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Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, it's my first time on the community section of Sephora.   I placed an order with Too Faced because they had free international shipping. I mean, who wouldn't take advantage of that if you live outside of the US? Duty taxes get me and up my order to way more than it was. I picked up some minis on March 11 and checked out on the store.   Got refunded a week later, and I've just received an email from Borderfree on Thursday saying my order was shipped. They charged me the money on my bank account again and took over ten days to reply to me. Now I know to order from Sephora.
Makeup is my second love, but music has always been my first! Despite not being musically inclined at all, I am obsessed! I don't go a day, or usually a few hours, without listening to music. I love the fact that a song can trigger so many emotions, memories, and completely change your mood.  I am on a never ending search for new artists, so tell me: What are you listening to right now? Do you have a favorite record/band/song? 
I'm rather upset. I had been planning to purchase #Lust004 kit today on as I missed the very flash release on Sephora recently, and Pat Mcgrath's site kept being unable to recognize my billing details and putting multiple errors on my card.   What was worse was that it actually messed up my bank card so much that I had to spend 4 hours on the phone to the bank fraud team, as the site somehow created multiple blocks that have, for some reason, kept flagging up as malicious activity to my card to the fraud team even up until an hour ago. That's nearly 8 hours since I tried to make the purchase.   After my card was unblocked, the site itself wouldn't recognise the post code. There seemed to be something wrong with its recogising of shipping addresses. The card was fine, in terms of being recognised, after i spoke with the bank. But the site wouldn't let addresses be inputted properly and there seemed no customer support. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this with this site. That's why I went through the card thing with my bark, but after the site recognised the card, it wouldn't recognise the street address. So I'm inquiring as to whether anyone had had a similar experience with customer support / address imputing from this site   What made it worse was that I emailed Pat Mcgrath's customer service immediately, however I had no responses. I've also tried to flag it up to pat on twitter, in case there was a site issue, but the tweets have just been ignored.   It's an account I regularly use online and have had for years, and neither I (nor the bank!) have ever seen or experienced anything quite like this before. I ultimately don't have lust, as by the time I had gotten it sorted out for the literally at least twenty fifth time with the bank, it was sold out already!   It is really worrying for me with my card too, especially that both the twitter and customer service have thus far been unresponsive. This was especially worrying when the company cannot have not known that there would be a flood of customers during that time window. Indeed they had created and encouraged it more months!     The *really* ridiculous and upsetting thing is that the site kept sending automatic emails to my inbox saying that I had items in my cart, and enticing that I should carry on and complete my purchase (which I attempted multiple times, unsuccessfully).   Have any of you ever experienced anything like this?   Ultimately, I didn't manage to get Lust, and now I have the worry of my bank account. I don't know what I will do if any long standing issues occur to my account, as patmcgrath's side seem rather hard to contact.
FYI Just received a letter in the mail their website was hacked last week and your information was compromised if you have shopped with them, I looked on their website and there was no notice of this happening.  Has anyone else received this letter? I've only shopped with them once, but now never again, they don't take paypal and I hesitated then.  My mistake.
Hi Everyone,   I just wanted to let you all know how lucky, blessed and pleased I am to be a part of this online community of beauty-obsessed fabulousness.   I've never really been a part of an online community before, and ever since my first post, I have been welcomed and received with nothing but kindness, thoughtfulness and wise words of advice. I am confident that whatever the beauty blunder or problem I have, there will be someone on BeautyTalk who has the experience and knowledge to help, but who will also do so in a considerate and attentive manner, because that's just how you are!   I believe that during this short lifetime, it is important to let those around you know that you care and appreciate them, so that's what I wanted to do.   Thank you, and may you all be blessed with health, happiness and inner beauty forever.   Smeegle
So I just learned that as a benefit at work we can take 3 hours a week to workout. I'd like to come in early and run - because I run best in the morning and usually can't fit it into my schedule. My work day starts at 0600 and I leave for work at 0530. If I run I have to be ready to work at 0700. I'm thinking since I can skip getting ready at home I can actually arrive a bit before 0600 and get a little more time for my workout.   Anyhow - my question is - there are no locker room facilities available to me. I can wash my hair really quick in the bathroom sink and put it up wet. Beyond that - suggestions for how to clean up and not be too gross for the day, or use dry shampoo. The bathrooms are single use and private - so I can strip down or whatever without anyone walking in on me.   What quick get-ready tips do you have? How do you deal with your hair and working out?   Many thanks!
I'm doing a research project about whether high end makeup products or low end makeup products get higher reviews and whether or not that has an impact on the number of products sold. I would be SUPER grateful if anyone could help me!!!!!!
What is the best skincare routine/cover up makeup for overplucked areas? Such as on the face such as lip and chin? People always comment about what looks like bruising on my face but its actually just between-stages hair growth or irritated redness from overplucking or waxing.  Foundation or concealer just make the area more noticeable and does not promote healing. Since I pluck those areas on a regular basis, they really don't get much of a chance to heal.
Since January, everything has been a very heavy burden, my grandma's health declined so I was not at liberty to go out to even go grocery shop because I was the one that had to help my grandma stand up, I didn't mind. Unfortunately, she passed away this February 15 at 8:43 PM in her home, surrounded by loved ones. Needless to say that everyone in our family feels a gap in their heart, but being how I was the one that lived with her since I was a baby, I grew up with her, I took care of her.. I feel like I lost my second mother and grandmother. At times before her death I was at peace, other times too depressed to even get up.  I almost didn't go to her funeral, I feared I could not take it, I almost couldn't, but I stayed strong enough to be able to go through it.  We buried her in Mexico, where she was born, where she grew, where she lived, her beautiful home town, where she helped the less fortunate, where she helped anybody, everybody.. everyone loved her. You should've seen the street the other day, we showed her pictures, recorded videos, and audio of her voice.. not only did we cry, but we laughed as well-the street was packed. Almost our entire family went down there which is around 65+.  Yesterday we finally put her in her last residing resting place, with my grandfather and her brother. My beloved grandmother, I will always have her in my heart, I will always feel her presence, and that wisdom and patience she had I will try to imitate. For she was truly one of a kind, a beautiful soul that put everyone before her, without as much as a single negative word, nor negative phrase - you'd never hear her say anything that wasn't positive.  I am sorry to have to be writing this here but unfortunately, even though I lived with her all my life and would've loved to say something at her funeral, my cousin from Dallas (she's a nice lady) took over the funeral program and it was mainly people from Dallas that were included and my cousin and I (my cousin who also grew up close with me) were excluded. I regret that, that is what I regret, I felt left out in a day where we celebrated my grandmother and her life. 
  A few of the brands are on Sephora, some I've never seen before
I see alot of you that use ebates but there are others, topcashback and mrrebates that will earn you more. For example, Ulta at mrrebates is 6% ebates is only at 3%. Topcashback has games throughout the year that will earn you cash back and put you in for a drawing for more cashback as a grand prize. Topcashback also has it where you don't have to wait quarterly for your money, you can cash in any time to your bank account or giftcards. Sorry for such a long read but I had to share with my fellow beauty addicts!
Does anyone else wait for the free samples and beauty deals to be amazing before they put in an online order?  I'll sit on an order for weeks to get something amazing.  Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
I've heard that people are emailing companies to try out samples before they buy the actual products and I was just wondering if it works because I have been wanting to try out some products but I want to try them first, does emailing actually work?    
I am ONE heart away from 8000. I don't usually ask for this stuff, but could someone just give me a little push over that hump? TIA!
Are there any brands that make a light blue/green, aqua/turquoise, mint green color for naturally hazel eyes? I do not need vision correction. If not disposable, how much and how long do they last? (Not sure about commiting to a color without wearing first.)
I hope there are other people with colorful hair out there like me! Post your pics here! I'll start...  
This morning, I was thinking about my hopes to make it to Ireland this year for a vacation and decided to start this thread for a few reasons.   1) I'm hoping that putting this into words will aid me on my no/low-buy journey so that I can successfully start saving for my trip (and not ordering online from Sephora so much),   2) I always ask my friends what the highlight and the lowlight of their vacations were, to glean tips and information for my upcoming travels, wherever it may be.   So tell me, what was one highlight and one lowlight of your vacation trip?   This is a picture of the coast of Caithness, Scotland, which is my absolute favorite country.   Highlight of my trip in 2009: The coast, the mountains and the weather. Altogether made for a very spiritual experience.   Lowlight: The weather. Cool and damp makes for a cold girl.      
What are your thoughts on beauty Youtubers? I wasn't really big on watching them till I stumbled upon a Jaclyn Hill video early this past year and now I'm hooked!    Through recommended videos I came across Jamie Paige and her channel has got to be my favorite! I've learned a lot of techniques from her and her videos are so informative and aesthetically pleasing. Another favorite of mine is Kathleen Lights!   Who are your favorite(s)? What do you like/not like about beauty youtubers?? 
2016 let me realize how many lipsticks I have, how many point perks of lippies I have and I realize... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is a tough challenge, but who wants to go on a lipstick no buy? I'll probably open up a thread for other products as well.  Let's encourage each other to spend practically and this is a small step in one direction. Maybe instead of that lipstick, you save that money and keep saving and then go on a seaside cottage retreat? (pulling strings here!)   1. Items in this category include lipsticks, glosses and lip liners. I was going to consider lip balms, but I will categorize that as skin care. Scrubs are ok. Tinted lip balms are fine and are considered to be the BB/CC/DD/EE/FF/ZZ creams of lip products.  2. You are limited to ONE PURCHASE. This is in place for that special LE.  3. You can drop out once you have all the lipsticks for the year gone. Well you probably need to grab one lipstick right? (and hopefully you stick with that one for the rest of the year)  4. TSBs do not count into the purchase category if you didn't buy anything for that lipstick you are trading for.  5. Exchanges because the beauty product caused an allergic reaction and having to purchase a new item doesn't count. Safety first! 6. Using Ulta Points, Nordstrom Notes, etc. is ok as long as the amount matches the lipstick. I would prefer there be no use of those as the Ulta Points can be used on Skincare and Nordstrom Notes as clothes. YOU CANNOT spend just for the sake of using this rule.  7. Sephora BI Point Perks are exempt, again with the rule above, YOU CANNOT SPEND JUST FOR THE SAKE OF USING THIS RULE. 8. Samples that are from GWPs, foil samples are fine. 9. I really hope this won't come up, but you shouldn't try to ask a lipstick as a gift!   10. Subscription boxes that contain lip products do not count into spend as I believe the items are at random.  11. Sephora Favorites sets cannot have a majority lipstick pack. Must be 1%   Ready set. 
I waited in a 90k online queue on's website for 2 hours at 2am to get the peach palette and special makeup bag on 12/14. It was suppose to be here by Christmas, but hasn't even shipped yet! No response from FB messenger or email and the phone number to customer service won't connect or is always busy. Anyone else?! I'm so frustrated! 😡
  Updated Dec 28   HELLO CANADIANS!   I'm crazy about tracking things.. and I love ebates.. so what better way to merge those two loves than the track ebate rebate percentages.   What will you do with this information? Well, I can't promise it'll change your life, but it is nice to know the 'trend' if the amounts are on the up-swing or down-swing.   **EBATES.CA PERCENTAGES ONLY**   If you are not using ebates, don't be shy about asking me for a referral link. I would surely appreciate the referral bonus!   Anyone that uses me as a referral can decide an additional store they would like me to add to the tracking.   Spoiler (Highlight to read)  
Hello!  Its about that time of year, when people start to think about their New Years Resolutions. So, for you, what are your resolutions beauty and non-beauty related? Beauty for me- Figuring out a good skin care routine for me, which I'm working on now. Learning, or faking with stencils a wing/cat eyeliner like so:     Non Beauty-Visit many National Parks here in the U.S. and get stamps for my Parks Passport, advance in my photography, and get a little hobby/business started. Which ties into my photography.    How about you?
I can't believed this happened so I just have to share...   spoiler... Not a happy ending   Ok, here it goes. I am play box subscriber and have been ever since it was opened to NY. I got an email on 12/4 saying that my payment was declined and telling me that I need to update my new payment info by 12/7 in order to received my December box. I realized that the payment method was an old card so I went ahead and updated it the next day (12/5) and placed an order while I was at it. No problem. Received that order on 12/7, again no problem.    On 12/8 I received another email stating it was final notice and that my payment method was declined again. I called the number on the email right away, told them I updated my payment method and asked why I'm getting this email about the decline of payment. She said she tried to charge my card again and it stated error.  I asked her if she's using the new card info I updated and she said yes and told me there's nothing she can do and that I should contact my financial institute. I told her it's impossible and asked her to confirm the last 4 digits of the card used. She told me no, and told me again I should contact my financial institute and there's nothing she can do. I then asked to speak with her supervisor.     When the supervisor got on the phone, the first thing she did was apologizing that person I was on the call earlier was a trainee and she will be helping me. I gave her the whole 9 yards and she said that she understands and she again she's not able to process my credit card and I should contact my financial institute. I told her I made an order the same day and I even received my package so there's definitely nothing wrong with my card and so she verified my latest transaction. She said she checked the payment method and even its the same as the payment method on file but she's still getting error when processing my credit card and she told me I should contact my financial institute and there's nothing she can do. With all the holding time the call took almost an hour....    The following morning, I contacted my bank and asked why they declined the charge. My bank said there's no record of such initiation in the amount nor the vendor I mentioned. I spent another hour on the phone and all they could tell me is that I updated the main and not the play section of the payment method and that's why the payment didn't go through. So all the change initiation went to my old card and that's why it's not going through. And at this point there's nothing that can be done to add me back to the list for the December box. NOTHING!!! That process took another hour...   I can not explain my fraustration, and it does not help when the Sephora rep just kept emphasizing to me that it's ok because I was not charged for it... No miss, it's NOT ok. I want my December box!!   So ladies and gents make sure you update the play! section of payment method if this ever happened to you because you might not understand why until you spend hours on the call and at that time it's too late for you to get that month's box....   sincerely,  an extremely upset Sephora customer
I was just wondering what's going on with Formula X, almost all of their products are on sale. Is Sephora discontinuing their partnership or are they making way for all new products and nail polish colours? New packaging? I'm super curious so it's going to bug me till I find out
I know you're here. Lurking on BT during the wee hours of the night. Like me. So what are you watching, thinking of buying or how are you working on better sleep habits? Come on in and hang out with me while we consider counting sheep
I'm an avid lover of video games as well as being an avid lover of make up! I'm sure there are more of us out there! What are you currently playing? Currently I'm pretty obsessed with Overwatch. I played a lot of League of Legends before that, and World of Warcraft before that. I got sucked into playing ranked mode with friends and now...well For other not multi-player games, I have a pretty bad backlog...I really really want to play the new Pokemon game (Pokemon Sun for that Vulpix please) since I've played every version before the newest one. Also need to play Final Fantasy XV. It just came out and it having great reviews which surprised me since I was pretty not into XII or XIII. I hope it is as good as X and the previous ones (X being my favorite!). I'm also waiting excitedly until April/May 2017 for Persona 5. It is one of my favorite series and I even got my boyfriend hooked on the series! I probably should finish the DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition too, but it's been so long and I had to replace my video card since it couldn't even run it that I forgot what happened lol
I have two lobe piercings in both ears (for a total of 4). I want to get my cartilage (called a helix piercing) pierced and I see a lot of people only do one ear.  Is it not stylish if you do it one in both ears? Would it look weird if both ears had the same number and positioning of piercings? Should I just get one side? I like symmetry but I also don't want my ears/face to look stupid. 
    **This is by invite only; all participants are already identified**   Hey ladies!!!! It's that time of year again! Now that we've all used our Friends and Family codes and Rouge discounts, let's pass along some of our unused stuff. Last years Invite Only TSB ( /By-Invite-Fall-Winter-TSB/m-p/2182116/highlight/t ... ) went so well I decided it was a good idea to do it all over again!      Like the Queens above, I have the rep around BT lately of having RBF/BRF! I'm turning my perceived indifference and attitude into kindness. One new caveat to this TSB: I am not keeping ANYTHING at the end of this; all the proceeds after the last trade go directly to charity.   Many of you know I work with Believe in Tomorrow, a charity servicing families at Johns Hopkins whose children are receiving treatment. The Invite Only TSB last year did SO WELL that they are still stacked with stuff! This year the left over abundance will go to The Katherine Hanley Center, a charity @SuzeAlex works with. Their mission is to provide temporary housing to homeless families in the Fairfax Co, VA area. They receive services that help them formulate a plan to locate permanent house as quickly as possible. The shelter is an integral part to the county's 10 year plan to end homelessness.     TSB Best Practices:  Spoiler (Highlight to read) actices-for-the-BT-Community/m-p/2001133/highlight ... actices-for-the-BT-Community/m-p/2001133/highlight /true#M59515 This TSB Rules:  Spoiler (Highlight to read) - This is a Mid Range to Luxe, New/ Gently Used TSB - Includes everything from Benefit to Tom Ford and above.  - TSB includes Skincare, Makeup, Tools, Perfume - We are trading like for like WITH THE EXCEPTION of members who are shippers Internationally. If you are shipping to/from outside of your home country, you are entitled to one more item at the value of $20USD/CDN equivalent. - We will follow ALL the guidelines outlined in the TSB Best Practices document linked above.  - All trades have to be approved by me and the next 2 people in line. Please ensure you tag the three of us on your trade proposal.  - All trade issues will be worked out privately and not in this thread. If there is an issue, I will handle it and communicate the outcome here. - This is a Mid Range to Luxe, New/ Gently Used TSB - Includes everything from Benefit to Tom Ford and above. - TSB includes Skincare, Makeup, Tools, Perfume- We are trading like for like WITH THE EXCEPTION of members who are shippers Internationally. If you are shipping to/from outside of your home country, you are entitled to one more item at the value of $20USD/CDN equivalent.- We will follow ALL the guidelines outlined in the TSB Best Practices document linked above. - All trades have to be approved by me and the next 2 people in line. Please ensure you tag the three of us on your trade proposal. - All trade issues will be worked out privately and not in this thread. If there is an issue, I will handle it and communicate the outcome here. TSB Participants- In Order:  1.  @michelleshops 2.  @greenporchlights 3. Sprytely 4.  @dalidyli 5.  @TriesToBoClassy 6.  @talinder 7.  @Zpsid91 8.  @Grahamcrackers  (CDN) 9.  @Mochapj  (CDN) 10. SuzeAlex       TSB Participant information & Communication Spoiler (Highlight to read) I will be sending you all a group PM with more information as we move forward. I will need physical addresses and e-mail address from each of you. During this communication, we will work out order. @SuzeAlex will be last as she is donating the box.  I will be sending you all a group PM with more information as we move forward. I will need physical addresses and e-mail address from each of you. During this communication, we will work out order. @SuzeAlex will be last as she is donating the box.  TSB Start Date:  Spoiler (Highlight to read) I'm putting together the opening items from the box; I hope to do that before Dec. 1. With holiday's in mind, we can work out order and handling time.  I'm putting together the opening items from the box; I hope to do that before Dec. 1. With holiday's in mind, we can work out order and handling time.  All Right!!!! I think we got all the administrative stuff documented! This RBF is ready for some trading fun!!!! Thanks ladies for agreeing to join me! 
A couple of weeks ago I posted a question about The Canker Spanker and if anyone had tried it for oral canker sores. A couple of people suggested other remedies, but I ordered it anyway. Wow - if you suffer (if you get cankers, you know) do yourself a favor and order it. Worked SO fast I was thanking the Lord.   While cankers give your lips a swollen look... buy a lip plumper instead!