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I have a few dark spots from popping acne, oopsie I know, and I need an effective product that will work fast to fade and get rid of these acne marks, any suggestions?

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I've had a great experience with First Aid Beauty's New Radiance Serum.  I've only used it a week and it has almost completely cleared any dark marks/acne scars I had.  And I tend to break out along my jaw/chin and that has been reduced too, which is a benefit I didn't expect.  


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hey, you should definitely try the Ole Henriksen three little wonders kit because i have heard amazing things about it helping with acne scars. The serum in the kit has vitamin c which will help brighten and fade. The treatment has glycolic acid in it so it will ex-foliate skin to bring non-scared skin to the surface. The moisturizer has hydroxiquone in it which will help fade. keep in mind that whatever product you use it will take time. hope this helps.

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