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Our resident comedic fairy has 5000 well deserved hearts. Thoughtful discussions and fun antics make her one of my favorite BTers. If you love her as much as I do, drop by and tell her.          
Now that Thanksgiving is over for everyone, I AM SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I wanted to start a thread about Christmas, and ask you to share a few things about yours and how you celebrate.    1.)What is your fav christmas song/Verson? Baby its cold out side-Jayme Dee & Aman Alem Cover   2.)What is a family tradition your family does? We have the same breakfast of Eggs Benedict every Christmas, the last 30+ years. (Before my time)   3.)What is the most popular snack around your house? Cookies, so so many cookies.   4.)What is your fav holiday treat or dish? (If you went to a christmas party what would you bring) Ill have to come back   5.)A holiday picture that makes you smile.    6.) Anything thing else you want to share!     This is one of my fav photos, of my rescue Snowbunny. Inspecting her first Christmas tree <3
I signed up So basically I just search "sephora" and then once I click the link that takes me to the sephora website... Im good? I can shop, add to cart and then checkout and bam. Done? Ebates complete? Lol. 
I did search and didnt see a general place for rants and raves, and well I have a rant! So here we go. I thought this would be good to have, because I know with black friday days away, there is gunna be a few.    RANT- I searched and searched online for the best deal for a Clarisonic because I wanted one for myself and one for my mother. I found the best deal on the Shopping network. So, I went ahead placed the order. Good to go. Wake up, to an email saying hey, we tried to call you, we cant process your order please call us. I had no missed calls so first off, no you didnt. So I call, say hey whats up. They double check all my info and say okay were good to go. Cool. I wake up YET AGAIN!! TO the SAME email. I am thinking to myself this cant be right, must just be from before, but I had better call. Sure enough again "we need to check your info" so I do the same thing ALL over again. Explaining wtf, I just did this yesterday. They say they dont know why it happened again. Is all my info right? Uh..Yeah?!? Eye roll. So I say just cancel the order, and I will try again with a different card. So I do just that. (I say so a lot, and am being mindful to not say like every 2 seconds) Get the conformation, aces. NOW AGAIN!!! I get the SAME effing email. I am so so upset. I call, get a rep who just wants to fight with me, keeps telling me to call my bank..CALL MY BANK FOR WHAT? I have been online shopping for YEARS honey, not only that ALL week for christmas. Leme tell you, the issue is NOT my card. So she put all the info again and I am just crossing my fingers that it goes through this time. 
  Ok, so I know there's at least a few Whovians wandering around here, so I'm thinking we need a place to discuss our beloved show, rant about the writing, and fight over who's the best doctor.   So. Saturday's episode (Nov 21) -- who saw it??! I'm dying to talk about it!   EDIT: And just one little disclosure I want to add: Read this thread at your own risk! Spoilers everywhere!!!
Show me what products you think have the best packaging.    This just caught my eye. I get fake nails so I dont even use polish but I want it just for the package. icid2=Just_Arrived_makeup_sku_grid_P400953_link
It is my Birthday early next month, I just got my email from Sephora that I can get my free gift! Yay! As a December baby I always have to wait all year to get the gift. Anyway while I was in there I remembered I had a coupon from the Lash Stash sampler for a free full size mascara so I redeemed that. I noticed the lady beside me at the till got lots of nice gift boxes with magnetic closures so I asked if I was able to buy some, turns out they were free! My girl was new so I only got one but I will go back and buy more so I can get some more of those boxes because they are really nice. Then! To top it of I saw these HUGE bags on display behind the counter, and asked if these were the sample bags that came with 12 thats the only deal right now, she said no but they were a 250 point perk. SOLD!! The bag is huge and lovely. But now I want to order online so I can get a matching small one...But then I wont get my gift boxes.. I wish we could do the online offers in store as I am sure we all do.  Anyway rambling I am just very happy with my nice little mini haul for free.
Hello,     I just got a new razor and got razor burn for the first time ever, I dont care about looks or anything I just want the burning pain to go away. I know now what I did wrong to prevent it in future. Just need some pain help.
    Try as I may to stay away from here I am back for round 3! Hope to find some old friends as well as make new ones
I received a $50 gift card to Sephora from my cousin who wants me to be more "girly" however I don't buy or use makeup/beauty products. I think I'm fine with how I am.    Would anyone be interested in purchasing this from me because honestly this thing will just sit around if I can't find anyone to grab it.   I think it would still make a great gift to someone who is actually interested in this stuff. I can verify the details and can ship it out to whomever is interested free of charge.         
Thanks so much for all the hearts everyone. I made it to HOF status lol. I'm pretty excited!!! It's pretty cool up here haha   Thanks again <3 xoxo
Hello everyone,   A tattoo dilemma! Do you think they are tacky or do you think they are cool?    I kind of want one but feel like I might regret it. I just wanted to hear your opinions on it.
What is your top desired holiday gift (something you likely wouldn't buy for yourself but would be ecstatic to receive as a gift)?  How would it make you feel?  For example, I got my own Christmas most wished for gift this year during the sale - a few Louboutin lipsticks.  Corny, but they make me feel very princessy and pampered (gorgeous and that smooth, rich formula).  Last year, I got the SK II essence and it made me feel more in control, of my skin and even life (I was prioritizing taking care of me).  The D&G Sophia Loren lipstick made me feel more exotic, even though it really is a rich pink (not so exotic but those ads....). You? Bonus question: if you could gift one item, cost no issue, what would it be?  I'd take my kids to visit the farm my dad and his mom grew up in...overseas.
Party cat
Been a while since I hosted a party, but let's get this heart party started!! Friday is an awesome day for a ❤ party! Plus a new HOF Party on top of that!   Congrats BeautyBee92, as I said in the 'Black Friday' thread - at this rate we're gonna be having a 4k heart party for you in no time at all!   Thanks for posting all of those goodies to tantalize us, you rock! Hope lots of people find your party here and post tantalizing goodies of their own! **cough - Sam/Jared and Dean/Jensen 💓 - cough**   *hope this posts in the right place in The Lounge. Mods, feel free to move if necessary.
Predictions of what will go on sale later this year?   I know the Kat Von D studded palette went on sale and the Hello Kitty Pop Up party palette. Both which I purchased but returned as they didn't work for me.   There was also a Buxom palette I remember that went on sale and some other goodies. A bit later on, the Ammo (UD) palette went on sale which I own and love.   What do you predict will go on sale? And why?
I read an article that they trying a different model store and plans to expand if it does well. Any thoughts?    I read the article on the glamour's "lipstick" website. I would post the link but I'm afraid it'll get taken down. 
How do we sign up and how many classes can we sign up for, for free? And does it matter what your status is at Sephora BI/VIB/VIBR? Do times for the classes differ at each location?   Anyone attend these classes and how did you like them?
I am not too far away at all from being Rouge (even got a reminder email about it). I don't find it necessary to purposely become Rouge but if I do I feel it's fine and if not, it's fine. Either way it seems like it's okay.   But for those of you that are Rouge, have you become Rouge 'on purpose' (meaning did you spend the threshold just to become Rouge if you were not that far away from the limit?). Do you enjoy being Rouge? Would you ensure you become Rouge again next year or the next? What makes you like/dislike being Rouge? Any other thoughts and opinions you have to share?! Thanks!!! 
Hi everyone, It's been so long since I've posted here. Miss you all. quick update: I got published in Ellements Magazine and I'm so happy!!      
Oh well, I tried. And tried, and tried! During the rouge sale, I bought a gift set. The 20% didn't apply. I ordered anyway, thinking that, well it's Sephora, and they have great CS, so they will fix it. Wrong. I contacted them via FB (said they won't fix it), by phone (won't fix it), by email (no answer), and SEVERAL time on this board (see my posts on the CS board, no reply, Janea contacted me via DM asking me if I still needed help, but never replied to me after that.). This is the worst CS experience, ever. How can you treat customers like that? And especially now that Rouge can't access the VIB sale, I'm saying Goodbye Sephora. I've had enough. I'm returning my $800 order. I will spend my points. And I will shop where I am treated with respect. It was nice while it lasted.
She is my all-time favorite on a board of incredible people, so I am not surprised she is the first to hit this unprecedented number. Her energy is non-stop, and her heart is bigger than her current heart count. If you love Leah as much as I do, drop by and tell her.      
Man, these guys have been on a roll recently! Curry's gotten MJ comparisons, franchise record of 10-0, etc.  What are your thoughts on the team? Do you think they're going to win the NBA Finals again? (Yes- in my humble opinion as a fan) What/When was your first game you watched? Mine was in person when I won tickets back when the Warriors had a mascot and they were at the bottom on the NBA totem pole.  Play nice BT sports fans.  But go Warriors! I loved the playoffs. Despite traffic.  
Hi everyone. The recent terroritst attacks in Paris have greatly saddened me. This is a very complicated topic and my intention of this post is NOT to get into a discussion about it. I simply want to tell everyone on BT that if this has affected you in anyway my heart and prayers go out to you. That is all.
Hello all,   I am planning on taking a trip to Berlin in January. I am wondering if there are any European/German exclusive beauty and skincare items I should make a point to check out? I am interested in brands/stores I can find easily in department and drugstores.    My hotel is in the  Mitte neighborhood, a 2-minute walk from the Naturkundemuseum U-Bahn stop.  I will probably make a stop at the KaDaWe department store.    I am also very interested in luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, YSL, etc. that offer European Exclusive colors in cosmetics that I would be able to find in Germany. I am not really interested in fragrance.   Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
I've been thinking about starting this thread for a while. Tonight while reading an unrelated thread, the topic of depression and anxiety came up once again. I wanted a safe space for others to talk about what's going on with them, how they're feeling, do they need some help? There seems to be a fair number of us here on BT that struggle with depression, I see it pop up frequently.    I personally suffer from chronic depression and anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed with depression in 2003. After a bajillion tests and convinced I had a brain tumor, I was told it was depression. I burst into tears. That was not the answer I wanted and I still didn't believe the doctor. I also had been suffering from panic attacks since around 1997-98. They were getting worse, and I had absolutely no idea what they were. I just thought I was dying, every single time. I started having them daily. Today I am ok. Through lots of trial and error, medications, therapy and hypnotherapy. And also genetic testing, which I urge anyone suffering from chronic depression to get.    I don't personally feel a stigma anymore. I'm very upfront about my condition as I don't think it's a secret to be locked away. Secrets start to haunt us and close us off from the world. If we talk about it, we normalize it. And we find ways to get better.    So feel free to tell your story here, or just part of it. Or just stop by and say hi, I need some help today. Or hey, I can't even get out of bed to brush my teeth because the world feels too heavy today. We already have a love of beauty which binds us together. Let this just be another way for us to connect and make friends. 
this is the saddest moment of the day. my packages delivered as schedule, but the ups mailman left them in the front door. Now I came home from work to find out that the packages are MIA,,, stole by a jerk   when i missed a package from the sephora in the past or whatever package from whatever companies, the ups mailman would send the packages to ups access point, where allows me to pick up in the next couple days      what should i do now... i m like in a panic attack      i already call the rouge line.. it's not much help b/c they say i have to wait for at least 24 hours 
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... and we did a dry run on his makeup today. He doesn't need any special aging or anything, just make sure he doesn't fade out under the lights. Good Lord, did I just make him pretty?  
I bought the Vice 3 palette and i thought it was the best thing ever until i dropped it and the complete first row crumbled and was scattered on my bathroom floor. And at that moment i realized that i only used the neutral matte colors in the palette. :/ 
I want to do my first instagram giveaway & I have no idea how to go about the process when it comes time to pick a winner. I've got my prize ready & photos & rules, the whole nine yards but i dont know how to go about selecting entries & putting them in a generator. Also, id like not have to put any extra money if i dont have to. I'd appreciate the help! and then you can all enter! lol
Hi I recently applied to sephora online and haven't heard anything back should i call and speak with the manager or would it be best if I stop by the store? I am really interested in working at sephora part time what do i need to do?