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Hi ladies! My mom and I have started getting more and more into volunteering and I am trying to compile a list of different purchases that can become tax deductible surrounding the event(s) where the volunteering is taking place.   Here are a list of items that I'm not sure whether they would be tax deductible (if tied to volunteering) or not: -gas purchases -food/drink purchases -any purchases while volunteering (buying merchandise, etc)   If you know any other tax deductible items, that would be great to share. Thank you!
Hi everyone!  I've been off of BT for nearly two months now!    I really wish BT worked on my phone... I miss all the lovely BT gals. I will try to get on BT more often; just most of the time I fall asleep before my face hits the pillow.  I'm sure a lot of us know the struggle.  I'd love to keep in touch with my BT cohorts... does anyone use Instagram?  If you do, please send me a PM and I'll add you!! I miss this wonderful amazing supportive community!!   Hugs to you all!!
Hey everyone,   Just wanted to drop by and share my experience with GetGiftz, an iOS app to earn free gift cards. I only downloaded it because I saw they also offer Sephora cards   Basically what you need to do is complete some missions such as surveys, watch videos or test apps for which you earn points and then you can redeem them for the gift cards. I only share this because I already received my first gift card so it really works!    Here is the link and if you want 50 free points for the start use my promo code: caparker -gift-cards/id957306947?mt=8
I just noticed there's a Sephora Canada Instagram page! It doesn't have a "blue checkmark" but it looks legit.
hi jacklyn! i love u so much! come to MONTREAL PLEAAAASE im a big fan! xoxo  
Hi, all! I'd like to make a place where "spoonies" (people with chronic illnesses and disabilities) can dish. If you're not familiar with the Spoon Theory, check out butyoudontlooksick dotcom. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (among other things) over a year ago, and it's been an arduous journey. I've found that makeup provides me with an escape from reality; I might feel terrible on the inside, but on the outside I look good Feel free to vent, rant, encourage, and share your experiences with chronic illnesses here. All are welcome!
  Was debating whether I want to get this book. None of my local BN's have it so I would have to order it online. However without taking a peek inside I don't know how useful it is. Does anyone have it and can give a review?
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but it's sort of an off topic subject so I thought it would fit here. I'm trying to find some other people in the makeup enthusiast community in Delaware (US) If you have any ideas, please message me or share..thank you!
Hello, everyone. I am 18 years old and I have a passion for makeup but as a hobby-past time. My local sephora has openings to be a beauty advisor I would really love to apply but the only problem is it would be my first job but I've volunteered at this local store in customer service before. Anyways the problem is theres this part in the qualifications/skills section saying 'experience preferred' which do I actually need experience or no? and another thing it also says 'cosmetic experience required' I usually do makeup on myself but I don't have very much experience on giving makeovers to others. Anyways, I really would love to apply but I don't think I can if I don't have any experience / do makeovers on others. What do you guys think?  thank you. %E2%80%8Bth-url-2013loves    What are your must-gets?
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Most beauty products make some type of claim to lure us in.... long lashes, no pores, skin as radiant and soft as a newborn. Every so often, a company will make a claim that is just outrageous.  What outrageous beauty claims have you seen? Did you try the product? If so, did it live up to its claim?   Here's what showed up in my inbox today:    
Someone posted a cute tote bag which I believe is sold at Sephora (may be a GWP or something).     That got me to thinking...hmmm I wonder if Sephora will branch out into other makeup related things?   Even if it was only available at their largest stores and (or) online it would be so fun to be able to purchase stuff that is makeup oriented but NOT makeup.   Feel free to add your ideas   I love a good tote bag (I know others hate them) I would love to have them in cute colors with makeup related sayings.  Maybe even with coordinating makeup bags.   Makeup related t-shirt/sweat shirt.  PJ sets   SHOES.  I would LOVE for them to do a collab with TOMS or KEDS or even Nike!   Tervis cups ( or coffee mugs, margarita glasses etc), OHMERGAWD I collect those things.   Cute storage units, think Alex drawers but in fun bright colors!      Candle holders or picture frames with makeup items stamped on them or ones that look like makeup items.   So what are some items you would love to see?
So i am totally up to speed on how to use my birchbox points, but whats the deal with the ipsy points? How do you redeem those?
Spoiler (Highlight to read) Why are there gender norms? I mean, why can't it just be accepted by society that men and women are equal? Women can wear pants, boys can wear dresses, women can have short hair, men can wear makeup. And you can do these things while not being transgender because gender doesn't define you. Thanks. Why are there gender norms? I mean, why can't it just be accepted by society that men and women are equal? Women can wear pants, boys can wear dresses, women can have short hair, men can wear makeup. And you can do these things while not being transgender because gender doesn't define you. Thanks.
Do pick up Nora Ephron's essay " I feel bad about my neck".  The first chapter alone is worth the few dollars spent on a used version from Amazon.  Planning to pick up a few more of her books for this summer at the beach.  Let me know how you like it.  The chapter on skin cream could be a BT thread.  ; )
I'm here until May 2nd! Do any of you ladies and gents have tips for places to go/shop?? My heart broke today because I went into Sephora and they had the Givenchy Confetti Powder in display but it was sold out :-( Hoping I can find it while I'm here!   Thanks in advance!
Hi, sorry this is not makeup related but does anybody own a Fitbit Charge HR? I am new to this. I would like to know how does it track dancing as a workout. does it track automatically? Thanks.
You’ve no doubt heard the annoying “ding” sound when you forget to buckle your seat belt. Well GM is taking things to a whole new level with its “Teen Driver” feature which is set to debut in the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. Parents can program the car to give visual or audible warnings when their teens exceed preset speed limits. The system will also turn off the radio and any connected devices until the driver and any passengers are buckled up. Finally the system will provide the parents with a report card of sorts mentioning any red flags like excessive speeds and instances where the antilock brakes were engaged. We can just imagine the eye rolling and groaning already. Auto news brought to you by   Source: nts-how-their-teen-was-driving/ Tags:  Teen Driver, Chevrolet Malibu, car insurance, auto insurance, car insurance quotes, auto insurance quotes
Just a friendly reminder to those engaging in trades on BT to obtain the best results, always keep the following in mind:   1) If you are unsure of the condition of the items you want to trade for, always ask for a photo first to avoid disappointment 2) Keep the lines of communication open.  It's better to over-communicate a little, than to worry that someone has fallen off the map 3) Providing tracking #'s for your sent trade items saves everyone a lot of hassles and headaches 4) Be wary of trades that seem too good to be true 5) Don't be afraid to ask for references when trading with a new BT'er 6) Examine all trade items upon receipt and discuss any discrepancies with your trade partner promptly     Trading can be a lot of fun.  Just remember to be careful out there!  
Hours of my life are spent watching several techniques and how-to's but my favorite star to watch is Desi Perkins! Take a look for yourself, her blending and contouring skills are amazing 😳. Who would you pick as your favorite? Another awesome artist is Kandee Johnson!
I'm so grateful to have strong women in my life including my late grandmother, mom, sisters, cousins, more family and friends. I'm even more grateful to be in a society where, although things can get better, things are pretty decent for women and girls. Here's to all the supporters of women on BT!!!  
So I was checking out Chelsea Market (NYC) yesterday and I saw these awesome eco-friendly organizer pouches and I literally wanted ALL of them! They had these funny sarcastic clever sayings on them and I stood there for like a half hour reading them all. In the end I ended up getting the 2 below. One for me and the "pretty" one for my friend who's about to turn 40. I figure it'd be a nice little ego-booster for her since women tend to freak out with these milestone birthdays (ugh!). The seller Pamela Barsky has an Etsy store so you can check out all the funny pouches available!   Anyone else buy something interesting over the or non-beauty related?  
Hey beauty lovers! I just opened a beauty instagram account ! @colourmesam in no way means does that mean you need to follow but thought it would be nice to post here,  post below if you guys have beauty accounts which you'd like people to follow ! <3 
Just have to share  - ordered some clothes and make up from ASOS and it actually ships from the UK (it's a UK based brand), to my house in Detroit practically overnight.     The order was placed in the wee hours of the this morning, 2/25, and it's set for UPS delivery tomorrow.  I'm impressed!  They carry some fun brands and jewelry and beauty - though some of their clothes are pretty poor quality - I love that they have plus sizes too.  Anyway I'm excited about this shopping experience and wanted to share with someone.  
Has anyone ever recieved samples in the mail just from signing up with their emails or whatever else??  Which companies?? 
I know there are some MAC lovers on BT and thought this contest may be something some would want to enter. Who wouldn't want a chance to win 17 lipsticks!?!   This giveaway is open international, runs from 2/2/15 12am PST to 2/13/15 11:59 PST      
I know theres the post about emailing about samples. Mainly skin care. But im curious Has anyone emailed Makeup Companies? (mac, channel, UD, ETC)   Did you get Responses? samples?
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Here amazing dupes that I found:    Aquaphor Lip Repair  for  AmorePacific Moisture Bound Lip Treatment . The Aquaphor has a very, very, very slight medicine taste, nothing unpleasant/unbearable, while the AmorePacific is unscented and has no taste. About performance, the Aquaphor is just as good as or even better than the AmorePacific. It lasts on my lips all night long, very moisturizing. $4 compared to $35.   Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque for  GlamGlow Supermud I wish I had found the Mint Julep Masque earlier because I've already finished 2 jars of GlamGlow. The Mint Julep Masque just gives the same effect, and less drying than the Glamglow. And again, $5 for 8oz to $69 for 1.2oz. I can't ask for more!!!     Please share yours with a brief review, and price comparison!
Lately I've been amping my looks up for work (server, mostly in the 21 and up area). And wow people like turn around and ladies rave. It's big confidence boosters. And I can thank sephora. I wish I had a picture but I wore the fake eyelashes on sale with the silver glitter, then sephoras glitter glue, a mix of sephora eyeshadow in diamonds are forever and mufes loose silver glitter, and a red lip. Hair in a top bun and a Xmas bow. Loving it. Thank you sephora. I return the favor by telling my customers. 
I'm looking for workouts I can do at home.  Trying to get healthy in 2015 (who isn't... right?)  I love hip hop type workouts.  (Les Mills BodyJam was my fav...don't have that where I live now)   Cosmo just launched a new site that streams workouts, but it's pretty new so not a lot of info is out there.   I know the Daily Burn has been around for a while...anyone have thoughts on this service?   Are there other services that you'd recommend instead?   Thanx