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This is about as off-topic for this forum as you can get, but today brings the return of one of my most favorite things in the world (besides makeup...), BASEBALL!!!!! Technically, Spring Training games started on Sunday but the first televised ones start today. PLUS- my team starts playing today. I'm fighting the urge to wear my Red Red Sox jersey to work today.  What do you ladies like that could be considered far from the topic of makeup?
I recently his 1300 hearts. No big deal (except that I like the progress) BUT I am currently sitting at 1313 hearts. that's like TWICE the bad luck, right?? Good thing it's not Friday. 
  I have a tremendous amount of samples and have been trying to use them as much as possible --some days I'm more successful than other days.  Since I'm on a low-buy, I’m planning on posting the samples that I use on a daily basis and try to really incorporate as many as I can into my daily routine. This will encourage me to make a serious dent in my huge stash of samples and challenge me to keep using as many as I can each day.   Who’s with me?   Feb 28th: Algenist Eye renewal balm x2 Algenist Retinol Firming and Lifting serum x2 Philospohy renewed hope moisturizer Tom Ford True Coral Lipstick Fresh lip polish x2 Fresh advanced lip therapy x3 Algenist overnight restorative cream Tata Harper Resurfacing mask—I love this and plan on purchasing the full size Lancome Hypnose Star mascara
Here's my stress relief.  Reorganized my makeup and all so much more room. Aka. More room for more make up loving being organized right now. 
Is it black and blue or white and gold? You've all probably seen this before but I thought it would be fun to see what you all thought. This dress is literally breaking the internet.
#TBT to my first ever trip to Sephora with my friend, Ginger. Without her, I probably never would've discovered it!!  (This was October) 
Just have to share  - ordered some clothes and make up from ASOS and it actually ships from the UK (it's a UK based brand), to my house in Detroit practically overnight.     The order was placed in the wee hours of the this morning, 2/25, and it's set for UPS delivery tomorrow.  I'm impressed!  They carry some fun brands and jewelry and beauty - though some of their clothes are pretty poor quality - I love that they have plus sizes too.  Anyway I'm excited about this shopping experience and wanted to share with someone.  
In a couple of weeks, the ladies at my church are having a get together to get to know each other better. I've only been there for a month, so this will be my first gathering with them.  They are asking that everyone in attendance brings 5 of their favorite things. They said total we should spend $25-30 to put together the five things. And somehow, I don't know if it'll be a game or what. But we are going to exchange things with other ladies.  So I am trying to put together a list of my 5 things.  So far I have: -Red nail polish (I'm hoping Ulta will have CG Ruby Pumps in stock for this) -Cadbury chocolate (I'm going to try to find the Fruit & Nut bar it is my absolute favorite) -Lipstick (Obviously most of my favorite lipsticks would eat up my whole budget, but I do have an NYX High Voltage lipstick that I've really been loving) I'm trying to decide on the final two things. If I can find a way to represent them and stay in my budget, I would like to do something to show my love for baseball and something for the Marvel universe.    What would your five things be?  
Hi Ladies,    I would like to know what to expect when I experienced an incorrect pricing at ULTA. I know that Sephora will handle it promptly but I don't have much experience with ULTA, so I know what might happen next.    The product that I purchased was Olay ProX Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Treatment which is listed as 29.99 on Olay website ( spot-fading-treatment). However, on ULTA website, it is sold for 44.99. The product is marked down to 38.24 as one of the sale itms but still it is marked higher than the MSPR. ( productId=xlsImpprod5140199)   It's understandable that ULTA does not offer price match but it looks like this is a simple error in their pricing. Can anyone advise what I can do to handle this issue? Will they offer me some refund? 
So, I passed the 10k already. Wow! Thank you guys, please feel free to post so I can shower you with hearts! Don't be afraid to post many times     Honestly though, 10k hearts. I remember when I was under 1k.. last year? I don't know how I discovered this place but you guys have really been a great blessing in my life. Not only do I feel good about sharing what I put on my face, but I get a lot of laughs with you guys, and even sometimes a tear here and there.    Thank you all so much for generously clicking on my stuff! lol   
I know that she had been mentioned numerous times but can we please give a little bit of love to Jaclyn Hill.     I think she is a stellar makeup artist and she simply seems so sweet. I know that some individuals don't like her (please don't hate here) but I think it seems like she has a great personality that is caring and kind. She also seems to have a great sense of humor. Obviously, I keep saying "seems" because I don't personally know her. Anyway, I just wanted to send some loving vibes out to her, because I was thinking about some of the posts that she has had about people being mean, and it just seems to hurt. I can't imagine putting yourself out there, just trying to help others, and for people to hate on you. Let's send some good vibes to Jaclyn.
I'm really sorry to post this on here but I need to unload this to someone otherwise I'll cause a scene at work.   I just got a text that one of my oldest friend's grandmother just passed away.  I have known their family my whole life.  I didn't get to meet my own grandparents because they lived overseas and passed away early on (my dad's parents passed when he was young and my mom's passed while I was young)  This lady who just passed was like a grandmother to me.  I spent so much time visiting with her over the years.  She always treated me like I really was her granddaughter.  I'm not personally close to many people.  I don't like people to get too close to me but I had a real soft spot in my heart for her.  The last few years her health had been very poor and she was in a nursing home (she was over 90).  When I would visit her it would take everything I have to keep it together in front of her.  She was a shell of her former self.  She couldn't speak and hardly eat.  But she always recognized me and she always kissed me when I came.    I know death is a part of life and we all have to go some time but it's still hard to deal with when someone this close passes.   I'm sorry for this emotional post.  I just can't help myself right now. 
Ladies, our dear BT community member mygreathair12 (Dan) is going through a difficult time right now.   He asked me to share with those who wanted to know that his biopsy yesterday discovered a bit more cancerous growth than anticipated, and also some white spots.  He is focussing on that right now, but asked me to reach out to those who had asked about him.   I really think Dan could use a big bunch of all our love and support right now as he goes through this difficult time.  I'm sure most of us have been touched in some way by cancer at one point or another, so you probably know how much any little bit of support can mean to someone.     Please pop in and leave some positive energy for Dan when you have a moment.   Dan, we're all thinking of you!!!  Stay strong!
with those reviews that has the 20%___20%___20%___ ..I am seeing this a lot lately on product reviews  it's irritating as all get out..something wrong with their computers or something? some sort of code? 
I recently discovered and I'm curious about peoples experiences with the site? Good/bad? Would you recommend it?
too faced palette.JPG
Thought is start a fun discussion. there are always different rewards for points. Always changing.    Which do you guys think have been by far the best offered by Sephora???  (You may say why or just list) 
Laissez les bon temps roulet.jpg
In the spirit of festivities, Happy Mardi Gras to all! Playing cajun and zydeco music and dancing around, yipee!
I just booked my first commercial this Saturday!!
Thought this might be fun for today... what was your first job that you actually got paid to do?  It was the summer I turned 15 and I worked at a concession stand in my neighborhood park.  I got really good at making sno-cones and cotton candy!
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So Ive been holding out a little bit, but I uploaded my first video to youtube! Id really appreciate some feedback from the BT community I'm gonna warn you and say that the quality isnt the greatest -even though I filmed with my Canon Rebel.. :/  It definetly isnt easy to film yourself & put it out there for the world to see. But I think I did an alright job. I attached the link to the picture & if that doesnt work --
Yes I am a fan if alliteration.   Anyways, I was wondering - if a product has really beautiful packaging do you ever keep it even if you really dislike the product inside?  And please give me some examples!   I recently bought the Too Faced Soulmates blush/bronzer in Ross & Rachel and of course I only bought it because it's so stinking cute.  After letting it sit in my drawer for a couple weeks I returned it because I knew I'd never touch it. 
So I'm starting my first real job after college (finally!) and I'm wondering just what other have. I keep the typical stuff right now, lipgloss, powder, black eyeliner. I wondering what other ladies keep with them or leave in a desk drawer just incase. I'm going back to sex and the city had worrying that i need to touch up my blush when a guy asks me for drinks after work lol
Has anyone ever heard or have experience with this box? Apparently it's $20 a month and you choose 5 samples(not sure) of luxury brands that are available on their website. They have brands like Chanel, Ellis Faas, kevyn aucoin, Guerlain etc.. I don't know for some reason this seems to good to be true to me. HAs anyone else ever heard of them of has experience with this box?
hey guys its jen and im a teenage girl from buffalo. ive been really into makeup and could use some help.thanks                                                                     xoxo,                                                                               jen 
I'm a self described dork who's excited that I hit 100 hearts today!!! Thanks <3 hee hee
hey loves! im sure this is silly to most but the number 6XX is very superstitious in my family...can you guys help me ut and get me past that number so i dont end up sitting on i know but id appreciate all the help...or i will have to refuse to look at BT and that is no bueno I will also be returning hearts OF COURSE!
I'm SO excited!! I reached 1000 hearts today!! I've been looking forward to this milestone!! 
Yet another one of our lovely contributors has finally beaten the curse of being too liked and too helpful too fast.  Join me in welcoming her to The Club.  She is our favorite goodie finder.  If there is something awesome to be bought, she will find it.  And, I would not be surprised if she assigned a great deal of your hearts.  She assigns more than I do, and I assign a lot!     We all love the warm, lovely, helpful, friendly, intelligent woman we call The Social Quota, so do not be shy and tell her how much!  Here are some heart jewelry pictures for my super creative friend.          
Hi Guys! I just started a makeup-focused Instagram; I figure there must be so many of you who have had beauty instagrams for a long time, so I wanted to throw out a question.   Spam comments: how do you deal with them? I've gotten a few directing me to websites for more followers, or personal Ipsy links. I'm not the biggest fan of them, as I'd started this instagram as a personal creative outlet, but I don't know if it's okay to delete them or just leave them alone. How do you guys handle them? Thanks in advance!
Has anyone ever recieved samples in the mail just from signing up with their emails or whatever else??  Which companies??