Hi everyone! This is my first time posting because I'm so fed up and wanted some advice. I'm 25 years old with combination skin. Oily forehead and cheeks and dry around chin area. I've struggled with acne forever and tried everything. I keep getting acne on my cheeks. Also, just for context, I do have a hormonal imbalance and am taking bc for it. I wash, tone, and use moisturizer, but I notice later in the day that my cheeks are red and my face looks shiny and greasy with large pores on my cheeks.

Here's the deal: I have no idea what products to use and am overwhelmed whenever I look something up. Primers, bb creams, cc creams, mineral,'s a foreign language to me. I was thinking about coming in for a consultation but I feel like an idiot b/c everyone my age seems to know what they're doing and I don't even know the basics!

Also I live in a humid region and was wondering about makeup routines. When it's so hot, how do you get your primer/foundation/everything else to stay on without your face looking like its melting! Helppp
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I have sensitive combination skin that breaks out every chance it can get... but through trial and error, I've found a few products that calm my skin.


1) don't use products that contain sulfates, They irritate skin, and can dry out the skin. For a cleanser, use cleansing milk.

2) never use alcohol on your face. It over dries out your skin to the point it will produce excessive amounts of oil to restore what it lost. Use an oil free toner.

3) exfoliate at least 2x a week or the oil, dead skin and bacteria on your face will wreak havoc.

4) use oil free moisturizers, you don't need to look like a grease slick so go for lotions over creams. Sometimes I use tea tree oil in my breakout zones instead because it helps with acne.


Ultimately, the more drying the products you use are, the more oil your face will produce to replenish it. So try to use calming products that don't strip your skin and see if the redness and oil go away.



Now the secret to keeping everything in place in hot/humid climates.

1) use light moisturizing lotion/sunscreen and allow to dry for 10-15 min. Lightly wipe with a wet paper towel afterwards to get excess product off. Dry face.

2) put on primer. I use under eye, eyelid and face primers. Use setting spray on top of them and allow to dry 5 min. If you take a fan or put your hair dryer on cool you can speed up the process.

3) apply makeup with brushes vs. sponges so that you don't mess up your primer layer.

4) Use setting powder all over face to lock in wet products (foundation, concealer, etc.). Be liberal!

5) put all of your powder products on.

6) you can buy waterproof eyeliner- sephoras brand is good.

7) use setting spray again

8) there are even primers for mascaras out there, as well as extra waterproofing for lashes (Anastasia)- it goes onto any mascara and makes it waterproof. If you put tinted color on your brows, you can put some of it on that as well.


Nice waterproof products are:



Link: Smashbox Face Primer


Link: Smashbox Under Eye Primer


Link: Urban Decay Eyelid Primer>


Setting Sprays

Link: Urban Decay All Nighter


Mascara Waterproofer (goes over mascara)

Link: Anastasia Lash Genius


Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Link: Sephora Brow Pencil


Waterproof Eyeliner

Link: Sephora Eyeliner


Waterproof Bronzer

Link: Tarte Bronzer


Setting Powder

Link: Nars Powder


and use oil control blotting wipes before you add more setting/mattifying powder throughout the day.

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