I've read a lot of reviews about face masks that mention how hard it is to get them off... and I recently saw a thread on beauty talk about favorite masks with a lot of comments about how this and that mask sticks to your skin, so I just wanted to share a quick tip. I'm sure most of you will roll your eyes but maybe someone hasn't thought of it:   You know how some masks say to use a hot damp towel to open your pores? well a damp towel is also a really really good option for washing of a mask without making a huge mess. I have a stack of these IKEA-towels in my beauty cupboard. They are only 49 cents so not a major beauty investment: 4/   When it's time to rinse off, I just soak a towel in warm (not hot) water, wring it out, put it over my face to "wet" the mask and then use it to gently "scrub" my face clean, rising the towel as I go. It only takes a minute, it doesn't create a massive flood on my bathroom floor, and it very gently exfoliates the face. After I get all the mask off I just rinse the towel out and throw it in the washer.    If you're struggling with a mask being annoyingly hard to wash off... give it a try! I think it helps a lot    
I am in the midst of a three part meditation class and would like to know if anyone practices mediation and what tips you could offer. I think I am learning yoga meditation.   Thanks!
Just wanted to let everyone know that if you have used your debt/credit card at Sally Beauty Supply your information might have been compromised.  I just got a call from my credit card that they will be sending me a new card  and I need to watch my statement for fraudulent activity and identity theft.   I went to the store manager to ask about it and she refused to comment and got quite snotty.  Also, Sally hasn't commented about how they will help their customers.   I have been a customer for almost 20 years and I'm not sure I want to do business with them again.
If you answered yes to the question above then I am with you! This thread is about your favorite moments so far, and those to come! Since I don't have a Facebook or Twitter I can't vote for couples or for the switch so....say who you want with who! I would LOVE to see NeNe and Maks, Meryl and Val, James and Sharna, and Charlie and Peta! Anyone else you want to see together?
If you answered yes to the question above then I am with you! This thread is about your favorite moments so far, and those to come! Since I don't have a Facebook or Twitter I can't vote for couples or for the switch so....say who you want with who! I would LOVE to see NeNe and Maks, Meryl and Val, James and Sharna, and Charlie and Peta! Anyone else you want to see together?
Have any of you heard of the app ShopKick? It's where you get "kicks" (points) for walking into stores like Macy's, JCP, Target, Old Navy, etc...and you use those "kicks" to trade in for gift cards up to $25.  Just wanted to let you know since Sephora is one of the gift card that you can choose as your reward.  I've been using the app for a while now and have gotten about $100 in rewards for walking in, scanning items and purchasing with my linked cards.   Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.   Tamara
Hello,    I know some people here have said they watch grav3yardgirl on youtube, so I wanted to start a thread for the "swamp family"    
Feeling pretty down today...I think I will break out a nice hot pink color for my Monday Manicure...perhaps OPI's "Be a Dahlia Won't You" from a while back...enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!
Hey guys! This may be completely inappropriate, in which case I understand if I need to delete it.   I'm only somewhat involved in the Sephora community. I lurk a lot, post sometimes, but I'm not one of the important beauty gurus that everyone feels graced by when their advice shows up on a post. You know who I'm talking about   Nontheless, you may have seen me post every now and then with vague implications that my love of makeup is NOT looked well upon in my tough-guy, male-dominated, rough-and-tumble field of study. This happens to be wildlife ecology and education. Recently I acquired an internship working to rehabilitate orphaned animals, squirrels specifically, that requires a ton of personal monetary investment to get going. It really relies on donations.   I would be endlessly, unbelievably grateful to anyone who donated even the smallest amount to my cause, which I've set up on GoFundMe. www dot go fund SLASH wisconsin-wildlife-rehab    Again, I TOTALLY understand if this is inappropriate. But I know the kind peeps on here love to help one another out, so I figured it was worth a shot.
A very nice 6-piece Philosophy gift with a $35 Philosophy purchase! Worth checking out!
Good Morning!   In an effort to keep our boards a positive environment and continue to remain the fun loving product-obsessed community we are, I want to send a reminder to please, play nice with one another!     Everyone was new to Beauty Talk at one point or another and we ask that you please do not take it upon yourselves to "educate" or "moderate" our new friends with guidelines outside of what we already have posted. This is what us mods are here for!   We're happy to participate, chat about product and help out when needed, but keep in mind that every post that comes through IS indeed seen by us and we will take the appropriate action. You can absolutely message us or flag anything as "abusive" if you feel it truly necessary.     Please refrain from any insulting, negative or bullying comments (this includes PM's) to other users, moderators or admins , whether they are new or seasoned. This is NOT tolerated and should it continue we will have to reconsider allowing any of the TSB threads to be posted or even individual participation/memberships in Beauty Talk. We would truly hate to do this so please- embrace your fellow BT'ers and share your passion for product with each other!   Beauty Talk Guidelines > arted/BeautyTalk-Guidelines/m-p/21/highlight/true# ... Terms of Use > mplateNoNav.jsp?mediaId=11300018
Anyone else go to Younkers Community Days? I usually try to avoid it. All the coupons are not good  on 99% of the stuff there...I think it is a gimmick to get people into the store. Anyhoo, I get this big email about the "Beauty Extravaganza" going on in-store, with a picture of all these samples that they are giving away during Community days. So, like the fool for beauty I am, I went in, all excited to grab some good samples to try.  Every counter  I stopped at was "well, only if you get a facial treatment, or let me show you our Spring looks", or similar excuse.  LAME! The only counter who happily gave me a sample was Lancome, a small botttle of the Dream Tone. I purchased the Lilac Love nail color, too.  Can anyone please explain to me why these companies/people hold onto their samples with kung-fu death grips like it is a matter of national secutiry? "I would tell you, bbut I would have to kill you" mentality. Yeesh!! They get the samples from the companies,  and it makes so many people buy things! I was really irritated, it seemed like false advertising and a really misleading email to me. 
Baublebar is having a sample sale w/ 50-90% off. I do love a good sample sale!
With house showings, last minute everything on getting ready for the move Friday, I am both excited and exhausted but missing you all severely ! The guy @ Comcast finally called a couple hours ago and told me that they're running about a week behind.  Thankfully, I do have wi-fi access with the iPhone but it doesn't seem as full-access as the computer.  Still... I know I'm going to feel like my life-line with ya'll is being held hostage until they install the cable/internet/alarm system. Please let me know how you're all doing!  Miss & love ya'll dearly!!!
Hello lovely ladies!    For the past few months I have been considering sharing my obsession with makeup with others and start some free-lance work. I live in a big city so I want to develop a portfolio to send out to help me get some clients.    Does anyone have any tips on developing a portfolio, especially anyone who is a makeup artist themselves and have created one? Does anyone recommend the types of looks I should incorporate? How many looks should be included in the portfolio before I send it to actually clients? I'm curious on anything anyone has to share with me. xoxo
Oh my, I got the Laura Mercier 100pt. foundation primer. I love the smell and the feel of it, but wow-it matches the skin on my arms,legs,body just fine but is WAYYYY TOOOO DARK for my face! ( Thanks to my parents for my strange complexion ) It is a perfect match to my arms in color , but as for my face, I will just have to wait untill Spring/Summer to give it a good try. Since I am here in Ohio now, I dont get the glorious sun anymore and my COMPLEXION has lightened on my face, but the REST of my body is MUCH darker than my face in these miserable winter months. BUT....a good note, I will have a head start on summer make-up, just give me a few days of sun and I should be able to pull this color of primer off BTW- its shade is called 'RADIANCE BRONZE"
Disclaimer****this is a rant!**** I am so absolutely pissed with hsn that I either want to cry or scream. I made an order for this awesome Wolfgang grill earlier this month and it had a ship date of the 27th. Now today I go to check to see if it has shipped and it says my card was declined on the 20th and the grill is oos. Apparently my card wasn't actually charged on the 8th like I thought, but was authorized or something....ok.   However they never told me this or notified me when they would again try my card. Instead of sending me a canceled order email or declined payment email I get nothing. Meanwhile I have other accounts with money and credit cards I could have easily given to fix the problem.   I call CS and they are completely useless and rude, unwilling to tell me when the grills would be available again and that I cannot get it for the sale price when it does come back anyway. I am livid!!!! My husband is just like when it comes back just order it for the full price it's ok...but it's not ok because they won't tell me when it'll be back! Sigh....ok rant over. I feel a little better now....I think I need to order some makeup to perk me up, lol.
Has anyone donated to this or participated? They make beauty care packages for the female deployed troops. It sounds like such a great idea and right my makeup orientated mind. Thoughts?
I was just looking over my old purchases and I found the Boscia BB Cream Bronze that I bought in store for $38. The price in my history is now...$19! Whoa! Is that even right? Error maybe? I can't believe the price would be slashed by that much. I kinda wish I could get that $19 bucks back LOL. (I know I can't, it's cool)   I also noticed some other items went down or up...the season of price changes is totally new to me. Did anyone else notice such a big change of price or am I going crazy or this just a bunch of nothing...?    (I apologize if this is a repeat or makes no sense, I'm half asleep right now lol)
Hello BTers!     Okay I know I am posting way to much tonight but I'm shopping so my mind is all on beauty right now.  I am placing an order on FTB Beauty (a great website for those hard to get a hold of brands in Canada) and ordering a whack of Sigma eye brushes, and I saw that they have the Benjabelle Sunflower brush tree which EmilyNoel83 did a review on and I am totally getting it!  It hangs your brushes upside down and has 3 different sized holders so you can dry all sorts of brushes at the same time.     Does anyone have one?
It's not even spring yet, but I just heard about Nars's Summer 2014 Collection, Adult Swim     It's still early for product details, but i did hear about some new duos...   Isn't it a bit early though for the summer makeup collections to be announced?
I just happened to check hsn and they have the Korres rose sleeping facial and radiance scrub on sale for $38! Plus you can do flex pay for $19. I know I wanted it over the holidays and sephora sold out before I could snag it, but I got it now! Yay
Anyone know of any jewelry designers similar to the Great Frog London? I'm in love with their stuff (especially the rings!) but I'm hesitant to buy something online that can't be returned--especially when I haven't seen their products in person.
Any thoughts?!?,.... Marie Claire #ColorOfTheYear #RadianOrchid #MarieClaire. The accessories and the clothes along with the make up make up the whole palette! LOVE IT!!!  
Have you ever got an idea of an outfit in your head so you go looking for the perfect top and never find it? Thing is I saw the top I wanted 3 month's ago and now I cant find it or anything like it
Does anyone here subscribe to Gilt City and who saw the Blowouts by Benefit Cosmetics Opening deal? The Boutique looks adorable!   Here are the details:   $60 includes:   Admission for one to the opening of Blowouts by Benefit Cosmetics at the renovated Boutique in Santa Monica on Thursday, January 23, 2014 from 7–9 PM Mini Makeuppers (makeovers) and Brow Arch treatments $35 shopping credit (only valid for in-store purchases during the event) Card redeemable for a Full Blown blow-out service (valued at $40) Card redeemable for an airbrush tan (valued at $40) Sparkling rosé by Chandon POPWaterSnacks from Sticky Fingers Doughnuts and Napoleon's Macarons Gift bag including items from Benefit, Bloom2Bloom, MeUndies, Bon Puf, Napoleon's Macarons and Chandon I'd love to go but $60 is a bit pricey for me at the moment, and Santa Monica is a looong drive from me on a weeknight.      
My order is finally on it's way to me Cant wait to try my tanner mitt instead of gloves which by the way hurt when applying my tanner.
BeautyBar . com (owned by Amazon) is having a sale. $50 off $250 with code TAKECARE14. That's a lot to spend to get the discount, but it is 20% off.