, send me a message for details. As far as oily t-zone, stripping it of oil will only make it oilier. Gentle exfoliation and even light hydration will help.
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