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Please oh please oh please! Can you add Beauty Bakerie products to your offering on and in Stores? Their Lip Whips are my #1 favorite long wear & smudge proof lip color. All of their products are amazing, cruetly and animal free. I'm sure I'm not the only that feels this way. Thanks!
Bare with me this is my first post and I don't know if its in the right place. Does anyone work at the Oklahoma City location in Penn Square Mall?
Has anyone ever gotten the birthday gift from YSL direct? It says it's full size but i can't find anywhere online what it is or how to get the code (they don't seem to send anything to my email).
I got three bath bombs today and the line at lush was insane that was also a nightmare.   I got this one which looks like a spring bath bomb its two different colors its like two in one .I have tried pretty much every bath bomb they have except these ones .I listen to some dance music and pop in a bath bomb its the best way to relax.   I also got this lavendar one      and the flower one       
I bought three bralettes from victoria sceret they only costed me 38 dollars for three so they have a sale on bralettes if you buy two  of them.I didnt like how the bralettes looked online they look much better in person .I wasnt planning on buying bralettes but when I saw them I was like I need to have them their cute.I got a pink one an orange one and a yellow one.   I was planning on buying a bra but they didnt have any colors I liked in my size in the 32DDD the colors were like black , tan and really boring so I said forget it.If I'am paying 50 to 60 dollars for a bra it better be a color I like.   I went to a huge Victoria Secret so the PINK and the Victoria Secret were seperate stores which was annoying because the line in the PINK store had about 20 people in it .I wanted to buy a tank top that said PINK in pink letters and was heather grey but said forget it when I saw the line was insane. They didnt have any MAJOR sales so I didnt really understand why everyone was buying VS items today.   The semi annual sale is in June / July coming up not now.I hate shopping with large crowds I prefer when stores are close to empty or no one is in line.   Plus UPDATE rant included : I ended up getting the pink tank the light grey one in the small which was the last one by the way with the pink writing on it .I ended up having to go to two pink stores to get that top which was a pain IN MY you know what and a living nightmare.     So this morning ( today )  I go and see this promo in my email buy two bras get a free white tank top with the words angel in pink writing on it a 25 dollar value.SO I liked the tank and I didnt want to buy two bras for full price for  117 dollars thats right I looked it up and it was not a deal at all.   SO I go to the store and ask hey I know this sounds weird but can I just buy / get the tank top without buying the bras which would of been a sale  for them anyways because it would have been around 40 dollars. I was already buying a tank top the lady said NO okay thats fine but you lost out on my money since I was trying to buy a free tank for a vaule of 25 dollars which means she would of charged me 25 dollars for the tank anyways and would of got cash money but whatever.Not to be mean but the lady was a B**** she could of charged me for the " free " tank top and made a sale instead she made a huge deal about it I felt like I was asking starbucks for a unicorn frappuccino she just was in no way going to do it.RIDICULOUS I was soo annoyed I traveled that far for two tank tops only to get one. I would of paid for the tank in full that was free when you buy two expensive over priced bras.       At Victoria Secret you would think I was asking to be a VS model LMAO  the girl who I'am assuming was the manager wouldnt give me a victoria ssecret shirt that said angel on it for a 25 dollar value because I didnt buy two bras with it and she claimed it only comes with two bras she wouldnt let me just buy the shirt seperately. She lost out on a sale and money because she was not intelligent enough to understand I was paying for the shirt lmao their was profit to be gained.SEE I just have no tolerance for that type of service.      
I love the brand its super affordable / cheap and everything is one size so I dont have to worry about picking the right size out or if it doesnt fit.I'am soo tempted to buy soo many items right now lol.Everythings black or white or heather grey and its basic everyday clothing.
I have tried soo many lush bath bombs and bubble bars and rainbow fun and everything in between whats your favorite bath bomb from lush or any lush product what are your favs ?     
My recent buys from online shopping :   I got Hanky panky bralettes which I love they are soo much better than Victoria secret the brands super comfortable too and yeah I just love their bralettes.   I got these ones to start off my collection the rainbow one , the american looking one and the black lace one with roses embroidery.   I also got this pool float drink holder from the funboy brand its really popular on instagram its a unicorn it was super cheap so got that too it looks cute for the summer though lol.            
Is anyone in the DFW area for a large scale nail polish swap/   Ihave somewhere around 200 nail polishes, rasnging from julep to zoya, to chanel, opi, and various others, all bought within the last 2 years so should be without issues in terms of expiration.  I think it wuold be too heavy to ship and would have issues in terms of breakage.  some of hv been usued once, but most never.  Most I would be will be wilung to let go at 1.50 a bottle trade vale (jukerp, zoya), whith light higher trade value for ipi, and trade value base on normal trfe vakue for mac and chanel.     I would be interested i most trading for a couple of high end skin or cosmetic item.  its just time to destach.     we'll see iff anyone bites
I'm rather upset. I had been planning to purchase #Lust004 kit today on as I missed the very flash release on Sephora recently, and Pat Mcgrath's site kept being unable to recognize my billing details and putting multiple errors on my card.   What was worse was that it actually messed up my bank card so much that I had to spend 4 hours on the phone to the bank fraud team, as the site somehow created multiple blocks that have, for some reason, kept flagging up as malicious activity to my card to the fraud team even up until an hour ago. That's nearly 8 hours since I tried to make the purchase.   After my card was unblocked, the site itself wouldn't recognise the post code. There seemed to be something wrong with its recogising of shipping addresses. The card was fine, in terms of being recognised, after i spoke with the bank. But the site wouldn't let addresses be inputted properly and there seemed no customer support. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this with this site. That's why I went through the card thing with my bark, but after the site recognised the card, it wouldn't recognise the street address. So I'm inquiring as to whether anyone had had a similar experience with customer support / address imputing from this site   What made it worse was that I emailed Pat Mcgrath's customer service immediately, however I had no responses. I've also tried to flag it up to pat on twitter, in case there was a site issue, but the tweets have just been ignored.   It's an account I regularly use online and have had for years, and neither I (nor the bank!) have ever seen or experienced anything quite like this before. I ultimately don't have lust, as by the time I had gotten it sorted out for the literally at least twenty fifth time with the bank, it was sold out already!   It is really worrying for me with my card too, especially that both the twitter and customer service have thus far been unresponsive. This was especially worrying when the company cannot have not known that there would be a flood of customers during that time window. Indeed they had created and encouraged it more months!     The *really* ridiculous and upsetting thing is that the site kept sending automatic emails to my inbox saying that I had items in my cart, and enticing that I should carry on and complete my purchase (which I attempted multiple times, unsuccessfully).   Have any of you ever experienced anything like this?   Ultimately, I didn't manage to get Lust, and now I have the worry of my bank account. I don't know what I will do if any long standing issues occur to my account, as patmcgrath's side seem rather hard to contact.
I'm doing a research project about whether high end makeup products or low end makeup products get higher reviews and whether or not that has an impact on the number of products sold. I would be SUPER grateful if anyone could help me!!!!!!
  A few of the brands are on Sephora, some I've never seen before
Hello, I have a question that maybe you could help me with. I've been into Korean skincare and cosmetics for YEARS now and all of a sudden the US is finally catching on to how amazing these products are. I have been using a 10-12 step Korean skincare routine for a long time and have recently gotten my friends on board. My question is, are there any selling or promoting opportunities available with such products ...similar to Avon, Mary Kay, etc.? I would LOVE to get my hands on a huge bulk order of Korean skincare goodies and help promote and sell the brands. I feel I'd be very successful because of my love and passion for K-beauty! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Roxanne Mori
I am planning to have a revamp done for my parlour. I prefer the cabinets on the wall rather than the normal cabinet furniture. Would like to know more about them from those who have such cabinets in their parlours. Need help with the best custom cabinet makers and the type to go for (walk-in, custom, linen, reach-in) so that I can comfortably stack all the beauty productsand equipments avoiding cluttering. Any suggestions regarding lancaster cabinets and closets
I've never really shopped at Mac Cosmetics before, but Sephora I'm more comfortable. I want to know some differences if any at Mac Cosmetics.  If someone who has worked or shopped there, i want your personal feedback. 1. Are customers allowed to try on their products (just to test it out) even if they don't like it afterwards? 2. Do they gladly give you a take home mini sample of a product your interested in? 3. Do they accept returns for products that have been slightly used? 4. Do they have a positive attitude when helping customers with makeup needs (help nicely and be friendly if you want to have more information) ? 
We will be driving to Ontario, Canada for my cousin's wedding. Do you guys have any  recommendation which Sephora location to visit? A large mall, with maccosmetics store? Thank you so much in advance
Recently I happened to read an article which says that copper in water can become toxic and increase the risk of many health disorders. It dilutes the blood vessels in the skin . I need guidance in this matter because I was planning to do a big revamp for my bathroom. I wanted to get copper or brass faucets from better living. I checked for the site too but couldn't find much info in this regard. Am I too sensitive and ignore such warning?
Has anybody ever been to this event? I am going this week and I'm very excited but I am not sure what to expect! Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Okay ladies and gentlepeople,   My shaver has given up on me.  Called it quits, headed for the non hairy hills...LOL   I'm looking for a waterproof electric shaver for the bikini and underarm areas.     I'm a dark skin woman with coarse hair.  I use a regular razor for my legs BUT I have found an electric shaver works well on the other areas.   I'm looking at this as an investment BUT I don't want to spend a ton of $$$.   Anyone have any recs?  
I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime cell phone and am on the hunt for a Kate Spade case that would fit that.   Anyone know of any?  
Does anybody know if there are any Kate Spade Printable Coupons?  And I already know about the signing up via email and receiving 15% off.   But I am talking about any other ones that people are aware of.
Has anyone had any experience with Ofra's customer service?  I want to buy several of their liquid lipsticks, but would hate to be stuck with one that I don't like. Are they good about returns?
This may be my most random post. Any good websites or stores you know of that have good Tragus jewelry? Claire's bars are too long and I prefer 4mm or 6mm and something that's good quality. Spencer's etc.. Seem to have body jewelry but I haven't been impressed with Tragus jewelry and I have searched on EBay but I want to ensure that whatever I purchase is surgical Steele. Any places you trust for body jewelry? Thanks! 😀
Hey all,   Yesterday, Ebates was having a 8% cash back vs their usual 4%. But it's still going on today! Take advantage while you can!  
So Tarte seems to be having this new promo - LEAP DAY $10 off $50 $20 off $75 $30 off $100 Plus free CAD shipping over $25 orders! Now can someone PLEASE tell me if they've ordered from Tarte's site before and were charged duties in Canada?
If you have a Tumblr blog, share it here so we can follow each other.    Here's my Tumblr :    Let me know if you followed me with your username so I would check your blog out! 
My absolute favorite thing to do on Instagram is to scroll through makeup looks!! I would love to follow any of you who do that kind of thing! I always can use some inspiration!! I also put up pics so if you are interested my name is destinybobestiny ! Look forward to seeing all the cool looks!
SO rare their makeup mirrors are on sale till feb 14th! code love 14