Good foundation for oily skin?
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I have oily skin and use my mom's bare minerals foundation and find that at the end of the day, especially on school days, the makeup looks splotchy, like it sort of melted in places, patchy, and clumpy, especially on my chin and I'm not sure why this is happening is it the makeup or the oiliness?


If I put on less powder would it not look as patchy? Should I use a primer? Any good ones to suggest? Does anyone know why this happens?


I'm new with this makeup thing so I really need some advice! 

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yep!! you would need primer.. this one would be nice


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I used BareMinerals for a couple of years before switching over to a new foundation. Now I use Shiseido's Pureness Mattifying Pressed Powder Foundation/ Estee Lauder Mattifying Pressed Powder in combination with Shiseido Pureness Moisturizer as a base before primer. After the Pureness Mattifying Moisturizer, I use Neutrogena's Shine Control Primer (which I love for the extra oily areas of my face). In addition, I also use a fine-milled oil-absorbing powder from a specialty seller, it is basically silica powder (same stuff as Make Up For Ever makes). And I use either Urban Decay Deslick or All Nighter to set it. I use blotting paper and I recommend the Shiseido Pureness ones that have a little bit of powder on them to further mattify the face during the day. I love Shiseido's Pureness line.


So yep, if it says oil-control or mattifying, I leap to check it out first, because my oily forehead and nose drives me nuts. The combo of products above have really helped my issue. It doesn't solve it, but it certainly helps a lot. My skin feels really bad if I don't use at least something mattifying on it, because it gets oily really quickly.


As for BareMinerals, I liked it while I used it. It did the job in helping to control oil. I loved that it has built-in sunscreen. I also loved the fact that it is natural so you can basically sleep in it (but I don't really sleep in it). The part I hated the most is the application process- kinda messy and time-consuming. I like the quickest routine possible.


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I would try a primer and setting powder. 

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If it's looking patchy you probably have dry spots on your face. Try using the primer that comes with the bare minerals I think it's called Prime time and also set with a finishing powder, my personal fave is the HD powder from MUFE. You only need a small amount to set for all day. Also another option would be for you to try the mineral veil to set your make up with it's also from the bare minerals line. Hope this helps!

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