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It would be great if Sephora carried these brands.   In no order...   Charlotte Tilbury Chanel MAC Kiehl's Tom Ford Jo Malone Inglot Sigma Burberry RBR Gerard Cosmetics Also, bring back Illamasqua and TheBalm  
I didn't see a thread around about this so redirect me if one exists!   I thought it'd be neat to have a discussion thread for members who play sports. I play ice hockey and I find that I needed to adjust my beauty regiment as a result of my beloved sport. Different masks, different hair care, etc from all the sweat and (surprisingly) dirt involved with playing. Note, I don't actually wear makeup when I play haha although I've seen girls that do!    One issue I am having at the moment is finding a top coat that will protect my polish through a game. I'm on the ice 2-5 days a week and I'd really like to only have to redo my nails twice a week. Anyone have any suggestions? Right now I'm using Seche Vite (which I love) but I want to see if there's anything out there that's a little more durable.    Tell me about your sport and the beauty challenges that come along with it!!
Yay! I wanted to help her celebrate--I remember how excited I was watching my hearts go up. Congratulations on this milestone--there are more to come! Thanks for being friendly, fun, and full of BT spirit!
Long story short: Sadly, thanks to nursing school, my make-up loving days seem to be coming to an end. I no longer have the time (ugh, up at 5:30 am every morning) or money :/   Since I'm going weeks on end without even wearing any, I've decided to shrink my stash and get rid of the stuff I know I'll never use. How should I go about doing this? It would be nice to make a little money off it but maybe I should just donate it? Any other ideas?
So we all like makeup, but there are some of us out there who also do other things as well, including playing instruments. I am curious and therefore, I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone on here plays a instrument out there. If so, come and share with us and tell us why you choose that instrument.   1.  Mandolin - Not to be confused with an orange (seriously, I get it a lot of that from people). It is also not a mini guitar (yes, that too). For those who don't know, a mandolin is a cross between a fiddle/violin and guitar. I am actually just beginning to learn it but the reason why I learned it is because I wanted to try something similar to a guitar but different. There are too many people who play guitar and therefore, I wanted to play something cool that wasn't a very well known instrument; something unique. I ended up with the mandolin. Although I am just beginning to learn it, I am learning it rather quickly (all thanks to my violin background). The only thing I am seeming to have trouble on is the strumming, which I will get used to once I practice some more. So far, it is enjoyable and I can already play Hot Cross Buns on it (day 1). I am also able to tell which note is off and which one is dead on. As for the type of mandolin I own, it is a Gibson A-9.   2.  Violin - I've actually been playing it for seven years and therefore, I am pretty advanced on it. This instrument had helped me to learn the mandolin. To be honest, I really did not want to learn violin and was sorta forced into it but I grew to love it as I played it more. Perhaps it was because it challenged my brain a lot more than the other instruments would have, due to the fact you are doing multiple things at once (bowing and fingering).   What about you? What instruments do you know how to play?
Happy September!  As we transition from Summer to Fall, ,what are the things you change about your makeup and skin care routines??   For me:  Usually around October my skin becomes a bit drier, so I change to more moisturizing products. They still must be Oil-free. I also use my Clinique CC Cream during the winter, as it gives me a dewy look that is too oily for Summer.   Makeup: I like the darker nail polish colors, like Black, coppers and metallics. Eyeshadows go darker, more smokey eyes and grey shadows. Lips stay about the same, although I generally wear more neutrals than bright pinks in the fall and winter So....let's share!
Hello there, ladies and gents!   Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:   "What's on your plate?"   The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!   For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.   Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.   For lunch today, I had:   -Brown rice -Steamed egg -Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper -Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)   Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have?
So many great things are happening this week and this is one of them!  
Laritheloud is finally a Hall of Famer! YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!! Congrats sweetie, it's about time!
So I was playing minecraft for a while (a couple hours in reality..*hangs head in shame*, paused the game and got up to get a drink, as i walked by a mirror... something was moving ON ME! Its a caterpillar! Dont get me wrong, i like caterpillars and think they are cute but i had two questions on my mind... (ps: my question mark button is not working at the moment lol)   1. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SITTING ON ME, watching me play minecraft!!! lol   2. What kind of caterpillar is it.    
So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.   I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.   I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.    - I recently posted that Nail Polish Canada has free shipping on any orders for a limited time.   EDITED:   Anyone interested in getting Tonymoly products you can contact them via their Canadian Facebook page to place an order.  5$ shipping, free over purchases 50$.  I think they have a store in Pacific Mall in Markham ON   Tarte now ships to Canada!    
Are there any phrases and/or words that you think are overused and are starting to bug the heck out of you? The one that is getting on my nerves the most is "curated". For example, "this makeup line was curated by our beauty editor." I just feel it's so over the top and pompous. Also, the word "sweet" instead of "cool". I actually heard a woman who had to be at least 75 years old using it. I laughed so hard I almost fell over.
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Heyyy   I've always wanted to model from a very long time.. I want to know how I can model for a makeup brand, ie sephora, mac etc. I haven't ever done it professionally before, because I have been studying and due to other reasons. I am very passionate, and would love to get a chance to try it out  Can anyone please guide me, and give me a bit more information.    
I dislike the customer service and coupon restrictions. Just tried a coupon that gives NEARLY everything off 20% (even UD) and it didn't work. I wanted the Marc Jacob Daisy So Fresh purse spray. (Not at Sephora)  Another horror was me driving to one 30 minutes away and kept checking up on the limited edition OPI polishes that were out of stock. They offered to get the items and transfer them to the store. IT TOOK A F****ING MONTH. Of course I got it for free because I was b****ing and whining and probably attempted to cause a scene. I complained about the driving and their incompetence.  God, what a nightmare. I love you Sephora. 
I'm taking a trip to Italy with a friend and I had a couple of things I wanted to ask about. First, any suggestions about shopping for beauty products?? Definitely Italian brands, but also other brands that aren't easily found in the U.S. (ex: Inglot, Yves Rocher are already on my list)...and I'm definitely up for trying low and high end brands! Also, any specific stores to check out? And if so, what types of products do they carry? For example, I've been trying to do some research on drugstore equivalents there, b/c I don't think it works the same way, having Walgreens/CVS type stores where they sell everything from candy and medicine to makeup and school supplies. Does one just go to the grocery store to find low end makeup? Are there specific chains you'd recommend? I feel like I should know this, I've been to Europe multiple times...just never thought to do any cosmetics shopping! :-/   Also: My friend who's coming with me has a b-day coming up, so her gift is going to be Italy/travel themed! (complete with red, white and green tissue/gift wrap, and a box of pasta ) And part of the gift is a cosmetics bag full of travel-sized toiletries. So far, I've put in shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face towelettes, body wash. Any suggestions for additional products? I can squeeze in one or two more minis in there, and I feel like I'm forgetting some other beauty essentials.... (well, there's a razor, but um..I don't feel comfortable gifting that, lol) I'm also getting her an NYX Love in Florence eye shadow palette, but I don't want to include any other makeup beyond that -- she's not much of a makeup wearer. Suggestions? Ideas?    Grazie!
  Shopbop is selling a different one not the same one as this one this one has pockets obsessed with this dress.  
A while back I had made a look using the colors of the stray cat that took shelter in my home, I've fed and given her water ever since. This is the second time she's had kittens, unfortunately the last litter didn't survive and from what I know she only had two this time but only one has made it to the barely opening eyes stage. She had them on July 1st. I haven't named the kitty yet, but here's a picture of his(I'm thinking it's a he) cuteness.  Taken today. 
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Toot toot! Round three of the Trans-Canadian travelling cosmetics train is now *closed* *Update*   Here is the new train order! A couple of stations are friends of mine, I will be passing on their addresses to the people sending to them. Please PM the person sending to you *now* with your full name and address. If you don't have an address by Monday please contact me.  If I have missed somebody on the train please contact me asap     That said, Toot toot! All aboard, here we go!   Ont: 1)      Bcteagirl 2)      Ivyxox: Passed on to Ivy, August 21st 3)      Poornima: Arrived August 24th left August 27th 4)      LovingLondon:   QC: 5) HappyGen   Sask: 6) Gayle (friend)   BC: 7) Heartsmyface 8) Deesa (friend)   Ont:   9)Firespinner 10)  KBmatthews 11)  Yullz 12)  Bcteagirl   I rotated out some items so that there will be new items for the returning members. I added in some brand new Julep, Kiels, and a couple MAC.  I hope everybody has a grand time, I had lots of fun putting this together! I am meeting Ivy very shortly to pass on the box to the next station!     ************************************************** **** You also need to be able to meet the rules in a timely manner, keep the box moving within three days. You need to be able to post photos of what you take and link them in this thread.   This is a longer train, so if you have any travel plans in the next 2-3 months, you need to include this information when you contact me.   You need to: 1) Post in this thread 2) PM me, include full name, full address, if you were on a previous train, and if not the info above (Member for how long, somebody else who can vouch for you). This is a second round of a box, so there is a HUGE variety in here, so much great stuff (thank you previous participants!!). Very exciting to start a box that is such a great mix to start with. We had so much fun on the previous train (and it moved so fast!) that I know this will be great!   BY AGREEING TO PARTICIPATE YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE RULES!   ****NO RESERVE****   ****No Swatching items from the box****   ****ITEMS THAT MAY BE INCLUDED****   ALL SEALED ITEMS are welcome, UNLESS sealed   NO: Nothing you dip your fingers in if opened NO opened mascara NO opened lip wands (the kind you dunk the wand in or things like stila lipglaze). If any of these are new, tape them shut and label them as new.  Leave other lipsticks/etc untapped so people can see the colours.   NOTHING THAT CAN'T BE CLEANED or SANITIZED   all cosmetic/skin care samples are fine   ***Other: For full sized items, there is a strict one in one out policy for drug store items: ie: If you want to trade in a drug store item, you must be taking out a drug store item (Feel free to take out extra drug store items lol). This will ensure that this box is largely of higher quality cosmetics (While still allowing for some variety). There will be just a few drug store items per box    *Be polite *Don't keep the box longer than a few days (please try to keep the box moving in a timely manner)    * All packages must include a tracking number, Send me (@Bcteagirl) the tracking number.   *TRADE ON OR ABOVE the value of the item you took -don't take all of one kind of item, for example, if there are 3 of one perfume, take only 1 so that others will have a chance to try them - One in/one out rule for any drugstore cosmetics (which are limited) -post in a picture and/or text what you took and left -package things carefully and put things that could leak in ziplock bags     **YOU MUST have a tracking number for your package, and it must be posted here!   Once the train order is set, you need to PM the person who is sending to you your address right away, don't wait until the train is close to you!      
What are you reading? I'm dying to get into some good books!  I recently cried all the way throughThe fault in our stars, started to read if I stay, and thirteen reasons why and realized I must've really in the mood to break my heart through the books I'm reading (don't get me wrong I LOVE crying!) but I would love some good suggestions that will and won't break my heart! Cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction, sifi, self help, text book I just really am dying for autumn to curl up with my AC on full blast (shout out to all the floridians) with a blanket and good book! 
1. Who is your all time favorite beauty guru to watch? 2. Which guru reviews products most accurately? 3. Which guru seems the most genuine? 4. Who is an underrated guru on YouTube? 5. Who do you like to watch for fashion inspiration?   1. I think my all time favorite beauty guru is difficult to pin point. I find that the younger ones seem to be more about all these random videos about their life and "guy advice" that I'm not really interested in hearing. I would say Michelle Phan, but I feel that her looks now are much more costume type looks than everyday wear. I think I'll have to go with frmheadtotoe!   2. I really do like when Ingrid (missglamorazzi) does her monthly favorite videos because she and I both have to tackle really oily skin.    3. Ah, being genuine. I know a lot of people rant on about how YouTubers seem so fake. That is why I think JLovesMac1 is the most genuine.  Even though I may not like her tutorials as much as others, I appreciate her trying to make her videos fun! That's why I love to watch them!   4. Underrated would have to be Melmphs. Her reviews are thorough and she's so cute!   5. More about the fashion side than beauty, I really enjoy watching Jenn from clothesencounters. She's young, but my sense of fashion is very similar to her own. Similarly, I like the sisters from thefashioncitizen because they thrift! Nothing is more discouraging from videos when you see all of the youtubers clothes are high-end.
Hi everyone,   Just read an article online about Undercover Colours . Its a company started by 4 guys who are working on developing a nail polish that will change colours to detect if someone at a party or a bar has slipped something in your drink in order to take advantage of you.   From a news article: Students at the North Carolina State University have been working on a product to detect date **bleep** drugs. The drugs are typically colorless and odorless when passed to the victims. The new nail polish line called Undercover Colours, will be able to detect GHB, Rohypnol and Xanax – also known as the date **bleep** drugs. The nail polish will change colors, alerting the potential victim before ever sipping the offered drink.   From their FaceBook stage:   First of all, our product is not yet for sale. We are in the early development of our nail polish. One of our main priorities is to ensure that we develop a product that tests for a comprehensive set of drugs before we release it. Our proof-of-concept research has been very promising and we want to continue to build on this early success before we officially release a product in stores. Your continued support as we work through our research phase is not only appreciated, but crucial to our goal of developing the first effective deterrent to drug-facilitated sexual assault.   I think its great that these types of innovative products are entering the Beauty world!   What are your thoughts? PS. I don't know why BT won't let me post in any other section other than Acne. Sorry about that!
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For all of you who keep loosing hearts, here's to getting them back. Post something funny, yummy or pretty!  GO!  
Jozkid came to visit me today!!     Yay!   We went to the Maine Mall store and she got to see how completely awesome the team there is. I'm so lucky to have them as my "home team", and it was soo fun showing them off!   I had a $25 giftcard and purchased  two things. But here's my total haul:   My total was 32 cents.     Then we went to lunch. Yummerz. No pics of that sorry, I inhaled it all too fast.   Now she's driving home and I hope she beats the tourists!   I had such a great time, she's super duper sweet and FUNNY!!! Can't wait to meet up with her again sometime.
I don't post her much anymore but I just love this place and wanted to say so.         And my chicken loves you all too!      
I just wanna ask what companies give out free samples when you contact them. I only know of Mario Badescu and L'occitane.   Who doesn't love free samples anyway?
So I've noticed that every time I look at the reviews of a product there are at least a few unhelpful (sometimes they're a little helpful) but hilarious reviews. What are your favorites that you have seen so far?   Here's one I saw while browsing through UD Naked Skin reviews:  
My dear, sweet hubby stopped off at an Ulta today to pick up an allusive Too Faced blush for me. In the bag was a flyer for the upcoming 21 Days of Beauty that begins 9/7. The 2 biggest things that caught my eye were:   Too Faced: Matte Smoky Eye kit with shadows, eyeliner & mascara 9/10 & 9/18   Urban Decay: Exclusive shadow box with 9 favorites and 3 new shades. 9/7, 9/19 & 9/27   There are no pictures but it also lists events for Benefit, It Cosmetics (with new brushed that are already online), Tarte with an exclusive Nude collection (doesn't say what though) and more. It says to check out Ulta but that page says 21 days event is over and to check back in the fall.   I'm getting so excited!
Hi @mylam ! I seen your post earlier but I am using a new tablet and trying to get used to it (used to a laptop), & struggling a bit over here! lol Anyway, I was trying to answer your post to hopefully you will see this and maybe it will help, or maybe someone has helped you already. Just in case is how I figured it as I would want someone to help me out!  (Oh, and if you took your post down or moved it, sorry!  Again new machine = struggles for me just for a hot minute so don't be upset just friend to help! )   SO, here is what I got :   On the points tip, have you logged out then back in to your account on the web site? That helps most of the time.   So, did you reach VIB in-store or on--line? Idk much about in-store shopping b/c I have only went once (due to the fact it is SO far away, I could literally buy a bunch of goodies for the massive [V6, 4Wheele Drive, Takes a lot of gas] amount of fuel I would use to get their & back home). Sad eye's too b/c I need a lesson or two.... or 5! hehe So when you reached VIB did you get one of the perks they are offering like the primers or oils, etc.? I don't remember what the VIB gift was but I know the VIB Rouge was a Bite mini lipstick and new cards (one for a facial/ makeover I do believe). Oh, that does remind me, the VIB gift was a card for like 20% off and a facial/ makeover! (Wow, I have a memory ! lol Did you get your 2 red card for 10/ 20 % off (think it's 20 and a makeover/ facial card)? Did you get you perk of choice? I am probably forgetting something but I do know the cards are correct (or close to correct w/ the %'s off, when it comes to VIB or VIB Rouge) & your VIB perk of choice or something like that. So, what did you leave w/ again OR receive via. shipping? Hope I helped some and if you didn't get your cards and so on just give Sephoraa call and they will take care of it I'm sure of it (if u shopped in - store and live along way away then they can probably mail it to you since it's your stuff for your new stat!) Good Luck and Again Hope this Helps !  
Hello beauty babes!   So as this lovely spring day is coming to a close, I would like to know which you all prefer, Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop?! My friend is obsessed with both stores and is a uncertified hoarder of both (along with philosophy) haha She works for Bath and Body Works but loves both stores for various reasons and doesnt seem to have a preference for one over the other. I myself LOVE philosophy. But I've found myself just starting to get into the whole "body lotion, body butter, spritzer" bit. So I would like to see which stores or brands you guys like better for a full body pampering kit and why?!
Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors, and I'm sad to hear of his passing.  What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?  I'm going to have to think of what mine is, there are just so many good ones.