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With Halloween creeping closer, let's talk about our worst hair horror stories! Bad hair cut? Terrible color choice? Tell me your stories that make you look back and go "what was I thinking!?"    My number 1 hair horror story:  I was in 6th grade with lovely hair that was almost to my waist. I decided that I wanted a hair cut and started begging my parents. My Mom agreed to take me to a salon the following weekend... but like any brat, I wanted it NOW. I kept complaining and my dad said "I can cut your hair."    I was like "Ok! Do it." So I sat down on a stool and he chopped off my pony tail. I now had a very jagged and horrible shoulder length cut. Needless to say, I learned my lesson. A neighbor that used to be a hairdresser attempted to even it out for us, but it looked pretty terrible for a while. 
Has anyone else noticed a change in the time it takes to get a package from Sephora?   I have gotten 2 day delivery lately on all my purchases... this NEVER happens! Usually I get it 4-6 business days later.    Fluke, temporary, or are they stepping up their shipping game permanently? I hope this continues, I'm LOVING it!
It took several days to get first 100 hearts, next hundred in just 10-15 days, so i'm throwing heart party for me again like first time, because no one there to give to heart party on behalf of me  , Anyways i'm so happy, i reached 200 mark 
Can we post some happy, make-you-smile things here? I'm having the worst work day ever and am struggling to keep even a forced smile on my face.
Her tattoo shop in LA caught on fire, sounds like the damage is pretty bad. Nobody hurt, but still sucks. It was a cool LA icon.  
so on the day i got vice 3, i was on the fence. luckily, a nice lady told me the wonders of the vice 3. so i took a deep breath and purchased it and it is awesome! thanks nice lady, best palette ever.    ps. your son is cute   pps. thanks for the recommendation   also i have 471 points. SO CLOSE   i want the dior 500 pt perk.   i think ill get a set. but i dont know what.    oh well.   oh my gosh im going to be so broke   nuuuuuuuuuuu..........
I thought it would be fascinating to see how people looked at half their age. This lets everyone participate no matter what his or her age! We get to see neat hairstyles, clothing, interesting stages (Goth, etc.). Let’s have fun!   Here’s how to play: find a photo of yourself at about half your age. Then find a more recent one, perhaps one you’ve posted on BT showing a makeup look, or one you particularly like.   I’ll go first. Here’s a photo of me in the pre-digital-camera era, circa 1985. I couldn’t find any of this age that showed my face any closer. It’s a scan so is a bit grainy. Even back then (and when I was younger), I had smile wrinkles. LOL The recent photo is one from a WAYWT post.     Does anyone want to play?
So, I found this website, which I think is brilliant. Basically you make a commitment (mine is no buy at Sephora for a month) and you give them your credit card number and every week you check in to tell them if you succeeded or failed, and if you fail you have to pay money. You can designate the money go to either a friend, a charity or an anti-charity (a charity you hate, like one that really goes against your political leanings). I picked an anti-charity, because I need that extra motivation. Also, you can have a "referee", a 3rd party that verifies whether you stuck to your commitment or you can do it on the honor system.   So what do you guys think? Anybody else want to try it with me? We can be "supporters" for each other (you can tell people and they can make an account and like, leave encouraging messages and stuff). I have to tell you, I started using this website to make me exercise and it is totally working. So just wanted to throw it out there in case anybody was interested in using Stickk. I think it will really help me STICKK to my no buy. And maybe it will help you to. good luck, soldiers!
I did a search (sorry in advance if I missed some threads).  Asking all BTer's to share how/where did you learn to apply your makeup: I.e. Blogs, Youtube videos, How-to's BT,  Trial and error, @ a Sephora store with the help of an associate?   I can't say I'm new to makeup, as I'm 42, however, I've watched some how-to's on Youtube and here on Sephora, but just can't seem to get it right! It's disheartening for me to have all this beautiful makeup to use, but then feel blah when I look in the mirror after applying. If anyone is willing to share your go-to bloggers, inspiration, YTer's I'd be most appreciative.  Tx so much ~KAM
Do you have a pair of new or favorite earrings? I just got these over the weekend and I think they are so pretty!   
Hello,   I am thinking of starting a blog. Not really sure what website I should use. So many choices!   Any advice would be appreciated!    Thank you.
I am a newbie to BT. Found this forum a few months ago and I love it. I'm a makeup, skin, hair, clothes lover. What I appreciate most about this page is how nice and helpful you all are here, and that you share my (obsession) love of all the pretties lol  I'm the only one I know that is a Sephora addict and trying out new products even though I have enough of everything to last me til Im 50 lol I now have found my people to share these things with. So thank you for that   Im excited to be a part of this great community!!! Yay
as if i wasn't already such a NARS fangirl, WWD is reporting francois has shot tilda for their s/s 2015 campaign. i think it would surprise NO ONE HERE that i'm also a committed tilda swinton devotee.    this was the photo accompanying the press release.  perfection.  
I'm planning a trip to Asia in December and will be in  Japan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and China (Beijing only).   I'll have the most free time in Beijing and am dying to see what pretties China has to offer!    I don't speak Mandarin, and most of the Chinese sites are blocked (even the Chinese Sephora site!!!), so I'm struggling to come up with a game plan.    Does anyone have any Beijing beauty shopping advice?    P.S. If anyone knows where to get a killer blowout in Beijing, you'd be my hero  
In light of her relaunch into popular culture I've given a bit more thought into her influence. II've realized that her legacy is all over this year's palettes. The most obvious is the Sheisedo, which is all about the blue glitter.The YSL glosses have been speaking this for even longer. Surely, those aren't the only ones. Anyway. Bon Vivre. Just tell me I'm not nuts.
Sephora is one of my favorite stores and one thing I've noticed is that products are often found in the drawers of the display tables. I was wondering if shoppers are encouraged to look for products in concealed and and otherwise unadvertised areas such as drawers or cabinets 
Im thinking of splurging on a burberry coat @westfield mall which is a little above $1000, the one i really like is @ $3000+... 
It has been a while since we had a heart party.  If they were banned or shunned, I did not get the memo.   Anyway, my favorite moderator (I love them all, but I love her most) needs some love.  So, I hope you will join me in giving her some.     She knows why I love her so much, but I will tell the rest of you too.  She whacks the moles, uncovers missing points, answers questions no one else can and is friendly while doing it all.  There's another reason too, but I will take the 5th on that one!   Because she has a lot of beautiful hair   Because she brings on the party   But mostly because she puts up with all of us
  So I was picking up my check which is not a lot.... the middle of the month is when I pay all my bills and well. Now I have to go and buy new frames cause this happened and even with tape, it makes my vision all wonky which I know leads to headaches and it's potentially just bad for your vision.. even though its bad enough already. I accidentally scraped a post with the left view mirror when I was at the bank. Hahaha....... okay not funny. So I'm left with 156 bucks and after I pay for these glasses which they told me it was 80 some and I know that's going to come up to 90.. I won't be left with enough money to make holiday purchases this month. It's going to fail because we all know how hard it is to want something and not being able to have instant gratification. Umph! Anyways, I just wanted to vent because my mother went off on me for wasting money at Sephora and whatnot.  I think I should be able to spend money where I want since it is money I gain, even though it's little. At least I'm not doing bad things! 
Right now, my packages aren't arriving fast enough. It's not all make up, and not all Sephora.  I'm leaving tomorrow, for over a week, so if they don't come by tomorrow afternoon, I can't play with my new stuff til next week! 2 things were supposed to arrive today, 2 tomorrow.     The package I cared the least about (clothes) came today.  The package I was supposed to get today's tracking info hasn't updated in days, and still says it's supposed to be delivered today.  It's USPS and the mail already came so I'm a little annoyed I don't know where it's at.    I'm basically acknowledging the ridiculousness of being frustrated about stupid packages arriving/not arriving...and thought, I can't be alone in having "trivial" issues/annoyances.
It's Thanksgiving for us Canadians! I had my Thanksgiving dinner yestarday and omg, was it ever delicious!!! I'm super thankful for my family (both blood related and non), my awesome reptiles, my boyfriend, a roof over my head and an abundance of food. As well as finally figuring out what I want to go to school for!    My favourite food items from Thanksgiving is the turkey, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie!   What are you thankful for? And what are your favourite things from Thanksgiving dinner?   Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
I've been meaning to post this for a while...the Baltimore orioles were hot for a while, and now Kansas City came along.  I'm hoping for a miracle still!  Anyone else out there a baseball fan?    Even though the Ravens are winning, I can't even think about football right now!
I just wanted to wish all the Canadian Beauties a happy Thanksgiving.  Have a wonderful holiday.  :-)
I don't have a beauty specific IG, but I've always been interested in taking part in a beauty challenge.  Then I miss out on the start date and never do it.   I was thinking, maybe we could compile a list of 30 things and have our own #BeautyTalkChallenge makeup challenge!  Thoughts? 
2014-10-14 20.15.46.jpg
i have never gotten a 500 pt per, as i am too impatient to save my points, but that mini dior perk is pretty tempting. i must have it. so im waiting. i have 437 points so close! but so far.    if you did get one please tell me about it. i need it.
Don't cha hate when that happens?
I'm sure this has happened to others, but how frustrating!  I finally found a foundation that works so well on my skin, Lancome Nude Miracle, and I knocked the bottle over and spilled it all over my ivory rug and the pants I was planning on wearing!  Not only did I have a huge mess to clean up, but what really broke my heart was seeing all that product go to waste!   I suppose it could have been worse.  If I had already had my bathroom renovation complete I would have dropped the bottle on ceramic tile and since it is glass, I'll bet it would have broken into a million pieces.     That is the one thing I don't like about Lancome's newest foundation.  It is in a glass bottle and it has this weird dropper which is really a pain when trying to apply with a brush.  I have to hold the brush with one hand and put the product on the brush with my other hand, which sometimes shakes and gets it everywhere.  It dries so quickly I can't really put a few drops on a pallete and apply with the brush like I would with a regular foundation.  I would have preferred a different delivery system, like a squeeze plastic bottle or something.  I know it isn't as luxurious but it would certainly be more practical.   Anyhow, that is my rant for the day!  
I know i didn't achieve 300 or 500, but 100, my first 100, so i'm giving heart part myself.
Hi,   The new Tom ford matte lipsticks are available on NM (all except Black Dalhia!) and I was hoping to make an order. Does anyone know that the Oct code is for the Beauty Cue?   Thanks!
Do I replace so soon or wait it out to see if it turns up?  I put it in a clutch to go out, my purse spilled out in the car and now no liner.  I really, really like it.  Almost love.  Is there something comparable out there that I should go for instead?  Maybe it's a sign to change up.  Any suggestions?