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Has anyone been having trouble with ordering on the beatlylish site. Sometime my card company blocks the transaction and now beautylish will not even accept my card info. Also they seem to be unavailable by phone or live chat 🙁
Has anyone heard about this year's sale?  I was in my local store yesterday and everyone was very tight lipped. I'm hoping for some new offers this year. 
I was told about a beauty enthusiast program for testing products and such through Sephora, it is run through ReadyPulse. Has anyone heard of this? There's only two posts on Instagram, haven't found anything on the internet to support it being legit or a scam. Customer service hasn't responded yet. Wanting to check for validity before I signed up. Thanks! 
and it was awful lol I actually never go to the store but they had the same sale online and yeah I added items to my cart last night and woke up and most of them were gone.I was like wow no one works on mondays anymore lol I wasnt going to be waking up at 12 in the morning for that sale on a day I have to wake up for work the next morning.I was up at like 6:30 and mostly everything I wanted was already gone lol.I did buy during the semi annual but none of my items were on sale which really was dissapointing I wasnt able to use the promo codes for them either.I ended by getting 7 items some tops/ tanks from their Vs sport collection and I got one bra a pink one  only 2 left in my size 32DDD and its very hard to find bras in my size because most bras they carry only go up to DD Idk why .....   Any luck with the sale ladies anyone buy anything or go in their store.I'am not sure when their semi annual sale ends but it goes on for at least a month I think but by then everythings picked over and yeah not worth going.   It also irritated me I never normally buy from the semi annual sale so idk if this is normal but no freebies no free bag no free anything lol.I was just like okay not everythings on sale so yeah they only have select items on sale and its usually the stuff they are trying to get rid of that no one really wants. Even the good perfume was not on sale I was like really ..... why even bother having a sale if nothing goods on sale .Their black friday sale is 100 times better.
Please oh please oh please! Can you add Beauty Bakerie products to your offering on and in Stores? Their Lip Whips are my #1 favorite long wear & smudge proof lip color. All of their products are amazing, cruetly and animal free. I'm sure I'm not the only that feels this way. Thanks!
I love organizing my stuff (although I often fail at keeping it organized for longer periods of time). At the moment, I use Scentbase for my perfumes (though I'm behind), LibraryThing for my books (this is surprisingly updated), and I used to use DVDProfiler to keep track of my movies (I can't remember at the moment if it's not supported anymore, or why I stopped using it, but I have been looking for a good replacement for that).   I could just make myself another spreadsheet or database, but I'd prefer to use something I can check from anywhere (and not clog my Dropbox up further to do it). Ideas?
Beauty Bakerie products (specifically their matte liquid lipsticks) are a staple for me! Their liquid lips have lasted me through long nights and still look the same in the morning! Will Sephora ever carry this brand?
  1. Bitterlace beauty mermaid palette colors not yet released yet it will be out this summer cant wait fot this one.I think she is expanding her brand so it may or may not even be highlighters.I dont like surprises but I cant wait to see what  she has in store.   2. Sigma Lip Switch the entire collection I dont want to buy it now because its too hot right now everyones selling out and only has two shades left so yeah once everyone has them the hype will die down and it will be easier and a more calm environment for me to purchase them in.I hate restocks I just cant deal with that craziness not my style .   3. Lime Crime Diamond crushers collection to try out and see them I know they are not that great but I'am still kinda interested plus their not too crazy expensive.   4. Victoria Secret - I'am waiting for their spring / summer semi annual sale coming up.I need bras , undies , pink items , perfume everything cant even tell you how excited I'am for that sale.I literally wait to buy everything because I refuse to pay full price plus I like freebies like bags .   5. MAC - patentpolish lip pencils , lipglass clear ,Justine skye powder   6. Too faced unicorn tears    7. Kylie Cosmetics - This is a maybe for me not sure if I want it or just want it because of the hype and big deal everyone makes about them.The lip kits need to have better colors.   Oh I should have mentioned this thread can be anything shopping related it doesnt have to be makeup it can be clothes or anything you want.I dont care lol.     The Kylie cosmetics  Gina gloss I have had my eye on though thats a pretty shade of pink.For someone whos a white girl lol.I say this because the kardashians have olive skin tone and I'am not armenian.It wont let me post a pic of the D.... gina gloss on here even though I'am technically not cursing thats the name of the lipgloss lol.   8. Jesses girl glow stix  - I dont want to buy these until they have all the shades in stock, I think they have 3 different colors .When you add certain shades together you can create a rainbow lip like below they used two colors from jesses girl to create this look.Its on their instagram page if anyones interested.                      
Bare with me this is my first post and I don't know if its in the right place. Does anyone work at the Oklahoma City location in Penn Square Mall?
i have two accounts. Can I add the points from my old account to my new one?
Hi all,   I hope no one minds me posting this thread for info. I really have no one else to ask about this and I noticed that there are lots of moms on here so I thought I would give it a try.   I am 35, married and working making an average salary. My husband is doing his PhD currently here in Toronto. I have one brother and one sister, both older, none have kids. Hubby's family is larger and there are 4 nieces and nephews, 3 of whom are under the age of 7.   For the first time ever, and perhaps it is my biological clock ticking, we are considering whether to have a kid. I never really felt like I wanted to do so up until now, perhaps due to lack of exposure to kids, but also not really feeling maternal. Same with hubby. I will say that all my life I have felt protective and strongly over animals, and any creature really. So much so that I don't eat meat, and try not to buy animal products unless they are organic.   Perhaps it is also due to exposure to hubby's nieces and nephews (who took to me right off the bat) that I feel that perhaps it might not be a bad thing to have a child after all. Plus hubby and I have been together for over 10 years and love eachother deeply. It would be a blessing to have a child with his golden heart and gentleness.   I just need advice-anything at all. What I am nervous about is how much it will change our daily (and long term) life? THE COSTS? all the equipment we might need (although we agree that we want to keep it simple with regard to toys and equipment, if possible)? will I regret it? will I love it as much as I love animals (and when I say I love animals I really mean it- I feel like I could go to jail protecting an animal if I had to)?   I am confused and sometimes upset and feel hesitant to move forward with this. Only God knows if it will even happen at all for us, but I need to get some feedback to know what to expect if it does. Please relay your advice if you have a moment, as I would really appreciate it.   Sincerely,   Smeegle
Went to the Coquitlam Sephora (BC - Canada)  store last night to pick up a point perk..   DENIED.   Cashier advised that it was now store policy that you are only permitted to redeem your points WITH PURCHASE.   I was so blown away by this that I had her check with the manager, which she did on her microphone/earpiece.   I was so kerfuffled and annoyed by this that I called the Rouge line to complain, haven't heard anything yet.   Anyone else running into this?
This is really for health purposes I'am trying to keep better track of what I eat because otherwise I dont remember unless I write it down.This is not promoting eating disorders in anyway I'am 5'8 135 pounds currently and trying to get down to around 110 - 120 pounds overall.I'am in my 20s so my BMI is average I used to be super skinny so I kinda want to get back to the weight I was .I 'am not overweight now by any means but I really want to cut back on junk foods , pizza , cheesefries , cheeseburgers , doritos well you get the idea lol I eat out a lot.I'am type 1 diabetic so if I do consume sugar its to stabilize my blood sugar and not go unconcious, I dont really have a choice but to have sugar if I dont eat a regular sized meal.If I dont eat I could die so I cant really fast or do crazy juice diets or anything that normal people can do when they dont eat meals throughout the day , I always need to eat after I give myself insulin so every meal I have to eat something.Its a lot harder to lose weight being type 1 diabetic because the insulin makes you gain weight.Yeah so the medication doesnt make things easier.I have been on a diet since last yr and I have lost weight from where I originally started at.I started at 146 pounds I think its been a while .... I dont really record my weight loss as well as I should.I only check the scale once a week.I also have cheat days where one day out of the week I eat whatever I want.   Breakfast - apple and cinnamon oatmeal , Coke with sugar only because I know breakfast is the one meal I eat the less    Lunch - Had to stop by burger king we took all day to pick up the new puppy and we were out in the middle of no where.I didnt even eat my whole small french fries and I only had like half my bacon cheeseburger whopper and diet coke - spicy dipping sauce for french fries had that though     Dinner - Birds eye mushroom rice  sparkling ice drink its just carbonated water   Snacks - healthy fruit snacks , some chocolate , reeses peanut butter egg
I have only been to the olive garden twice once on a date that was a nightmare and once with my sister what is good there ? I'am kinda on a diet even though I'am a size X small to small I'am trying to eat healthier overall  but I have cheat days on saturday so I dont care if its high in fat or carbs / calories lol.
New to posting here so hope i'm doing this right. I'm looking to buy or trade for the Belle compact mirror. She is my favorite princess and I saw there is a frozen and snow white one, but I need Belle in my life.  
For moisturising or makeup removal?
Has anyone ever gotten the birthday gift from YSL direct? It says it's full size but i can't find anywhere online what it is or how to get the code (they don't seem to send anything to my email).
I got three bath bombs today and the line at lush was insane that was also a nightmare.   I got this one which looks like a spring bath bomb its two different colors its like two in one .I have tried pretty much every bath bomb they have except these ones .I listen to some dance music and pop in a bath bomb its the best way to relax.   I also got this lavendar one      and the flower one       
I bought three bralettes from victoria sceret they only costed me 38 dollars for three so they have a sale on bralettes if you buy two  of them.I didnt like how the bralettes looked online they look much better in person .I wasnt planning on buying bralettes but when I saw them I was like I need to have them their cute.I got a pink one an orange one and a yellow one.   I was planning on buying a bra but they didnt have any colors I liked in my size in the 32DDD the colors were like black , tan and really boring so I said forget it.If I'am paying 50 to 60 dollars for a bra it better be a color I like.   I went to a huge Victoria Secret so the PINK and the Victoria Secret were seperate stores which was annoying because the line in the PINK store had about 20 people in it .I wanted to buy a tank top that said PINK in pink letters and was heather grey but said forget it when I saw the line was insane. They didnt have any MAJOR sales so I didnt really understand why everyone was buying VS items today.   The semi annual sale is in June / July coming up not now.I hate shopping with large crowds I prefer when stores are close to empty or no one is in line.   Plus UPDATE rant included : I ended up getting the pink tank the light grey one in the small which was the last one by the way with the pink writing on it .I ended up having to go to two pink stores to get that top which was a pain IN MY you know what and a living nightmare.     So this morning ( today )  I go and see this promo in my email buy two bras get a free white tank top with the words angel in pink writing on it a 25 dollar value.SO I liked the tank and I didnt want to buy two bras for full price for  117 dollars thats right I looked it up and it was not a deal at all.   SO I go to the store and ask hey I know this sounds weird but can I just buy / get the tank top without buying the bras which would of been a sale  for them anyways because it would have been around 40 dollars. I was already buying a tank top the lady said NO okay thats fine but you lost out on my money since I was trying to buy a free tank for a vaule of 25 dollars which means she would of charged me 25 dollars for the tank anyways and would of got cash money but whatever.Not to be mean but the lady was a B**** she could of charged me for the " free " tank top and made a sale instead she made a huge deal about it I felt like I was asking starbucks for a unicorn frappuccino she just was in no way going to do it.RIDICULOUS I was soo annoyed I traveled that far for two tank tops only to get one. I would of paid for the tank in full that was free when you buy two expensive over priced bras.       At Victoria Secret you would think I was asking to be a VS model LMAO  the girl who I'am assuming was the manager wouldnt give me a victoria ssecret shirt that said angel on it for a 25 dollar value because I didnt buy two bras with it and she claimed it only comes with two bras she wouldnt let me just buy the shirt seperately. She lost out on a sale and money because she was not intelligent enough to understand I was paying for the shirt lmao their was profit to be gained.SEE I just have no tolerance for that type of service.      
I signed up for linkshare but couldn't find Sephora for the United States on the website. Please help 
Please post your requests for the google spreadsheet link in this thread so we can minimize the spreadsheet chatter int he Ulta GWP thread.  Thanks!
Hello beauties,   I'm going to Australia in June and was wondering if there are any great items (skincare, makeup, or any other items) that I should pick up from there.   Thank you in advance! Eliza
I love the brand its super affordable / cheap and everything is one size so I dont have to worry about picking the right size out or if it doesnt fit.I'am soo tempted to buy soo many items right now lol.Everythings black or white or heather grey and its basic everyday clothing.
Goodmorning , I'm doing a senior project and need a few questions answered from a professional makeup artist or anyone that can efficiently answer all my questions. Please leave your name. 1. What made you want to get into makeup and how did you better your skills over time? 2. What are your thoughts towards company's that seem to have a difficult time creating products for women of color? Such as brown skin and darker melanin? 3. What made you decide to purse a career in the cosmetology industry? 4. What advice would you give to younger makeup artist that would like to someday purse a career in the industry?
Hi dearest Sephora community from all over the world,   We are 2 cosmetic passionate students from Sweden, very interested in knowing your opinion about the usage of in store technology at Sephora as for example, the Color IQ, the Fragrance IQ, the Skin IQ, the beauty workshops etc. The survey only takes 5 minutes to complete! would you help us contribute  to the world of beauty and technology?    If so, please comment below so we can send the information to complete it     PS: All the data collected will be available to Sephora and for further research in the cosmetic industry!   Xoxo,   Miranda and Keren
I know this is a beauty community, but I could really use some fashion help. My mother and future mother in law are asking me what color they should wear to my wedding next summer. I'm not sure what to tell them. The colors of the wedding are black, white and blush. My bridesmaids will be wearing floor length, black dresses. Neither of them care to wear blush and I don't want them in black, because I want them to stand out  from the bridesmaids. I am open to all suggestions. 
Victoria Beckham is releasing a collection for Target coming up this april in stores and online she will have clothes and accessories and maybe even a handbag collection for them. I like Victoria Beckhams style and her sunglass collection but the stuff in the target commercial  she is selling  looks awful I'am hoping she has more clothes to offer that look more everyday / normal looking.I realize the stuffs affordable / cheap but it looks like she didnt even try to come out with a good collection for target lol.
I have tried soo many lush bath bombs and bubble bars and rainbow fun and everything in between whats your favorite bath bomb from lush or any lush product what are your favs ?