Best products for acne-prone skin with blackheads?

Hi, I'm looking for facial care products -- cleanser, exfoliator, scrub, mask, treatment, moisturizer, etc. -- that work for oily, acne-prone skin with large pores and blackheads. I've seen products that either help acne or minimize pores, but it's very difficult to find products that help with BOTH at the same time. Also, I would like gentle products that do the job, as my skin can be somewhat sensitive. Please help! Thanks!

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To control blackheads, for me nothing has ever come close to using the Clarisonic Mia.  A product with benzyol peroxide, or glycolic acid is helpful as well.  I have been using Perricone's Cold Plasma, which works very well to minimize pores and eliminate blackheads.  Hope this is helpful.

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Im oily wih hormonal breakouts which are usually blackheads and the Bocia black mask is awsome, kate somerville exfolikate works great too!

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The Ole Henriksen starter kit for $68 is a wonderful kit for your skin type! This kit lasts about 2 months, the products are gentle, they feel good and kinda smell good too. You can find the product and read further about it at


Good luck!

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I would recommend Clinique's "Acne Solutions" line of products.  They make some great skincare products (I love their foaming cleanser) and I will list a few below:

You can get the three above items in a set together to try out (and save money by getting them in a set) called "Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit" and you can find it at:​&categoryId=B70

Acne Solutions even makes a liquid foundation, concealer and other makeup products also.  The Acne Solutions products are gentle on sensitive skin, too.

I hope this helps you. :smileyhappy:

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 Ive found that neutrogeina (sorry for spelling) blackhead scrub that you can get at a drugstore works very well!

You use it either as a cleanser (if its all over your face) or after your normal cleanser in problem areas (for example i just use it on my nose)!

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