Can I use primer instead of moisturizer?

I have oily skin and like my routine to be pretty minimal in the morning.  Can I use a primer in place of a moisturizer so I don't have to keep piling products on my face?

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You should wear oil-free moisturizer. Never skip wearing moisturizer even if you already have got oils on your face because your skin  needs moisture, and if you don't have enough, then your skin will bring more oil to your skin, and no person will oily skin wants that, because i know how it feels, I have very oily skin also. If you're wanting to use primer though, i'd use the moisturixer also. 

Hope this helped.

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I have very oily skin as well and this is what I do. I use Proactiv every morning, wait about 20 minutes for it to fully absorb into my skin, then I use The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturizer. Then I use Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer in Matte finish. After that I use my Bare Minerals concealer, Matte foundation, and mineral veil with tarte blush. I still have to use a blotting linen (boscia peppermint) about twice a day, but it is a lot better than 6 or 7 times a day without the primer. With oily skin, primer is a must have, but a lot of people think that if their skin is oily it cannot be dry. That is simply not true. Keep up with a light moisturizer underneath your primer and you will have soft, dewey skin!
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