i just got the most amazing news!

i feel like i need to shout it from the rooftops! i am bawling like a baby and i can not stop crying...


MY SON IS CANCER FREE! his oncologist just called me to tell me the news. i feel like all of the months of holding this stress and the tears in are finally exploding from me full force. when i called my mom to tell her she thought it was bad news because i was sobbing so uncontrollably! seriously the most amazing words i have ever heard in my life <3 <3 <3 


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

YES!! Thank goodness! I'm so happy for you and your family. Incredible, beautiful, amazing news :heart:


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

I'm so happy for you!  Seriously buy a cake tomorrow and hang the streamers.  If this isn't't a time to celebrate I don't know what is!


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

That is amazing news!  I am so happy for you!  This calls for a great big smiley face!happy-face_happyface_smiley_800x800.gif


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I gotta admit I teared up a little when I read this, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your beautiful and amazing news - this is the kind of perspective I think everyone needs sometimes.  I'm so happy for you and your son, you should throw a little party, even if it's just you and your son doing a little dance at home lol!


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

Best news in the world!!! Happy for you and your son :smileyhappy:


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

Yay! That is awesome news. I'm so happy for him and for you and your family.


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

Love, love, love this post!!!  Praise God!


Re: i just got the most amazing news!

That's great news!

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