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What are the best bang for your buck deals? Alternatively, what's the best way to get free products? Help a broke sister out please
hey, fellow Sephora addicts! i have just started freelancing, and I'm having trouble finding a price to charge people. My kit is all high end, ranging from Anastasia to Tarte and everything in between. the only thing i do not have is everyone's foundation shade. I am still in high school, but i do have an amazing talent for makeup (not to be too confident but what can i say?). How much do you guys suggest i charge? 
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After searching for threads like this, I was not able to find one that really hit this particular point.  If there is one, please advise and I will delete this thread with my apologies.   Example of why I thought to create this thread: (timeline below of many BTers during a purchase process)  1. I want to buy a product  2. Wait, I'm not sure if I want to buy this product.  3. Maybe I want to buy this product but I need to know if it's a good product but there are so many reviews and I want a second opinion.  4. What do I do?   Well... you come here! Run it by the group... and see what others say about using the product and/or what they know about it. Make an informed decision. Yes, reviews can help but I trust the people on the forums most definitely and if nothing else, I would feel like I'm shopping with a good girlfriend.   Let's try it out ~ What do you want to buy but you need a second opinion before you swipe that card!?!
          what do you guys think of this?do you like the design case-P407301?skuId=1788975&icid2=products%20grid 40...
Hello BTers!   I'm hoping you can help me out a little with a project I'm very excited about!    I teach at an outreach (last chance) high school which allows for a certain amount of curriculum flexibility to help pull my students (kicking, screaming and despite their best efforts) through their high school diploma requirements. After years of creatively filling out course modification forms, I've finally been given dispensation to offer a visual arts and health credits for a makeup/ cosmetology course!!!!   I'm struggling to figure out what materials to provide my students with that will allow them to best learn to work with colour and shading. Any suggestions? Keep in mind, this is public school.... my budget is about $75 CDN per student :/  I'm writing sponsorship request letters like my life depends on it!    Also, if you have any assignment/project ideas, I'd love to hear them! 
I was talking to a job coordinator and she said we don't toot our own horn enough in interviews. It had me thinking... why not toot our own horn over anything positive that has happened lately. New job, left old job, new relationship, got out of a bad relationship, passed a test, found your perfect lipstick, etc. Mine is that I just paid off my credit card and I am debt free!!  
I hope to get some input from anyone who has quit their job without having another job lined up. I have been at my job for two years and to say that it's toxic and dysfunctional is an understatement and all the employees can't even comprehend how this company stays in operation. I have developed clinical depression, anxiety, migraines, my teeth actually hurt, I developed a facial tic and even diarrhea (sorry for the TMI).  I really just want to give my two weeks notice and quit. I'm 47 years old and absolutely terrified that I won't be able to find another job.   If you quit your job, any advice and did you regret doing it? Thanks!
I love Oribe!   New makeup coming out!  Let's post as more info comes out. Waiting for Barneys to get this! I know you can presell online at Oribe! 
Hi! Recently, I purchased a beige Beauty Blender, and accidentally sat it on top of a mascara wand. I know, I know, it was idiotic of me, but I do not have a Sephora in the area and I have no clue how to get the stain out. What is the most hardcore, at-home cleanser that you know of?      
We will be driving to Ontario, Canada for my cousin's wedding. Do you guys have any recommendation which Sephora location to visit? A large mall, with maccosmetics store? Thank you so much in advance
We will be driving to Ontario, Canada for my cousin's wedding. Do you guys have any  recommendation which Sephora location to visit? A large mall, with maccosmetics store? Thank you so much in advance
Hey everyone! Thought I'd ask this here as I know a few of us get this option! Will the email be sent out tomorrow asking if we'd prefer a gift card over the money being sent to us? I forgot if it's done the first day of the month or not!    Oh, also, what do you plan on getting with your ebates cash back? I'm expecting $69 and some cents back, but if I get a gift card option then I get an extra %% on top of that, yay!
A place where all parody songs go.. enter at your own risk!   If anyone ever sang these parodies and let me hear it I would die the happiest person on earth..   *please please please!!*
Recently I happened to read an article which says that copper in water can become toxic and increase the risk of many health disorders. It dilutes the blood vessels in the skin . I need guidance in this matter because I was planning to do a big revamp for my bathroom. I wanted to get copper or brass faucets from better living. I checked for the site too but couldn't find much info in this regard. Am I too sensitive and ignore such warning?
Hello!   I make my buying decisions based on 'research' on reviews, vids, custom-store samples, etc. But Sephora offers (3) free samples with every order in the hopes of enticing us to buy things we normally wouldn't. I recently started to wonder if the random selection of (3) free samples was actually effecting anyone's buying decisions.   My experiences:   The recent sample of eyebrow pencil from Benefits was fantastic, and I will be making a purchase based on the free sample for the first time.   I had always meant to try Smashbox primer, and was sooo excited when I got it as one of my 3 samples.. but I was terrible! Glad I didn't have to make a return!   Tell us about your experience with samples!  
This is a thread for the new app/game Pokemon Go. Please feel free to share anything and everything about it. Who is your starter? What team do you represent? Any funny stories or places you've caught Pokemon?         I started with Squirtle, growing up playing all the Pokemon games I almost always chose the water Pokemon. And Wartortle is one of my top favorites. I just started playing and haven't left my house yet, but I've found a Meowth on my bed. I'm only level two, but when the time comes I will be representing Team Mystic, Articuno is my all time favorite legendary. 
Has anybody ever been to this event? I am going this week and I'm very excited but I am not sure what to expect! Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Sometimes people ask your advice and you give it, only realizing later that it was wrong/incorrect... but sometimes people ask advice and a little piece of you wants to steer them wrong..   Welcome to Ms.Information!   Share the worst advice you can give someone.. bonus points if you can come up with a rational-sounding explanation to back it up!   My advice:   It is important never to use a promo code unless someone else has already tried it and posted pictures of what you will receive. That way you can make sure it works, and that the item(s) you receive are as advertised. It is sure to save you disappointment!     *disclaimer: never ever follow my advice.      
dress buy this dress, go into your nearest Sephora, find a pillar or wall to stand next to, and see how long you can go without being noticed.  Spoiler (Highlight to read)
Hey just got glamglow from ebay but now I have doubt on the product. Has anyone of you find fakeproducts from ebay?
Okay ladies and gentlepeople,   My shaver has given up on me.  Called it quits, headed for the non hairy hills...LOL   I'm looking for a waterproof electric shaver for the bikini and underarm areas.     I'm a dark skin woman with coarse hair.  I use a regular razor for my legs BUT I have found an electric shaver works well on the other areas.   I'm looking at this as an investment BUT I don't want to spend a ton of $$$.   Anyone have any recs?  
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QUESTION: When was the last time you WASHED your makeup brushes???   Don't lie... post your answer below. (Is it time for a cleaning???)  
I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime cell phone and am on the hunt for a Kate Spade case that would fit that.   Anyone know of any?  
hi! I am a soon to be law student and while I love beauty blogs, so many feature routines that simply overwhelm me. Are there any good low maintenance/student lifestyle friendly blogs to recommend? Thank you!
 UPDATED JULY 1, 2016 AT 7:45PM A page dedicated to calculating "value kit" values. Nothing fancy, just the facts.   *IMPORTANT NOTE: For consistency, all value comparisons are based on the largest size for sale. This means that a 1oz kit item will be valued against the largest size of the same product, even if there is a 1oz also for sale individually.   Unicorn sightings! 100% bonus Spoiler (Highlight to read)  I will never stop searching...  I will never stop searching... Fantastic - 60% bonus, or more Spoiler (Highlight to read)      Best - 40% bonus, or more Spoiler (Highlight to read) Better - 30% bonus, or more Spoiler (Highlight to read)  Good - 20% bonus, or more Spoiler (Highlight to read)      OK - 0% bonus, or more Spoiler (Highlight to read)      Bad! - negative bonus value Spoiler (Highlight to read)   If you see a value kit I have not included that you would like calculated please feel free to message me the item number.   NEW CALCULATION: WHEN LESS IS LESS! Sometimes it is not worth it to buy the bulk size, here are some calculations to help your buying decision.   Spoiler (Highlight to read)  
@KatieBT - Hey Katie, you sent me 2 PM's and I've been desperately trying to write back to you with a double yes! But none of the PM's I've written to you will go through. 😔 (This has been going on for quite a long while, I think it's my tablet, which is currently my only online access.)   I hope you will see this or that someone else can bring it to your attention and let you know I've been trying to reply. Can you contact me at my email address that is on file with my account info? Or just go with all of the info on file for me? I know you need an answer by Wednesday, so I'm praying you will see this. If you can go with that info you could PM me to let me know we are all set, or email me if need be. I just can't write back via PM. Hope you see this and that everything will work out.   Hoping to hear from you to confirm every thing is okay. Thanks Katie. 🍀
Happy Friday everyone!   Was just wondering about what the most popular Tinted Moisturizers, or BB/CC creams are out there? What are some of your favorites for the days you want something easy and quick, and yet, put-together?   My favorite has been the NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz. I have normal-dry skin, medium, warm skintone and love the warm tones that this TM has. I feel it has pretty good coverage for a TM and does not dry out my skin. It is quite a thick consistency though, as most of you may already know.   Please share your favorites along with your skintype and tone. Also, what do you esp like about the product?   Have a lovely long weekend everyone!
So I had some makeup (and tea) boxes laying around and wanted to use them but without all the pictures all over them, so naturally GLITTER! Coated them in Modge Podge and Glitter and now I can use them for all sorts of things and they look pretty!!   I also like to take old compacts, clean them out, then pour old nail polish (applies streaky, clumps, etc) into it so it dries nice and flat, to make play pretend makeup for kids. But I have no pictures of any of those right now.   As I was doing this I realized there is no way that I am the only one to re-use, re-purpose, and craft old makeup boxes, compacts, perfume bottles etc....So I wanted to start a thread where we could all share our beauty crafting ideas!! So please ladies, show me your crafts!
Does anybody know if there are any Kate Spade Printable Coupons?  And I already know about the signing up via email and receiving 15% off.   But I am talking about any other ones that people are aware of.