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beauty2sample is our resident promo code sleuth! She is amazing and I wanted to start a heart party to show all of our appreciation for what she does! *Picture from OCC lip tar lips of the day
I started thinking about this because this past week I've been having a lot of consternation with my vision.  I wear hard contacts and the pair I was wearing was 4-5 years old (they really are supposed to only last up to 2 years but I'm really bad at going in to the eye doctor) and basically they were so out of shape and scratched up that one lens ended up causing a tear in my eye.  It's a small tear so don't worry!  But I was out of commission from Friday till Wednesday.  I do have glasses which I wear but the lenses are ridiculously thick so I'm very embarrassed to wear them anywhere especially work.    Now that I finally got my new lenses and can see again I thought how amazing a thing it is to be able to see clearly.  I used to have to run to the bathroom all the time to rinse my contacts because my vision would get blurry.  Now I don't have to do that.  I can comfortably work all day.  I can't tell you how wonderful a feeling it is.   I think many of us don't take time out to really think about the simple things we are grateful for.  I know I don't.
I need some help finding a purse. I have been looking for something and I am not sure if it exists. Here are my wish list items: -structured, it doesn't have to be rigid, but I would like some structure to it -crossbody strap as well as shoulder handles -zip top -metal feet -not cloth -about 12 inches across -as many interior pockets as possible... -multiple sections would not make me sad -Priced up to $500   Anybody have a purse they love that meets all or most of these items? Any help would be fabulous! Thanks in advance!  
So besides spending money on makeup...  I have a rather large t-shirt collection.   ...and I just ordered another one. My husband and I love looking at the shirt designs on Woot every day. This one was a definite win. I ordered it right away. (Plus it was only $7 with $5 shipping.) 
I know Lime Crime are currently talk of the town with their "recent" (it happened months ago and no one was told...) security breach on their website, but what do you think about them making an appearance at the NYC IMATS? They're (apparetly) not appearing at the LA event, I'm not sure if that was due to them being turned away or simply just not attending. So, do you think they should be allowed to attend NYC IMATS after more of the companies/owners shady business practices and lack of customer compassion have come to light?   There is actually a petition to have them banned from the NYC dates here incase you feel strongly about the matter:
Hi, sorry this is not makeup related but does anybody own a Fitbit Charge HR? I am new to this. I would like to know how does it track dancing as a workout. does it track automatically? Thanks.
You’ve no doubt heard the annoying “ding” sound when you forget to buckle your seat belt. Well GM is taking things to a whole new level with its “Teen Driver” feature which is set to debut in the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. Parents can program the car to give visual or audible warnings when their teens exceed preset speed limits. The system will also turn off the radio and any connected devices until the driver and any passengers are buckled up. Finally the system will provide the parents with a report card of sorts mentioning any red flags like excessive speeds and instances where the antilock brakes were engaged. We can just imagine the eye rolling and groaning already. Auto news brought to you by   Source: nts-how-their-teen-was-driving/ Tags:  Teen Driver, Chevrolet Malibu, car insurance, auto insurance, car insurance quotes, auto insurance quotes
Just a friendly reminder to those engaging in trades on BT to obtain the best results, always keep the following in mind:   1) If you are unsure of the condition of the items you want to trade for, always ask for a photo first to avoid disappointment 2) Keep the lines of communication open.  It's better to over-communicate a little, than to worry that someone has fallen off the map 3) Providing tracking #'s for your sent trade items saves everyone a lot of hassles and headaches 4) Be wary of trades that seem too good to be true 5) Don't be afraid to ask for references when trading with a new BT'er 6) Examine all trade items upon receipt and discuss any discrepancies with your trade partner promptly     Trading can be a lot of fun.  Just remember to be careful out there!  
I am sitting at 1666 hearts right now. I am not a fan. I'm not particularly superstitious, but that number is not my favorite. Can someone help me out? THANKS!! 
LOL I've been really spotty with my contributions due to traveling, but what a nice surprise when logging in to see that I made 400 hearts and thus Hall of Famer status.   Thanks for giving me hearts!
So I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the Mexican cartels and whatnot and where I live, it's near the border so we're bound to get bad people crossing here. Recently a man was found decapitated in South Padre Island.. all points that this may have been drug related. Not once in my life hear had I heard something so gruesome. Sure there have been news about other deaths but nothing like 'man found without a head' .. and mutilated chest. It just comes to show what the world is coming to. But for me, the worst part is that it's happening near where I live, it's scary. Not too long ago I went to this new Ross store opening that was a bit far from my house, to be honest in the section where you'd be closer to the boonies and find questionable people.. and I hurried to my car because there was a group of 5 guys walking behind me and I had a strange feeling about it, luckily I was 2 feet from reaching my car. But I can tell you this, they pretended like they were getting in the car next to me.    I wish I didn't have to live here.    If you want to know more about this decapitated man, you can google ' Edinburg man's headless body found on South Padre Island Edinburg man's headless body found on South Padre Island'.      I know some of you have come down to spend time down here or your families even, since SPI happens to be a tourist stop. So I beg you to be careful. If it were me planning to go there, I just wouldn't. I fear for everyone's safety. 
I've been eyeing several Ren products and picked up the Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot. I've used other Ren products and have been happy with the brand so I hope I'm happy with this too. I have one question. I have one more certificate to redeem so I was on the website looking around and the Ren product I purchased yesterday does not show up anymore. Do they usually remove products from their site if OOS or just have it say OOS when you click on the item? This concerned me as this is my first time purchasing from this company and am hoping my order won't be cancelled. Any info is appreciated. Thanks! And let us BTer's know what you  picked up with your voucher!  
Hours of my life are spent watching several techniques and how-to's but my favorite star to watch is Desi Perkins! Take a look for yourself, her blending and contouring skills are amazing 😳. Who would you pick as your favorite? Another awesome artist is Kandee Johnson!
I love Ecards...   Saw this on FB and had to share!     Share some of your favorite ones.
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I just thought that this might be fun/adorable. Here's thread to post pictures of your furry or not so furry companions Here's my Albino cornsnake, Dante. Love him to bits ^_^  
How would I go about getting a gift or gift card to someone from here on bt? I feel like this is something people do, but I want it to be a surprise. If anybody has any suggestions, please help me out. There is a lovely lady on here that could really use a little treat
Did the 21 days of beauty post from "the other store" disappear? I can no longer find it. I know I was able to find it yesterday. I can't even find it in the search and I tried going back to my activity and its not showing up. I'm wondering if it got deleted. 
So this is the vanity that my boyfriend's parents got me for as part of my birthday presents last year  I'm not sure if i'm going to sand it down and stain it. Or sand it and paint. Or even what colour to go with for paint (or) stain. I'm also working on looking for containers that fit well in it, for a decent price. The drawer is wide but short. Slightly smaller then the diameter of a Tarte blush. It's finally happened... I'm dedicating a place makeup Any suggestions/ideas for it are welcome!  Thanks!
So I have a bunch of palletes and misc makeup that I have only ever swatched (mainly eye shadows) that I wanted to sell cheap. Ebay of course will not let you sell used makeup, although I suppose I could label it a tester. Anyways most of it I just got slack about returning, we were moving house and etc and I just could not be bothered, and it now just sits in my makeup drawer serving no one. Examples: Too Faced holiday palette (sugar and spice?) UD Vice 2, the Clinique Nutrcracker collection, a whole range of UD moondust eyeshadows. The list goes on lol. I have had to switch to mostly all natural stuff anyways, because I was having reactions to a lot of the stuff as well. I have MS and weird things seem to make it flair up. (Which makes no sense) Any ideas?
I'm so grateful to have strong women in my life including my late grandmother, mom, sisters, cousins, more family and friends. I'm even more grateful to be in a society where, although things can get better, things are pretty decent for women and girls. Here's to all the supporters of women on BT!!!  
So I was checking out Chelsea Market (NYC) yesterday and I saw these awesome eco-friendly organizer pouches and I literally wanted ALL of them! They had these funny sarcastic clever sayings on them and I stood there for like a half hour reading them all. In the end I ended up getting the 2 below. One for me and the "pretty" one for my friend who's about to turn 40. I figure it'd be a nice little ego-booster for her since women tend to freak out with these milestone birthdays (ugh!). The seller Pamela Barsky has an Etsy store so you can check out all the funny pouches available!   Anyone else buy something interesting over the or non-beauty related?  
I don't know if you ladies have heard, but LimeCrime is in a lot of trouble over recent events. This is a brief overview from what I've read. From October 4, 2014 through February 15, thousands of LimeCrime customers had their identity/social security number/CC number stolen and unauthorized charges from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars because of a breach due to Doe/Xenia's failure to renew their server security. There is a class action lawsuit against the brand, popular MUAs are breaking ties, people are throwing any product they have away, there is an online petition for IMATS to drop them for IMATS NYC, etc. One girl ordered Cashmere and she has a charge of $10K+ on her card, her credit tanked and can't take out loans to go to grad school now. Doe/Xenia is trying to cover this up by blocking, insulting, and ignoring as many people as she can on her social media platforms and customer service. It took her 2 weeks after before she acknowledged the issue and sent out notifications to customers. One indie brand I follow, I Love Nail Polish, has the same server/security provider as LimeCrime and also had a breach at the same time. But they handled it a lot better. Barbra, the CEO of ILNP, sent letters and emails immediately informing customers of the breach and rectified the situation quickly. I'm actually happy that I didn't buy anything from LC and that they're going down the drain.I can't believe I wanted to try the Velvetines! I'll never support a dishonest, shady brand who is horrible to their customers. People are starting to put together LC dupes/alternatives for those who wanted certain products from them .What do you ladies think of this?
Anyone else get an email about a #Tfnofilter selfie powders gift from Too Faced and Sephora?   
I wanted to publicly recognize and thank Blackwhiskey.   Recently, I won a game sponsored by Blackwhiskey. Not only was the game fun, but she very generously sent me some wonderful prizes:     The rose water smells absolutely wonderful! I’m going to also use it as a pillow and body spray. And I’m looking forward to trying the other items as well.   I don’t know Blackwhiskey beyond reading her posts here on BT and viewing with awe the stunning and artistic looks she shares with us. She sent these items to me, a perfect stranger, during a difficult time for her, because of her kind hearted and generous nature. It is people like Blackwhiskey that help make the world a better place.    
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Spotted these at Target tonight. REALLY wish I had an excuse to buy them. Almost bought them anyway. Ha! 
Hey beauty lovers! I just opened a beauty instagram account ! @colourmesam in no way means does that mean you need to follow but thought it would be nice to post here,  post below if you guys have beauty accounts which you'd like people to follow ! <3 
I just found out today that one of my very best friends from childhood has three blood clots in her lungs. I had known that she has been sick for awhile, but due to a very unusual situation, I haven't know what was wrong with her. The unusual situation is that she actually became a nun several years ago. She is in a cloistered convent that has very little communication to the outside world. I guess the convent sent her home to her parents for treatment, although at this point I don't know what that entails. I am hoping that I can visit her the next time I visit my hometown. I am crushed. I am trying to imagine what would cause a 28-year-old to have such serious health problems. =(
For those of you who knew about my pregnancy... I gave birth today to a beautiful and healthy baby boy! Say hello to Byron Victor, born at 11:52 am March 5, 2015. He is 7 pounds, 6 ounces, 19.5 inches long. Both baby and myself are doing well.
OK, so I got an order delivered today and was pretty excited. But when I opened it, I found that I got absolutely NONE of the samples I selected. OK, I get that when they run out you get substitutions — except that all the ones I selected (and my order was placed three days ago) are still available as sample selections. What the...?   Worst part? I have no interest in ANY of the ones I was sent. BOO!
So, I noticed my odometer this morning as I was driving into work. I thought for sure it would turn over to the dreaded all 6's at the time I got to my office, because nothing would be more fitting than that! I am sorely tempted to circle the parking lot for two miles tonight just to make that happen!     I apologize for my dusty dashboard.