Have you tried SK-II?
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I've seen SK-II mentioned again and again in interviews with celebrities (Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, some models and stuff) and it's carried in Sephora, so it's kind of within reach. I was wondering has anyone tried it? which product and is it good for oily skin?


I've brought stuff for my mom, but the main complaint was it's too creamy/thick since she have 100% oily skin. I think La Mer's gonna be a bit too thick, and I was eyeing the SK-II Essence for change of season/especially tiring days (but no pimples or oily mess allowed).

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Hi beauytester,

I've posted a thread about 3 weeks ago regarding the same topic and since then I did a lot research about it.

I am turning 25 in few months and trying to look for new serum and eye cream for my combo-oily acne prone skin. What I'm looking for in a skincare product is to help with my acne dark spots, even out skintone, hyperpigmentation, hydration (without feeling heavy or greasy at all, or cause breakouts), and of course anti-aging property in itSmiley Happy.

The two brand I came down were Perricone MD and SK-II. Finally I got some samples to try weeks ago for both brands and I have to say SK-ii is my winner, somehow my skin loves their ingredients better than Perricone MD ones. 

I know for Sk-ii, they advertised more towards the mature skin 29 over and I'm not there yet, but for the 15% OFF SALE I'm going to purchase one product that I already tried the sample for couple of weeks and I really really loved it. 4 years later I am definitely going to get their "Essential Power Moisturizing Cream", I've heard it is a really wonderful cream!

Im getting this: 

Brightening Derm Specialist http://www.sephora.com/brightening-derm-specialist-P375867?skuId=1448539

If you want a radiance skin with anti-aging property, 

get this one: http://www.sephora.com/cellumination-essence-ex-P375845?skuId=1448497

I really wish I can afford both but they are just too pricey even with the 15% OFF...


Also, beautytester, I have tried La Mer few years ago...a set, a jar..I couldn't even finish the jar so I had to give to my mom because her skin is on the dry side. The same thing happend to my friend, she says La Mer is not better than her all time favorite Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, she gave her jar to her mom as well. I just dont know I think La Mer is meant for someone has really nice skin not problematic skin like me, acne, oily.

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