I'm loving the concept of using empty Diptyque candle jars for beauty storage -- they look so pretty and classic. However, i'm not really feeling like dropping $30 a candle to do this. Additionally I haven't had great luck with eBay since they are few listings for empty jars. Any recommendations for other places to look online?
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We've all been there...a bag full of unused or disappointing make up from the drug store, which I still like but without the ability to try before buy you end up with a lot of fails. Then you find Sephora and wonder, is the price worth it? You try a few things, you like a few things, you see the price tag and tell yourself: "Eh, I can go with ramen noddles for a week to afford this." And then you buy it. What was your first purchase? Why did you choose it? I always like hearing other stories like this. Share on!
I am traveling with my two kids to Holland in about a month. I live in the DC area. I need to bring hostess type gifts for the two families I am staying with (both aunts and uncles in their 60s). I also need to bring gifts for children - a mix of boys and girls who are age 7-12 or so. I'd like to figure out something local, not too heavy, if not local that characteristically "American," to bring. I am at a total loss. Suggestions quite welcome.
it just seems kind of serious and quiet around here lately. I am feeling a bit blah, with the heat and humidity, and reading/hearing way too much bad stuff in the news. So, let's all give a heart party for everyone on BT! A wonderful group of caring, fun, informative individuals who share many interests! I look forward to "seeing" all of you daily! Thanks for being here!
Did anyone else watch it? I did!!!!!! I thought Toei did an amazing job and I can't wait till more episodes come out! I am so excited!!!!!
Hey everyone! I'm going to Hawai'i in a couple of weeks, and I plan on getting the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette there. I was going to bring an extra makeup bag to bring it home in, but I don't know if mine's big enough since I can't find its dimensions anywhere! Would someone be able to measure thiers and let me know how big it is? I'm guessing all of their 9-pan palettes are the same, so even if you could give me a reference like "it's about the width of an iPhone", that would be amazing! I would like to know the length, width, and height. Thanks so much!
I hope everyone has the day off (I've worked my share of July 4ths!!  and have to go in for a few minutes tomorrow) and that everyone has something awesome planned!  After going in to work for a bit, I think the hubby and I are going to the beach for an air show followed by fireworks.  I've never seen an air show so hopefully it goes well.  What are your plans?
I'm very excited to go to Sephora tomorrow! It seems like forever since I have been inside. The last time I went (end of May) I received probably the best customer service from one of the cast members who really went beyond great service to unite me with the last Sun Safety Kit. She had really made my day/week and although I had already filled out a survey with an awesome review for her, I wanted to write her a little note, thanking her. Is that too weird? Or would it be a nice gesture? I'm a frequent letter-writer/thank you note-giver, so I was curious to know what other people's thoughts were about this. Thanks  
I just received this in the mail. My friend from Hong Kong sent me these lovely things - just in time for my birthday which is July 10!!  It's a blanket, pillow, two shirts, two compact mirrors, two rice molds, 3CE makeup items and one etude house, a lovely gothic neck piece and matching bracelet. I'm just so in love with all these things and wanted to share, some of you had wanted to see what I was going to receive, so here it is!!  
alright. i understand a lot of people's purses are a secret and sacred space, so i'm not sure how many people will be into this idea. but i stumbled across a few "what's in your purse?" youtube videos of various bloggers and experts and found the whole thing surprisingly interesting, informative, inspiring and insightful ! i searched and did not see a topic like this (other than a more specific "what's in your makeup bag?" post from last year), but i do apologize if this is a double post, of sorts.   so, me first. i'm definitely a "i want to have my things with me" sort of person. my purse is my arsenal ! but for the majority of my purse-carrying years thus far, it was chaos. i could never find things. we all know the drill. then, a few months ago, i initiated myself into what i affectionately call 'pouch life'. that is, everything has a place, and everything will be in it's place as i leave the house. it has changed my life ! everything you see are products and pouches acquired over time, it all just came together once i made it a mission.   my bag is a pretty normal size. i feel like mary poppins when i pull all my stuff out and it brings me a real sense of joy, i won't lie.   the two big pouches are for makeup (silver) and face/hair/misc (black). the tokyo milk pouch (new acquisition!) has a roller ball perfume and handcream, as does the bowie pouch. the little silver thing is my wallet with cards etc, the gold pouch has business cards (mine and others') and misc thin, and holds my cash and change when i have it (i rarely have cash and change these days, though).   (i realized after i took these pics that there is 1 pouch missing--a smallish flat black tracy tanner bag that i keep my phone charger and headphones in--it wasn't in my bag because i'm using them !)     products of note in the black bag: caudalíe beauty elixir (my favorite thing ever. wanting to carry this around with me is what prompted my shift into pouch life). a le labo lotion sample of ROSE 31 which is just about my favorite smell on earth and just want to have with me as well. boots botanics face oil which i apply to blemishes as spot treatment should they appear--seems counter-intuitive but it WORKS ! aveda men's pommade. i'm growing out a shaved head and these hair products are the result of not knowing what to expect from hair that is/was too short to control.     i probably carry around too much makeup with me but i like to have choices should i want or need to freshen up. i'm constantly reassessing what i want with me but this is the current to-go stash. products of note: givenchy le rouge lipstick in #307 grenat initié (which i ordered expecting to be darker, tbh). the only OCC lip tar i own after my others got stolen. hot pink on me can look a bit garish but sometimes it hits the spot. my new favorite mascara givenchy noir couture 4-in-1.     closeup of my beloved aladdin sane pouch and it's contents: caudalíe vinoperfect hand & nail cream and blackbird ballard's roller perfume in 'hallow'.    and  just for the record, my sephora "problem" made itself evident at the bottom of my bag, otherwise trash and clutter free....  
Happy Canada Day everyone! I am proud to be Canadian. I'm pretty sure that I have beer & maple syrup flowing through my veins   Go Canada Go!         
Hi gals, I'm a guy wanting to dress up & do makeup. I'm thinking of making a day of it by getting some ear piercing, getting  1- 2 ladies outfits, and having makeup done. Not sure as to which order of having things done,but most likely wearing heels the whole time. Any suggestions as to order? Thanks in advance.
Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadian BTers! I hope everyone has an amazing, safe, and fun day! 
Hey lovely BT-ers!! So this happened to me this morning.. A used-twice bottle of Omorovicza BB Cream ($135) shattered in my bathroom, leaving me with glass in my foot and fingers after trying to save it, but that's not the most tragic part. BE CAREFUL (or more careful than I was) WITH YOUR GLASS BOTTLES!!!!!!!! YOU DONT WANT TO END UP LIKE THIS..
Let's celebrate this lovely lady with a HEART PARTY! You're such a wonderful asset to our community, joz, and we are so happy you call BT your beauty home!  
It;s only my 2nd time ordering from HSN and I used paypal to pay for my items. I used a $10 off $50 coupon code and it shows in my confirmation that the coupon was applied. However, on my paypal account, I was charged without the coupon. Has this ever happened to anyone? Do they discount the coupon afterwards? I emailed their customer service and am still waiting for a response. Just curious to see if others have experienced this.
So I've noticed that every time I look at the reviews of a product there are at least a few unhelpful (sometimes they're a little helpful) but hilarious reviews. What are your favorites that you have seen so far?   Here's one I saw while browsing through UD Naked Skin reviews:  
So like annypoo the other day, I am shopping for a new purse. I'm looking for something small-to-medium-sized, because right now all I have are monster huge purses that really don't look right against my small frame (I'm a compact and muscular 5'4" with short, stubby limbs). I've narrowed it down to two or three :   I actually really wanted this next one in cornflower blue, but they sold out last night. Now only the tan color pictured is available. And this is one I really, really fell in love with at the store yesterday, but I waffled because it was slightly more than I thought I was going to spend! But I get the feeling I might regret it if I don't buy it while it's on sale and still in stock:   Also comes with a chain strap in addition to the leather crossbody: The thing is, as much as I like the purse in the middle (the last two are Tory Burch), I'm nooooot sure if it fits in with my overall funky feminine and sometimes edgy style. I think the last one does, but it definitely looks incredibly different from all the other bags I own, so it's a change. HM. I'm torn!
Great article on Sephora's Branding Strategy. It predicts that since the use of the Marc Jacobs brand has been quite successful, Sephora will tap into more LVMH brands to create other original make up brands. I wonder what's in store next!   I also noticed that most of the point perks are of LVMH owned brands when I went to see what LVMH actually owns. (Fresh, MUFE, Benefit,  etc)       
  Here's a shout out to meagboho for being so awesome she got to 2000 hearts in just a few months!!!  That's worth celebrating!!! we love meag like sonic loves his chilidogs!!!  let's raise a cup of coffee to BTs very own suoer friendly super gorgeous asset!!! We're glad you're here! 
As of late I've become completely obsessed with finding drugstore dupes (so I can have giant makeup hauls w/ less guilt, lol) so I thought it'd be fun to compile a list! Do you all have any drugstore favorites that are comparable to the high end stuff (both in color and quality)?   To get the ball rolling, here are some of my favorites:   High end: Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner Drug store: NYX slide on eye pencil   High end: Nars blush (particularly Orgasm) drugstore: Milani baked blush (Luminoso)    High end: YSL Glossy Stain Drugstore: L'oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lip Stain   So what are you favorite dupes? And if you can post pictures of the high end and its drugstore counterpart, that would be awesome.  
Hi ladies, Totally off-topic (though I plan to work at sephora when I get older) but I got an interview for my favorite clothing store Brandy Melville. I actually have no experience all. I'm only 15 and I'm getting a workers permit but how do y'all prepare for an interview? I'm super excited and really want this job. My resume was actually pretty good too. AGH I DONT WANT TO MESS THIS UP. Any tips? TIA. xoxo, Kelly  
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Off topic from makeup but... I can't decide on a purse!   First off... it's between a MK fulton or a KS sevilla or clarke. I wanted something that can either hold my cards or fit a wallet that will hold my cards without being too big of a bag. The fulton has card slots built into the purse, while the KS ones I can just throw a wallet in there.        Secondly, this one I just like, but not sure if I should get it since I have a couple medium sized bags-- a black patent mk grayson and a luggage colored mk jet set. But this pattern is so cute!  
SO, since I have posted my last 2 questions (Under the Good Genes Prod. Review Q&A's Section) I have acquired a bit more of the Good Gene's samples ( a total of 10 to be exact ) but have yet to try a one ( due to the fact I had a horrible medicine induced allergic reaction that affected my skin { face, neck, chest, scalp, and hair }. It made my face look (& feel ) worse where my cheeks had become a bit red w/ a cpl of visible blood veins due from hormones ( & idk really ), & I had red splotches come up on my face (mainly by my right temple....weird, right! lol). SO, between already having dry & somewhat sensitive skin AND then this rash (still dealing w/ too much hair coming out than norm.) you can see where my weariness to try something new comes from! Anywho, I do use a mild cleanser from Clinique that doesn't foam to clean my skin (mainly in the shower only) & just started using Ole. H.'s Cleansing Clothes (did use Bumble & Bumbles for years but now my skin needs special attention) at the sink (unless I have extra time or extra pep in my step, lol). My normal night mask is the Nude Sleeping Mask (the one in the purple cube/box thing'e) & from what little bit I have got to use it (due to the rash) I LOVE it (the way it feels, smell's (like a barely there-natural smell), performs, etc.)! SO, I am confused as to how (or if I should) use Good Genes. Should I alternate between mask/treatment (I don't want to use the Good Genes as a mask, sounds too strong for me to do that- just as a night time repair serum type deal. ) every other night OR what do you suggest? I read in some of the reviews where ppl were comparing this to 1 of the REN mask/serums (I can't remember now but I think serum?) & I was wondering which one & what y'all all thought about that statement. Reason being is since that last episode & the fact my skin has had some minor changes & needed some extra goodness & extra gentle treatment I asked for some help & was directed to REN for a new daily moisturizer ( & a cpl of other prod's in that line). A cpl of the BA's and some ladies on Beauty Talk recommended The EverCalm Global Day Protection Moisturizer & I'm in LOVE w/ this cream! I have been using the REN moisturizer for 4/5 day's now & I am curious a/b the rest of the line (: ! I bought the set w/ the moisturizer, serum, eye cream, & cleansing water but haven't tried the other goodies yet (gonna try something new out of it 1 at a time so I know what is doing what as advised). Between the prescribed med's & cream & the REN moisturizer I have just a cpl (maybe 2/3 tiny little pink'ish places that are hardly noticeable & 1 tiny vessel I can sometimes see) of places I am unhappy with minus the norm early mid 30's wrinkles, blah's, tired skin, etc. So yeah, I could def. benefit from some Good Genes if I knew where & how to place it best in my routine/ rotation &/or if y'all still think it's the right thing to do ( a nice green light, lol)! Or, if y'all think I should pass this up & try the REN serum and so forth. I could def. use some direction & knowledge w/ this constant serum battle I am raging against myself inside my head ( & my neatly organized sample box, lol) & would be oh so gracious for it as well! Thanks for listening & thanks for ALL the know-how & to-do /not-to-do that you have shared already. Thanks to y'all I am back in business! Thanks Again in Advance for Helping Me Help Myself (: !
I much prefer tea to coffee (my stomach just doesn't react well to coffee, for some reason). I love to cuddle up and read a good book with a good cup of tea. (As you can tell, I'm TOTALLY ready for retirement at the age of 31!!!!)   I do prefer loose leaf teas as I find them much more fragrant than the store bought teabags, and more economical, to boot. My favorite at the moment is one by Herbal Republic -  Okanagan Ice Wine Tea. <3   Are there any tea drinkers out there? What are some good teas that you've tried?
So my friend from Hong Kong and I often trade goodies. She'll send me stuff I like, and vice versa. I usually try to include something from my mexican heritage - candy wise.  I am so excited to send her the package that I've been stocking up with items I've bought for her!  urban decay ammo palette lorac mint edition palette stila in the know palette stila in the moment palette set ( GO CHECK OUT THE ROUGE SECTION) sonia kashuk brush set Kat von D blush in Bellisima Nars orgasm lip gloss (100 points) Stila Ready, Set, Summer! Makeup Set MUFE lip gloses duo Tarte lip glosses Buxom vib sample lip set concrete minerals shadow  MEXICAN mango lollipops Mexican tamarind candy   This may seem like a lot, and.. well, it is and I'm happy to give this to my friend, and may I say... I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!  I couldn't post it in FB, she'll see it, and obviously I can't tell her about it. All she knows is that I'm sending her the Stila in the know palette and the Kat von D blush, xD she sure will be surprised when she sees all the stuff I've included.  
I was replying to a post when I caught a glimpse next to my name-- Hall of Famer! Yay, the day has come! 
Let's have some fun, since it's another Monday... How do you budget/prioritize your skin care and makeup products? Let me know if you splurge or save! (feel free to make additions).    Skin Care: Cleanser -  Toner -  Serum/Treatment -  Moisturizer -  Eye Cream -    Base: Primer -  Foundation -  Concealer -  Powder -    Makeup: Eye shadows -  Mascara -  Eye liner -  Blush -  Eyebrows -  Bronzer -  Tools/Brushes -