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I'm taking a trip to Italy with a friend and I had a couple of things I wanted to ask about. First, any suggestions about shopping for beauty products?? Definitely Italian brands, but also other brands that aren't easily found in the U.S. (ex: Inglot, Yves Rocher are already on my list)...and I'm definitely up for trying low and high end brands! Also, any specific stores to check out? And if so, what types of products do they carry? For example, I've been trying to do some research on drugstore equivalents there, b/c I don't think it works the same way, having Walgreens/CVS type stores where they sell everything from candy and medicine to makeup and school supplies. Does one just go to the grocery store to find low end makeup? Are there specific chains you'd recommend? I feel like I should know this, I've been to Europe multiple times...just never thought to do any cosmetics shopping! :-/   Also: My friend who's coming with me has a b-day coming up, so her gift is going to be Italy/travel themed! (complete with red, white and green tissue/gift wrap, and a box of pasta ) And part of the gift is a cosmetics bag full of travel-sized toiletries. So far, I've put in shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face towelettes, body wash. Any suggestions for additional products? I can squeeze in one or two more minis in there, and I feel like I'm forgetting some other beauty essentials.... (well, there's a razor, but um..I don't feel comfortable gifting that, lol) I'm also getting her an NYX Love in Florence eye shadow palette, but I don't want to include any other makeup beyond that -- she's not much of a makeup wearer. Suggestions? Ideas?    Grazie!
Alright - who's in and around the Bay Area?    Where ya from?  Whaddaya do? Where do you like to eat? (let's all be honest about this area's obsession over food)  Is your rent as out of control as mine?  Whaddaya got planned for the weekend?
I'm sooooo excited! I just bought Bobbi Brown's Beauty Manual in Barnes and Noble the other day and loved it. I just happened to take a peek at her actual website and saw that she's got a team of makeup artists that hold workshops. I was am I getting to CA or NY for these?!?!? Then I found out it's right at the Bobbi Brown Studio in my State! (NJ) I didn't know this place existed. Just so happens that the Basic Beauty workshop is being help next Friday from 4-8pm. It's $200 ($100 redeemable in product) If any of you are from NJ and have the $, maybe you should come with!! I'm overly excited about this ;-)  Happy Monday <3
I'm loving the concept of using empty Diptyque candle jars for beauty storage -- they look so pretty and classic. However, i'm not really feeling like dropping $30 a candle to do this. Additionally I haven't had great luck with eBay since they are few listings for empty jars. Any recommendations for other places to look online?
Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadian BTers! I hope everyone has an amazing, safe, and fun day! 
I want to share this offer to all, Cate&chloe jewelry montly box which i generally $40, is just $15.20 in livingsocial. I like the offer as one get $200+ worth jewelry just for $15. In living social it is for $19, but use this coupon code summerstart, it will become $15.20. Check it out asap, i got 3, so than i can buy 3, 1 month boxes one after another.
Hey guys! Hope your having a fab summer! So as some of you may know, i had a "BC & Beauty" post of which was periodically updated. it was recently taken down because a couple of people took the conversation into an inappropriate direction.I dont mind starting a new thread if we can keep our comments PG, clean, concise and less messy. comment and let me know...Should i conduct a Part II? Thanks loves <3.
Hey, FYI I just got an email from Ulta--today online starts 2x points (3x for platinum members) and they have the new Lorac Pro 2 Palette! some other good deals--Free shipping on the entire order with any Bare Minerals purchase, as well as GWP... Happy Sunday enabling!!
I just checked my email,and I got an email today from SMASHBOX that you can sign up and for every 500 pts earned , you will receive a $10.00 gift card to use on the site. They are also close to ending the 25% off plus free shipping, today until it ends, they are including a silver make up bag with a mascara, you can go to the website and get the code to type In for the Free Mascara and bag.   I have not shopped at SMASHBOX for quite awhile, but I still get their daily emails and PROMO EMAILS ( promos for all customers ).
Right now, they are having a big sale, many items are 85% off... hurry before it ends     Just wanted to pass it on...
Mally Beauty on QVC! What's up gotta Hit it up!
 I just checked my E-Mail, and I got this from SMASHBOX -   They sent me a PROMO CODE for all friends and family ( heck,even people who you don't know well ) FOR 25 % OFF any order of $50.00 or more PLUS FREE SHIPPING and , supposedly, LARGE size SAMPLES with EVERY PURCHASE with this special. !   The PROMO CODE is : SBXFF25 I Just Thought I would shre with all the Ladies ,Gentlemen,and SMASHBOX Fans!
Hello all, I am going to get the Malm sometime this week but I also need a chair. I am wondering what chairs you all use with it, I feel its a bit of a higher up table?
 I ended up going with my child to the local Women, Family, and Children's Food / Nutrition Classes / Parenting Classes for those who need it and free Womans heathcare/std testing. They also have an apartment complex for single women with children can rent, pro-rated o what they can pay, but to stay there they must be either looking for a job actively or working and are unable to get on their feet. We went there to sign up my Child for WIC ( she is available to get formula coupons until my grandbaby is weaned off the Similac, then they will provide 4 gallons of milk per week for her child until kidergarden age or until my child makes more money. )   ANYWAY - I donated the box I started that contains $118.50 worth of items - Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Shampoo and a bottle of the matching conditioner: $30.00 , B&BW BLACKBERRY WOODS Triple Moisture Shimmer Lotion : $12.50 8 BOTTLES of "ART DECO" fingernail ART PAINT /Nail Lacquer to paint designs on your nails in may different colors
I know we have some other ladies/gents in Northern California, and wondered if anyone was at Westfield in San Francisco and if so, what you ended up doing/buying! 
Hey girls, So today I was on the hunt to get as many foundation samples as I could from brands I am so very curious to try out. I hit 5 out of 6 stores in Toronto and got a small ziploc bag full of samples. I managed to get matched to most of the brands except the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear which I will still have to get them to go match me in as they didn't even put the effort into trying anyway. My worst experience was the Sephora Fairview which I was very disappointed in the application the girl did. It was streaky, patchy and looked so **bleep** gross. I find when I am in need of foundation matches some reps tend to steer you in the direction of products they'd want you to try vs what you'd like to actually check out. All in all I was pretty happy with the outcome. I've also been told I am now going to be VIB Rouge again in 2015 which I am not too impressed with as I didn't get any of the perks they claimed we'd get. Hope all of you are having a great Sunday !
I've been filling out the survey.medallia sweepstakes FOREVER after purchases & I've never won. I don't know anyone in my group of friends that have won, either. Has anyone here on BT won? Do you know someone personally that's won the $250.00 sweepstake?
I am looking at it right now on the ebays and someone is selling it for 285.68. 
Hello,   I really really want the Too Faced Beauty Editor Darlings Set but it is only left in stock wt Ulta and Too faced. So I am wondering if anyone was placing an order and would be willing to buy it and then send it off to me. I could pay you with paypal half once I see you ordered it and then the other half when I got it? Or however trades are going these days. Anyway please PM me so we can talk it out if you are able to help Thanks!
I have a never used Tarte of Giving eye palette. I would like to make a trade, anyone? 
I enjoy participating on this forum. It's FUN!   HOWEVER, since I've been reading a lot more  posts, I'm finding hostile mean rude comments that the threads go on & on exactly like a ganging up group bullying tactic.    I wouldn't be posting this if I didn't see this all over the forum old & new threads. Also, my feelings have been hurt recently by a comment made to me that could have been posted in a tactful way. I'm not perfect. Words may be left out in a post/comment/reply.   Did you know the person who blatantly implied my reply was incorrect actually answered a question someone asked & their answer was 100% Not True---Wrong---Incorrect? Hmmm...interesting. See what I mean?    I started reading comments/replies made by members who specifically point out a person to say they're wrong about the opinion or product. (wrong may not be the exact word used yet always implied with other words)   You can focus on the product/tip/advice/opinion, without using the PERSON. When you do that, it's not about the make-up any longer, it's the human being with feelings/emotions.   Sometimes it's not what's said, it's how it's said/presented. Why must people say things that can hurt another persons feelings? Ignore what you don't like. Written words can always be misunderstood.   Are you here just to insult the person or point out errors? I've seen a  group of same people follow the person they've targeted. If you disapprove of their posts, STOP READING WHAT THEY WRITE!     If you don't like what someone posts, scroll past, ignore them. It seems like the "angry hostile  complainers" are the SAME PEOPLE who literally STALK a specific person(s)...Forum Bullies?  Hunting in Packs? Hmmmm?   STOP READING THEIR POSTS JUST TO POINT OUT WHAT'S NOT TRUE or WRONG ANSWER! You don't need to address the person, quote them. Maybe start a new thread on the topic, write your own opinion.   If someone attacks me in a personal way, I will reply to you in the way you addressed me. It doesn't feel good does it?                    
I was curious what everybody's thoughts are towards Inglot brushes? How many people have tried them? How do they compare to other quality brushes? Thanks
so i havent been to any cosmetic place at all for a month! and now im going insane. i need new shadows and eyeliners and lipsticks or i swear i will probably get locked up in a mental institution.     so yeah... going to sephora to pick up some items for a fomal dance. YAY! i may or may not have stashed away money for this... hehe   oh my gosh i totally need the chocolate bar palette! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh   im going to stay strong till tomorrow!     
Here's to the best and most challenging job a girl could have. Enjoy your day! 
As many of you know BT has changed. BT is not what I found when I first arrived here. I will be moving away from this site as my love for makeup addiction and skincare has found a new home. We have been very blessed. I confess I am no longer in love you....
HeartPartiesHome (1).jpg
this is a real thing!   of course it's about heart health...but we need happy and healthy hearts to throw wildly in the air!
If you don't use a promo code, does Sephora automatically send you magazine subscriptions?  I don't mind the Allure and Lucky two year subscriptions that I didn't request (they can be quite helpful) but I just started getting Fitness too.  It's a magazine assault! 
Who do you feel is the best makeup artist? Anyone missing from the list?