Are there any phrases and/or words that you think are overused and are starting to bug the heck out of you? The one that is getting on my nerves the most is "curated". For example, "this makeup line was curated by our beauty editor." I just feel it's so over the top and pompous. Also, the word "sweet" instead of "cool". I actually heard a woman who had to be at least 75 years old using it. I laughed so hard I almost fell over.
Do you wear your make-up differently if you're wearing glasses vs. contact lenses?  What do you do differently with glasses? (the entire face, not just the yes)                  
Inspired by my new love for the YSL Babydoll Faux Cils mascara 100pt perk.    What products (makeup, skincare, hair care, whatever) have you received samples of or perks of that have become staples in your collection? 
Come and let everyone know if you've done a trade with someone or they've been an awesome TSB contributor! Let's give kudos to our BT BFFs!    So a post could be one persons feedback on another, how a trade went, did they ship quickly, etc. and others could reply if they dealt with the same person and how their trade went.
A while back I had made a look using the colors of the stray cat that took shelter in my home, I've fed and given her water ever since. This is the second time she's had kittens, unfortunately the last litter didn't survive and from what I know she only had two this time but only one has made it to the barely opening eyes stage. She had them on July 1st. I haven't named the kitty yet, but here's a picture of his(I'm thinking it's a he) cuteness.  Taken today. 
So I've been shopping at Sephora for a while and it's been my retail therapy. I love trying products and just roaming the aisle. My guy would go to another store while I shop. Now, he asked me about a cleanser and I was happy to show him a few that would be great. I think I've created a monster because now he wants more. Would this be good or bad news for you? On one hand I would enjoy having company sometimes and on the other the money we spent on his skin care would be less for my products. I know that sounds selfish but yeah, I think dollars and cents. He wants to go back next weekend to browse more products. Oh boy. What would you do?
"In the near future, we are going to be expanding our international shipping to start including other countries and in order to do this, we will need to start charging duty on all orders including those shipping to Canada. We truly apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding."
I just noticed!! I went to bed a Beauty master, I woke up as  a Hall of Famer!  Just had to share!!  
I'm sooooo excited! I just bought Bobbi Brown's Beauty Manual in Barnes and Noble the other day and loved it. I just happened to take a peek at her actual website and saw that she's got a team of makeup artists that hold workshops. I was am I getting to CA or NY for these?!?!? Then I found out it's right at the Bobbi Brown Studio in my State! (NJ) I didn't know this place existed. Just so happens that the Basic Beauty workshop is being help next Friday from 4-8pm. It's $200 ($100 redeemable in product) If any of you are from NJ and have the $, maybe you should come with!! I'm overly excited about this ;-)  Happy Monday <3
Sephora Box
New Canadian travelling box, with BNIB MAC etc!**CLOSED**   TRAIN ORDER (NEW) * You must PM the person sending to you with your address now, don't wait until the box is near you! ** Remember posting tracking #'s in this thread is required! *** Remember to take photos of what you take out and put into the box!     Ont: 1) Bcteagirl 2) KBmatthews: Arrived April 22nd Departed:  April 23 tracking#: 0103605000505393 3) MyUsername Sent to LovingLondon April 26th tracking number: 0289787000890910 4) LovingLondon: Arrived April 30th Dparted May 1st Tracking #: 0103107000377289   5) Ivyxox Ont: 6) HappyGen (Switched orders of #5,6 due to new travel plans at station #5) Sent on May 9th, tracking #  0103516000342768   BC: 7) Clemon: Arrived May 15th, Departed May 26, tracking number 0657131000458040 8) Heartsmyface: Arrived May 30th! Left June 2nd 0102872000370974 9) Deesa - Arrived June 6th! On the way again June 9th Tracking # 0649325000350317 AB: 10) Ditzcore: Arrived June 12th, Dept June 16th: 0285072000761365 Ont: 11) Firespinner: Arrived June 23rd Departed June 25th 0102517000379397 12) Yumst3r: Arrived June 30th! sent on July 2nd 0103181000351456 13) Mkimimi: Arrived July 6th, left July 8th 14) Yullz 15) Bcteagirl   Starting shortly, I would love to have a nice long train! This is a second round of a box, so there is a HUGE variety in here, so much great stuff (thank you previous participants!!). Very exciting to start a box that is such a great mix to start with. We had so much fun on the previous train (and it moved so fast!) that I know this will be great!   I would love to keep this train moving quickly, I am putting more stuff together/reorganizing it as we speak. If you want to officially be on the train, you do need to send a message with complete address to me! I am borrowing most of the rules from a previous train.   BY AGREEING TO PARTICIPATE YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE RULES!   ****NO RESERVE****   ****No Swatching items from the box****   ****ITEMS THAT MAY BE INCLUDED****   ALL SEALED ITEMS are welcome, UNLESS sealed   NO: Nothing you dip your fingers in if opened NO opened mascara NO opened lip wands (the kind you dunk the wand in or things like stila lipglaze)   NOTHING THAT CAN'T BE CLEANED or SANITIZED   all cosmetic/skin care samples are fine   ***Other: For full sized items, there is a strict one in one out policy for drug store items: ie: If you want to trade in a drug store item, you must be taking out a drug store item (Feel free to take out extra drug store items lol). This will ensure that this box is largely of higher quality cosmetics (While still allowing for some variety). There will be just a few drug store items per box   *** For new mascara, dip lip gloss, you must tape them up so they cannot be opened/swatched en route. Leave other lipstics/etc untapped so people can see the colours.   *Be polite *Don't keep the box longer than a few days (please try to keep the box moving in a timely manner)     *All packages must include a tracking number, Send me (@Bcteagirl) the tracking number.   *TRADE ON OR ABOVE the value of the item you took -don't take all of one kind of item, for example, if there are 3 of one perfume, take only 1 so that others will have a chance to try them - One in/one out rule for any drugstore cosmetics (which are limited) -post in a picture and/or text what you took and left -package things carefully and put things that could leak in ziplock bags     **YOU MUST have a tracking number for your package, and it must be posted here!     Once the train order is set, you need to PM the person who is sending to you your address right away, don't wait until the train is close to you!   Put a post here stating you want to participate, and PM me your name/address if you want in!   Edit: spacing lol
Hey girls,   So ever since I visited my guy in Ohio I have had a new found love for ULTA. The store is like Sephora of drugstore brands and some higher end brands you can't necessarily get at Sephora. I asked the girl at the cashier desk about why they don't ship to Canada or have stores in Canada. She was baffled to hear about this and asked the store manager. She too couldn't believe that we don't have the ability to shop in store or online from up here. I've tried contacting them and they keep saying they don't ship to Canada but never give me a response I deem satisfying to me. I wish they would give us the ability to shop without having to drive to Buffalo to go there. Cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver ect would benefit from a franchise opening up. 
I know it's been a while since I was on here......but I just want to tell you the exciting news! I got into Northwest school of cosmetology! I'm so excited! I'm starting July 22nd. It's like I have one foot into my career goal. So excited!
I'm on vacation this week and am staying close to home.(I made raisin butter tarts for the first time ever yestarday!) Decided to go strawberry picking today. I didn't think 6 quarts (a flat) of strawberries was a lot... Until I started trying to use them up lol. Made a batch of Strawberry Cupcakes and just finished making Strawberry Jam (that produced 5 - 500 ml jars!) and I still have 2 quarts of berries left.  ***drowns in strawberries*** lol
I purchased some items online and realized that sephora is shipping my package via Ontra!! Usually its ups that delivers my packages. Has anyone else noticed this  
it just seems kind of serious and quiet around here lately. I am feeling a bit blah, with the heat and humidity, and reading/hearing way too much bad stuff in the news. So, let's all give a heart party for everyone on BT! A wonderful group of caring, fun, informative individuals who share many interests! I look forward to "seeing" all of you daily! Thanks for being here!
hey ladies, have you heard about this super awesome program by Dior. i think more companies should have this kind of reward system for their loyal customers (hello Chanel and YSL, I'm looking at you).     What is the Dior Diva program? Every dollar spent on a Dior Beauty product equals 1 Diva Point. Once you reach the desired point level you send your original receipts and the redemption form in to the address provided on the form. Note: sales tax isn’t included towards points and all points sent in must be within a 12 month period. Currently there are five levels to the program. (When it first started there were only three levels!):   ■Adorable Diva (100 points) – you’ll receive deluxe travel sizes of Dior best sellers in a mini Dior shopping bag.   ■Fashionista Diva (250 points) – you’ll receive the Little Dictionary of Fashion written by Christian Dior plus three deluxe minis for your handbag.   ■Charming Diva (500 points) – you’ll receive a Dior charm bracelet packaged in a Dior couture box plus a deluxe Miss Dior Cherie miniature.   ■Divine Divas (1000 points) – you’ll receive a couture inspired black makeup pouch finished with a little shimmer and shine and full sizes of Serum de Rouge in Rosewood Serum, Diorshow Browstyler, Diorshow Extase Mascara and a travel size One Essential.   ■Lady Diva (2500 points) – you’ll receive a Dior Brush Set complete with Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow, Brow and Lip brushes nestled in a black D-charm pouch and packaged in a Dior couture box. Also includes a full sized One Essential and Diorshow Lash Maximizer.   ■Diamond Diva (5000 points) – you’ll receive a Dior Couture Accessory complete with deluxe minatures for touch-ups: Diorshow Extase Mascara, 5-Couleur Eyeshadow in Stylish Move and Rouge Dior Lipstick in Rouge Blossom.   I can only dream of reaching Diamond Diva. lol.     Cza
I've always loved makeup. I took Cosmetology back in 2002-2004 because I thought there were more makeup lessons involved, but there wasn't any. I am tired of my 9-5 desk job and I'm thinking of making a big change. I'm 28 and to the point where I need the extra push. They just opened up the first and only makeup school in NJ; Robert Fiance Makeup Academy and I am really thinking about attending! They offer a "Journeyman" program, which includes freelance makeup and theatrical. What do you guys think???? Has anyone ever gone to one?
So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.   I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.   I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.    - I recently posted that Nail Polish Canada has free shipping on any orders for a limited time.   EDITED:   Anyone interested in getting Tonymoly products you can contact them via their Canadian Facebook page to place an order.  5$ shipping, free over purchases 50$.  I think they have a store in Pacific Mall in Markham ON   Tarte now ships to Canada!    
Hi gals, I'm a guy wanting to dress up & do makeup. I'm thinking of making a day of it by getting some ear piercing, getting  1- 2 ladies outfits, and having makeup done. Not sure as to which order of having things done,but most likely wearing heels the whole time. Any suggestions as to order? Thanks in advance.
I love quotes so I thought that I would post them whenever I get the chance. I hope you enjoy and/or find inspiration from them.   They will stare, make it worth their while. --Harry Winston
I am traveling with my two kids to Holland in about a month. I live in the DC area. I need to bring hostess type gifts for the two families I am staying with (both aunts and uncles in their 60s). I also need to bring gifts for children - a mix of boys and girls who are age 7-12 or so. I'd like to figure out something local, not too heavy, if not local that characteristically "American," to bring. I am at a total loss. Suggestions quite welcome.
UPDATE!!!   Please check if the person you are posting about already has status. Once they have that I no longer add them up. This will help keep the thread clearer, and to be honest make this job easier for me. Thank you!! ul-Trades-or-TSB-Experiences/td-p/1012387   = 5 or more vouchers    AllieCat99 Anb0906 Annypoo Aparrish Arielaaaaaaaa x 2 Aviscardi AznAngelliz Beautytester Beeberz x 2 Beehavnbeauty Beethousand Bfuller x 4 Brittieee Butterblume CalamityJane85 Carolang Carrie1975 Chupi Clarks18 x 2 Cpeezy Daeidre x 2 Daisies121 DandyLionFluff Danimazz x 3 Dannyc DesertRose0706 DitzCore x 2 Drrragon Eadelaide1 EllieyJelly x 2 Erendira Evno Garnett Hipquest Hypnoticpoise IllegallyBlonde x 2 Ilovebears Inkstainedmeg Ireneh Itscarin Itsjaimiehere JaimeLove Jellybean917 x 2 Jenjendoitagain Jenpred JesiBeads Jessyiniowa Jojobe Juicytulip x 3 Jxw200 x 3 Kalex Kariyava Katty2323 KayyLynn x 2 Kiki1517 Killahbabe x 2 Kimchikween x 4 Knuevekm KrissyLuvzU x 3 Ladymeag Ladysybil x 2 Linda711 x 2 Ljp93 LKUHLE Lylysa Mafan Makeuptalk Manniface Mariahk83 Melde x 4 MK89 MlleCC Mollybb x 3 Mommyto4 Monikay MPolansky MyChoi x 4 Nebel Nicrohr Nikki x 3 Nishcakes x 2 Oklady2013 Penelopepuffman Person11 Pipsqueek1582 Pixyfaygo x 2 PlantGarden x 2 Poshified Prettyinpa Princesskat17 x 2 Rebbbeccaa Rikkie Riseandgrind Roxystar4 Sangova x 2 Sbowden x 2 Shortstuff07 Sourpanda x 2 Sp2001 Spacesuit SPAGS2332 Spoiledbrat Sschulte1014 x 2 SuzeAlex SydBristow Teresaanne92 Tigrelili Vanillammm x 2 Veronika23 Violalea Viviene23 Wendyomgwar x 4 Wingatprsct Yazmin x 3 Yenx YouAreAlways
I want this for a thumb ring but can't remember what the sign on it;s head is! Is it a Horoscope sign or something like that? For some reason it makes me think of Pisces which I am not! Do y'all know? I want to snag this up depending on what that means! lol Thanks in advance!
So my friend from Hong Kong and I often trade goodies. She'll send me stuff I like, and vice versa. I usually try to include something from my mexican heritage - candy wise.  I am so excited to send her the package that I've been stocking up with items I've bought for her!  urban decay ammo palette lorac mint edition palette stila in the know palette stila in the moment palette set ( GO CHECK OUT THE ROUGE SECTION) sonia kashuk brush set Kat von D blush in Bellisima Nars orgasm lip gloss (100 points) Stila Ready, Set, Summer! Makeup Set MUFE lip gloses duo Tarte lip glosses Buxom vib sample lip set concrete minerals shadow  MEXICAN mango lollipops Mexican tamarind candy   This may seem like a lot, and.. well, it is and I'm happy to give this to my friend, and may I say... I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!  I couldn't post it in FB, she'll see it, and obviously I can't tell her about it. All she knows is that I'm sending her the Stila in the know palette and the Kat von D blush, xD she sure will be surprised when she sees all the stuff I've included.  
I'm very excited to go to Sephora tomorrow! It seems like forever since I have been inside. The last time I went (end of May) I received probably the best customer service from one of the cast members who really went beyond great service to unite me with the last Sun Safety Kit. She had really made my day/week and although I had already filled out a survey with an awesome review for her, I wanted to write her a little note, thanking her. Is that too weird? Or would it be a nice gesture? I'm a frequent letter-writer/thank you note-giver, so I was curious to know what other people's thoughts were about this. Thanks  
alright. i understand a lot of people's purses are a secret and sacred space, so i'm not sure how many people will be into this idea. but i stumbled across a few "what's in your purse?" youtube videos of various bloggers and experts and found the whole thing surprisingly interesting, informative, inspiring and insightful ! i searched and did not see a topic like this (other than a more specific "what's in your makeup bag?" post from last year), but i do apologize if this is a double post, of sorts.   so, me first. i'm definitely a "i want to have my things with me" sort of person. my purse is my arsenal ! but for the majority of my purse-carrying years thus far, it was chaos. i could never find things. we all know the drill. then, a few months ago, i initiated myself into what i affectionately call 'pouch life'. that is, everything has a place, and everything will be in it's place as i leave the house. it has changed my life ! everything you see are products and pouches acquired over time, it all just came together once i made it a mission.   my bag is a pretty normal size. i feel like mary poppins when i pull all my stuff out and it brings me a real sense of joy, i won't lie.   the two big pouches are for makeup (silver) and face/hair/misc (black). the tokyo milk pouch (new acquisition!) has a roller ball perfume and handcream, as does the bowie pouch. the little silver thing is my wallet with cards etc, the gold pouch has business cards (mine and others') and misc thin, and holds my cash and change when i have it (i rarely have cash and change these days, though).   (i realized after i took these pics that there is 1 pouch missing--a smallish flat black tracy tanner bag that i keep my phone charger and headphones in--it wasn't in my bag because i'm using them !)     products of note in the black bag: caudalíe beauty elixir (my favorite thing ever. wanting to carry this around with me is what prompted my shift into pouch life). a le labo lotion sample of ROSE 31 which is just about my favorite smell on earth and just want to have with me as well. boots botanics face oil which i apply to blemishes as spot treatment should they appear--seems counter-intuitive but it WORKS ! aveda men's pommade. i'm growing out a shaved head and these hair products are the result of not knowing what to expect from hair that is/was too short to control.     i probably carry around too much makeup with me but i like to have choices should i want or need to freshen up. i'm constantly reassessing what i want with me but this is the current to-go stash. products of note: givenchy le rouge lipstick in #307 grenat initié (which i ordered expecting to be darker, tbh). the only OCC lip tar i own after my others got stolen. hot pink on me can look a bit garish but sometimes it hits the spot. my new favorite mascara givenchy noir couture 4-in-1.     closeup of my beloved aladdin sane pouch and it's contents: caudalíe vinoperfect hand & nail cream and blackbird ballard's roller perfume in 'hallow'.    and  just for the record, my sephora "problem" made itself evident at the bottom of my bag, otherwise trash and clutter free....  
I much prefer tea to coffee (my stomach just doesn't react well to coffee, for some reason). I love to cuddle up and read a good book with a good cup of tea. (As you can tell, I'm TOTALLY ready for retirement at the age of 31!!!!)   I do prefer loose leaf teas as I find them much more fragrant than the store bought teabags, and more economical, to boot. My favorite at the moment is one by Herbal Republic -  Okanagan Ice Wine Tea. <3   Are there any tea drinkers out there? What are some good teas that you've tried?
I just wanna ask what companies give out free samples when you contact them. I only know of Mario Badescu and L'occitane.   Who doesn't love free samples anyway?
Hey chickaroos,   I just had my little vent on not getting enough information about posters asking for new suggestions and not giving us any information to go on so I thought since we are  all here on Beauty Talk and we all care for each other that if you need to vent about anything you might need support on beauty related or not here's the opportunity to just........VENT Have you ever had that certain situation when you fee like this???