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With Mother's Day around the corner, wouldn't it be nice to pamper her with something special?  What would your mom want for Mother's Day to make her feel more beautiful?  My mom is not into makeup so I'm thinking I may take her to the salon for a new hairstyle. 
I was doing a little spring cleaning and came across two beauty books that I forgot I even had.  Now that I have found a love for high quality makeup and skincare, I appreciate my books dearly.  The ones I have are Bobbi Brown, Living Beauty & Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection!  I especially like Kate's book.  Any other recommendations?
I was thinking it would be a nice idea to have an "all things Ulta" thread where we can post deals, GWP's, new products, etc!  It would be easier to find things all in one place, as I know I can't be the only one who stalks the beauty breaks and extra point promos!
Can anyone recommend a great gold paint color? I am driving myself crazy with choosing the right one for my dining room.   This has been a project long in the works — a ton of sanding, paint removal, prepping, priming — and now we're in the final stretch and only have to paint the final color. Only problem is, I can't find the right color. I don't want anything too yellow, too green, too brown, or too dark. I thought I'd found one, but it's reading too yellow on my walls. Can anyone help out? Pleeeeezzzzz? Thanks in advance!
Hi, Has anybody ever had any luck getting a response from this company?  I placed an order on a few days ago.  About 5 min later, I noticed that if you swatch the products or open them at all they will not allow a return. So I immediately contacted them to cancel my order. No response. I emailed them again the following morning. No response.  However, I did get a notice that my order had shipped. Ugh. I tried to find a phone number there doesn't seem to be one  I guess the best thing to do is refuse the package when it comes. I just hope I'm home.   For the price of the items, you would think they could invest in better cust svc. Since I have never used or swatched the products before I think I'll stick to orders from beautylish. Their cust svc/return policy is top notch!
I was just wondering if any of you ladies watch RPDR. I've seen some of you talk about it before and share gifs so I figured I'd start a thread so we could throw some t and some shade and talk about the show.
We BTers are a busy bunch, and I don't know about anyone else, but I always appreciate a local's perspective on things to do, see and eat wherever I'm headed.    Just booked a last minute long weekend (Thursday to Sunday) to Portland, Oregon. We'll have a car, so we were thinking about exploring beyond the Portland city limits... maybe do some breweries or wineries. Anybody with Portland (and surrounding area) recommendations? Specifically looking for where to stay in Portland (walkable, local favorites) and we love food, so any recommendations of places to eat would be most welcome! 
I am editing this post as I felt I had shared to much personal info.    As most know I had a upcoming Dr. Appointment out of state because I have a rare blood cancer. Without over sharing as I did before , I'll just say that we found out its spread in  multiple locations throughout my body . I will start a combo chemo treatment that will last up to a year. Because of some of the locations it's spread to (my nervous system and brain) I'll have to stop treating my lungs and skin and pick that treatment back up after we are done with the treatment I'm fixing to start.    I wanted to to thank everyone for being supportive and for allowing me to vent here without feeling like I'm a bother. I'm struggling a great deal with sharing the results with my friends and loved ones as I feel like a burden. I've been fighting the cancer for years and I just don't want to burden them any more then I already have. It was requested that I vent here when I feel like I'm a burden to my friends so that's what I'm doing. I love my friends and loved ones but the feeling of being a burden is deep especially since they're loved ones of my choice as I have no bio family outside of my husband and our children. I don't want to run them off because of the stress treatments bring. Thank you for letting me vent and for being supportive. I apperciate it more then words can express. <3 
Aka how do I buy a couch for cheap?    I just moved across country... I have no couch, no dishes, no lamps...  I'm pretty much a transient!  LOL.    I'm wondering if anyone has tips on how to get a good deal on a couch.  I read a bunch of things online, someone said to try to negotiate with the sales people.  There's a couch I've been eyeing at Crate and Barrel, but I CANNOT live with the standard issue fabrics.  I'm going to *have* to get it with some custom upholstery which would bump the cost of the couch up by $600.    I also don't have a TV and $600 could buy me a TV!  So it seems kind of wasteful to me to spend then extra $600 on a fabric upgrade, but I'm a visually-driven person.  My maslow hierarchy of needs is inverted.    So, here's some suggestions I've found: Ask if that's their best price. Check out outlet stores, like the Crate and Barrel Outlet Check out Rowe Furniture who makes Crate Barrel furniture Try to buy a floor sample Does anyone else have any tips?  I can live with the standard issue upholstery if it was like $800, but the couch I've been looking at starts at $1700 and then the fabric I glanced at would make it cost $2300.  I think I'd rather spend the extra $600 and feel like my living room is beautiful than save that money and feel like my living room is blah.  Although a 60" flat screen would make my living room a lot more beautiful...  I also want a credenza and custom upholstered accent chair.  ...And my budget is about 3k.    Do not mention Ikea furniture.  I can't!  It's just not hitting those aesthetic needs for me.  I mean, don't get me wrong, everything in my apt is already ikea, but I cannot do an Ikea couch.   Please let me know if anyone got a great deal on furniture and how you managed to do it!  I've checked craigslist, too, but there's not a lot of selection on there.  I'd like to hear about anyone's couch buying experience so long as it doesn't involve Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale's or something else that's way over my budget! 
It's driving me crazy.  I get dozens of email responses and yet when I click on the Ask The Experts link I'm taken to the top of the page rather than to the individual who responded.  What am I doing wrong?
Hello everyone,  this one will off topic a bit i need some advices which dress would look great on asian skin tone( medium, black hair) and for age between 24-29. Thanks
Hi everyone!   I'm doing some research about how make-up consumers use online forums to research beauty products. I have created a quick survey (only 10 questions!) and I would appreciate it so much if you would take a couple of minutes to fill it out, especially those of you who are very active in the Beauty Talk make-up conversation.   All responses are, of course, anonymous, but I would also like to disclose that this information will not be published anywhere. It will only be used for a college assignment. This survey is also strictly related to make-up and make-up consumers in general, and will not reflect Sephora in any way!   If you are interested in taking the survey, please send me a PM so I can provide you with the link.     Thank you in advance for your help!  
I have far too many items on my list. I want to treat myself to some items but I cannot pair things down on my own! I will update this when I get home in a couple hours with the items in my bag. ( I'm at work (; )
Has anyone had any experience with Ofra's customer service?  I want to buy several of their liquid lipsticks, but would hate to be stuck with one that I don't like. Are they good about returns?
How about a joke? Okay, answer is in spoiler.   *What's green and sits outside? Spoiler (Highlight to read) Patio furniture aka Patty O'Furniture - 😁I know that's lame, hope you guys can come up with better ones. 💚💚 Patio furniture aka Patty O'Furniture - 😁I know that's lame, hope you guys can come up with better ones. 💚💚 Please share jokes, makeup, nails, clothes and just anything in that vein. Hope you liked my lame joke. I hope people post a lot more. Thanks for everything lads and lasses - you make every day better for me and so many others. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all 💚😊💚    
I placed an order a few days ago during the current sale when it had just started, and just now I received an email from "Too Faced" but the actual email was toofaced@datapakservices (I think Too Faced is a client of theirs?) and the emails wording is SO strange. I can also see every other email they have sent the same message to which is very weird to start with but also the wording was so vague... Has anyone else had this email before?   "Hello, We are having trouble processing this order. Please call in, or reply directly to this email so we can process this as soon as possible.  We will need you to verify the billing and shipping information. Thanks in advance and our most sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. "   There is no order/ref number and it looks as though all the normal Too Faced information at the bottom of the email was pasted in since it's a different font :\ I have contacted Too Faced via email to ask, but it took about 10 days for a reply last time I tried to contact them So I was wondering if anyone had seen this before !
Which Sephora products should i try next? Which ones are really worth every penny? What are your favourites?
This may be my most random post. Any good websites or stores you know of that have good Tragus jewelry? Claire's bars are too long and I prefer 4mm or 6mm and something that's good quality. Spencer's etc.. Seem to have body jewelry but I haven't been impressed with Tragus jewelry and I have searched on EBay but I want to ensure that whatever I purchase is surgical Steele. Any places you trust for body jewelry? Thanks! 😀
Hey everyone! I signed up for Ibotta a couple weeks ago and didn't realize that you can get cash back in gift cards including Sephora or get the cash too. I was wondering if anyone would want to join a team with me so that we can earn money faster!   Honestly, I can't stand when people are soliciting things, but I thought it may be fun to start a team on here if anyone was interested. here is my link:    You will see that I have zero teammates, and if you sign up, you get $10 on your first rebate. There are team goals with bonuses, so that's why I wanted to start a team. I just genuinely don't know anyone who does this stuff. lol    Anyways, I thought we could help each other out. Thank you!!!
Hey all,   Yesterday, Ebates was having a 8% cash back vs their usual 4%. But it's still going on today! Take advantage while you can!  
So Tarte seems to be having this new promo - LEAP DAY $10 off $50 $20 off $75 $30 off $100 Plus free CAD shipping over $25 orders! Now can someone PLEASE tell me if they've ordered from Tarte's site before and were charged duties in Canada?
Good evening ladies!   I recently finished completing a bachelors degree and have landed my first permanent full time salaried job. I always have treated myself to something with the first paycheck from a new job. I haven't decided what I'm going to treat myself to this time, but I'd like to hear what you bought with your first paycheck!  
If you have a Tumblr blog, share it here so we can follow each other.    Here's my Tumblr :    Let me know if you followed me with your username so I would check your blog out! 
  I especially love the part of the "100 pt". I spot a Sephora uniform, that part had me dying LOL I just want to have fuun!  
  Happy Birthday to NancieNano! Stop by for a piece of cake and send her some love. I met her on BT and she has turned into a real life friend. She's kind, thoughtful, hilarious and someone you want on your team. Beautiful inside and out <3    
Hello Beauty Talkers I’m Alice, a final-year student at Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy. As part of my graduation thesis in Business Communication, I am carrying out a survey on Sephora’s Beauty Talk. I need your help! Please help me by filling out this survey. You’ll waste just few minutes but it’ll be very helpful to me. Here's the link: mKU0R5UO_14qg1Eori48zlv3WK0 Thank you so much!!!<3 <3 <3
Can someone please tell me how to apply to get a discount for make up artist with license?   Thank you
My absolute favorite thing to do on Instagram is to scroll through makeup looks!! I would love to follow any of you who do that kind of thing! I always can use some inspiration!! I also put up pics so if you are interested my name is destinybobestiny ! Look forward to seeing all the cool looks!
I've just gotten home from a quick trip to the doctor, and even though it was just to get some meds for a sore throat, I was dreading it for the same reason I always dread going to the doctor: I have to be weighed.   As usual, the number wasn't one I like. I've struggled with losing and accepting my weight for years. It's like there's this voice in the back of my head that's always telling me how fat I am, and how I'll never find love in a body like this. You know, the typical thing.   I'm really bad at turning to friends and family for help in this area, mostly because I feel like they don't understand. (I mean, how could my friend who complains about too many boys wanting to date her understand what it's like to be fat and unlovable? How could my sister in law, who works out  for fun understand my lack of motivation?)   So, I thought, maybe a support thread would be a good idea for all of us, because I know I'm not alone in this. Use this for whatever you feel the need. Whether you're looking for support on your weight loss/gain journey or you just want to spread a little love. Feel free to share you stories, good or bad, and maybe we can all help each other be a little more accepting of ourselves.
SO rare their makeup mirrors are on sale till feb 14th! code love 14