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looks like DDF discontinued its sulfur mask (I can't find it here or on their site) and Peter Thomas Roth has an identical mask ... I've been using DDF mask for years and really like it. I checked out PTR at the store, and it seems to be identical to DDF ... isn't it? It seems like it's the same product under a different name.

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I've used both. I don't know that I really noticed much a difference in the effectiveness of the two of them. The DDF one left my towels with a permanent sulfur smell. I like that the PTR one isn't so strong on the sulfur scent, though the minty scent it has can be a bit overpowering - especially if you get it a bit too close to your eyes. For me, it's a toss up between the two masks. I'd been thinking of buying the DDF one again, since I'm about out of the PTR, but if it isn't available, I guess I'll be repurchasing the PTR one!

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