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What's on your plate?
Hello there, ladies and gents!   Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:   "What's on your plate?"   The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!   For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.   Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.   For lunch today, I had:   -Brown rice -Steamed egg -Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper -Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)   Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have?
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Thank you! I'll have to give this a try soon! Sounds delicious ! see post
The Canadian Peeps!
So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.   I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.   I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.    - I recently posted that Nail Polish Canada has free shipping on any orders for a limited time.   EDITED:   Anyone interested in getting Tonymoly products you can contact them via their Canadian Facebook page to place an order.  5$ shipping, free over purchases 50$.  I think they have a store in Pacific Mall in Markham ON   Tarte now ships to Canada!    
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YAY!!! I really hope so! I've been wanting to pick up the Pillowtalk lip liner that many rave about! see post
What are you reading ?
I am a book lover! I would rather read than do anything else! So just outta curiosity, What are you ladies (and gentleman)  reading? What's your favorite genre?     I just finished Blood Vivicani by Beckett  And I am starting a reread of The song of Ice and Fire (the game of thrones series)   My favorite genre by far is horror and Fantasy.
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I would like to highly recommend The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly. It's my absolute favorite book. If you like dark fairy-tales, adventures, and coming of age s... see post
Beginning to think I have a problem...
So besides spending money on makeup...  I have a rather large t-shirt collection.   ...and I just ordered another one. My husband and I love looking at the shirt designs on Woot every day. This one was a definite win. I ordered it right away. (Plus it was only $7 with $5 shipping.) 
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I go through stages where I try to be more professional or "grown up" or whatever, but I always end up gravitating back to my t-shirts. lol  I'll probably end up on an ... see post
Make Up through out History. Which Era was your favorite?
Make up is forever changing and many times can define a decade. Looks throughout history were very different. Which era do you wish you were born in? This video shows Women's Make Up Through History and although it wasn't shown my favorite era for make was the Roaring 20s. Dark eyes and red lips, what's not to love?
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I appreciate things from lots of eras. But lately, due to my ongoing obsession with Agent Carter, I've been enjoying looks from the forties. The red lipstick, the glamor... see post
I am new to this beauty talk and as I am browsing some threads about TSB (?) or so. One of their rules is that you should have a specific number of hearts. How do you give and get hearts? A dumb question but yeah, could somebody help me out? Thanks!!!!
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I gave you one! see post
OFF Topic:Sunglasses for Men
Sorry for OFF topic.I was looking for some suggestions and could not think of elsewhere.I want to give sunglasses to my husband because I know he wont buy by himself and keep using the old ones.What are latest trends for Oval face shape.Any suggestions ?
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Maria1353 / NEWCOMER / replied
But I've been such glasses very pleased look good and stylish, plus the price is good , so ... see post
Mother's Day Gift Basket
Hey guys,   I'm putting together a gift baskets for my mom for mothers day. I'm not sure what all to include. Do you guys have any product recommendations?    Ya'll are always so helpful.  Thanks in advance!  
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You should definitely get a base coat! It prevents the nail polish colour from staining your nails. And I find it makes it easier to remove polish. If you need a polish ... see post
Rainy Days
    What kind of music do you prefer on a rainy day?    
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  Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go Heard of some gravesites, out by the highway, a place where nobody knows The sound of gun... see post
Successful Trades or TSB Experiences!
Come and let everyone know if you've done a trade with someone or they've been an awesome TSB contributor! Let's give kudos to our BT BFFs!    So a post could be one persons feedback on another, how a trade went, did they ship quickly, etc. and others could reply if they dealt with the same person and how their trade went.
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Sweettxteeth sent me a limited edition item that I have been wanting for a long time. It arrived in perfect condition with two bonus items. I would trade with her again ... see post
List of Successful Traders! January 2015
Hey everyone, I updated the list of successful traders. Please post here if you have a successful trade with someone. I will also check with the other Topic and keep this list updated weekly!   Once a person has 5 successful trades I will bold their name, and no longer keep track of successful trades.   Link to the other discussion: ul-Trades-or-TSB-Experiences/td-p/1012387   Bold = 5 or more vouchers    4/8/2015     Spoiler (Highlight to read) 4Ali4 AllieCat99 AMHWKI Anb0906 AnneMCC Annypoo Aparrish Arclightlux x 2 Arielaaaaaaaa x 2 Aviscardi AznAngelliz Bea0t Beautytester Beeberz x 2 Beehavnbeauty Beethousand Bfuller x 4 BrennaBombshell Brittieee Butterblume Buxombabe80 x 3 CalamityJane85 Carolang Carrie1975 Carrierose Chaotika573 x 2 Chelsss x 2 chlotam Chupi Clarks18 x 2 Cpeezy CuriousCannibal Daeidre x 2 Daisies121 DandyLionFluff Danimazz x 3 Dannyc DesertRose0706 DitzCore x 2 DiVWA Drrragon Eadelaide1 EllieyJelly x 2 Enableme emmy89 Erendira EvangelineDemon x 2 Evno Firespinner Fluffymuha Garnett Ghkim Gogreyhound greenporchlights guzelkiz Gwenhwyfar hackneyfl happygen harlequinginger heartsmyface Hellvetica Heatherbee x 2 Hipquest Hypnoticpoise IllegallyBlonde x 2 Ilovebears Inkstainedmeg Ireneh Itscarin x 2 Itsjaimiehere Ivyxoxo JaimeLove Jellybean917 x 2 jenfromnyc Jenjendoitagain Jenji Jenpred JesiBeads JessicaClara x 2 Jessyiniowa JiMii2006 Joannimation x 2 Jojobe Juicytulip x 4 Jxw200 x 3 Kalex Kariyava Kateye7 x 4 KatelovesYSL x 2 Katty2323 KayyLynn x 2 Kiki1517 Killahbabe x 2 Kimchikween x 4 Knuevekm KrissyLuvzU x 3 kristallovesdogs kristiewin Ladymeag Ladysybil x 3 Linda711 x 2 Ljp93 LKUHLE Leopardprint Lylysa Mafan Makeupobsessed Makeuptalk Malday x 2 Maltipoo66 Manniface Mariahk83 Meagboho MegEm Melde x 4 Michelleshops x 3 Minibux Missey1973 x 2 Missie772 mixe MK89 MlleCC MochaPJ Mollybb x 4 Mommyto4 x 2 Monikay MPolansky Mrsbaine x2 MyChoi x 4 Mygreathair12 mymymack Nebel Newandaddicted Nicrohr Nightknight Nikki x 3 Nishcakes x 4 Notcreative Oklady2013 Penelopepuffman Person11 Pipsqueek1582 Pixyfaygo x 2 PlantGarden x 2 Plm95 x 4 Poshified Prettyinpa Princesskat17 x 2 Rebbbeccaa Redwagon44 Rhiannon1419 Rikkie Riseandgrind Roseps135 x 2 Roxystar4 Sangova x 3 Sbowden x 2 Sdbeautyjunkie1 shadetertiary ShannonAlexis x 3 Shortstuff07 Sourpanda x 3 Sn22 x 2 Sp2001 Spacesuit SPAGS2332 x 2 Sparklekai x 3 Spoiledbrat Sschulte1014 Starletta8 Stephanilynn x 3 StyleLynn Sugarkenzie SuzeAlex SydBristow talinder Teresaanne92 Thesocialquota thesupergirl Tigrelili to90 x 2 Trishalyn Unblownkisses Vanillammm x 3 Vegchililover78 x 3 Veronika23 Violalea x 3 Viviene23 Wendyomgwar x 4 Wingatprsct Wonbinlover x 2 Yazmin x 3 Yenx YouAreAlways Zpsid91 x 4   4Ali4AllieCat99 AMHWKIAnb0906 AnneMCCAnnypoo AparrishArclightlux x 2Arielaaaaaaaa x 2Aviscardi AznAngelliz Bea0tBeautytesterBeeberz x 2BeehavnbeautyBeethousandBfuller x 4BrennaBombshellBrittieeeButterblumeBuxombabe80 x 3CalamityJane85Carolang Carrie1975CarrieroseChaotika573 x 2Chelsss x 2chlotamChupiClarks18 x 2CpeezyCuriousCannibalDaeidre x 2Daisies121DandyLionFluff Danimazz x 3DannycDesertRose0706DitzCore x 2DiVWADrrragonEadelaide1EllieyJelly x 2Enableme emmy89ErendiraEvangelineDemon x 2EvnoFirespinnerFluffymuhaGarnettGhkimGogreyhoundg reenporchlightsguzelkiz Gwenhwyfarhackneyflhappygenharlequingingerheartsmy faceHellveticaHeatherbee x 2HipquestHypnoticpoiseIllegallyBlonde x 2IlovebearsInkstainedmegIrenehItscarin x 2ItsjaimiehereIvyxoxo JaimeLoveJellybean917 x 2jenfromnycJenjendoitagainJenjiJenpred JesiBeadsJessicaClara x 2JessyiniowaJiMii2006Joannimation x 2Jojobe Juicytulip x 4Jxw200 x 3KalexKariyavaKateye7 x 4KatelovesYSL x 2Katty2323KayyLynn x 2Kiki1517Killahbabe x 2Kimchikween x 4Knuevekm KrissyLuvzU x 3kristallovesdogskristiewinLadymeagLadysybil x 3Linda711 x 2Ljp93 LKUHLELeopardprintLylysaMafanMakeupobsessed MakeuptalkMalday x 2Maltipoo66MannifaceMariahk83MeagbohoMegEmMelde x 4Michelleshops x 3Minibux Missey1973 x 2Missie772mixeMK89 MlleCCMochaPJMollybb x 4Mommyto4 x 2MonikayMPolanskyMrsbaine x2MyChoi x 4Mygreathair12mymymackNebelNewandaddictedNicrohr NightknightNikki x 3Nishcakes x 4Notcreative Oklady2013PenelopepuffmanPerson11Pipsqueek1582Pixy faygo x 2PlantGarden x 2Plm95 x 4PoshifiedPrettyinpaPrincesskat17 x 2RebbbeccaaRedwagon44Rhiannon1419RikkieRiseandgrin dRoseps135 x 2Roxystar4Sangova x 3Sbowden x 2Sdbeautyjunkie1shadetertiaryShannonAlexis x 3Shortstuff07 Sourpanda x 3Sn22 x 2Sp2001SpacesuitSPAGS2332 x 2Sparklekai x 3SpoiledbratSschulte1014 Starletta8Stephanilynn x 3StyleLynnSugarkenzieSuzeAlexSydBristow talinderTeresaanne92Thesocialquota thesupergirlTigrelilito90 x 2TrishalynUnblownkissesVanillammm x 3Vegchililover78 x 3Veronika23Violalea x 3Viviene23Wendyomgwar x 4WingatprsctWonbinlover x 2Yazmin x 3YenxYouAreAlwaysZpsid91 x 4     
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Sweettxteeth sent me a limited edition item that I have been wanting for a long time.  It arrived in perfect condition with two bonus items.  I would trade with her agai... see post
Farewell BT!
Hi everyone!   Just wanted to share that after nearly 6 years working with Sephora I am saying my goodbye! I know many of you have messaged me, come to me for assistance and have become familiar faces but it is my time to move on!     Thank you for your great topics, advice and pictures you all so love to share! This has been so much fun getting to know you all and share your joys and woes! Thank you all for the heart parties and posts too.   As my PM's are now off, please reach out to Melissa, Zanna, Laura, Kevin, Nika or Randee if you have any issues or questions and I know they will be able to help!    I leave you with my favorite saying, "You can never have too much lipgloss."       
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ahh it seems I am super late and missed saying good bye to you as well... but like heartsmyface mentioned if you happen to re-visit this thread down the road... hopefull... see post
Tea Talk! Chai Chat! Oolong Observations!
With so many of us tea drinkers I thought this could be a place for us to talk about teas. Make some suggestions. Ask for recommendations. Share recipes. Show off teaware. Lets discuss all things tea.
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Really?  I would never think to use maple syrup!  see post
Roomate rant. Feedback?
So I live with two roommates, one of which I don't know well. He's an international Chinese PHD student in computer science so we don't really hang out much but he just sent me some unexpected words when all I did was ask about lowering the thermostat. I posted the texts below--did my text even warrant that kind of attitude?   I'm a clean, communicative person and can't stand his habits of not recycling, not once helping with throwing out the garbage, not cleaning up after himself in the kitchen, not locking the door, and lack of communication with cranking up the heat but I been putting up with it and cleaning up after him because he's moving out this semester and the last time I tried to have an adult conversation with him, he got defensive/sarcastic and called me rude. My other roommate already told me he's a hard person to get along with but I still feel upset and angry that I have to live with someone like that for the next few months.       
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lol. I'm American but Chinese by ethnicity. (Though not rich, nor international), but yeah, I can see what you're saying. Hope this poor experience doesn't leave you wit... see post
Has anyone used Glambot before?
I recently discovered and I'm curious about peoples experiences with the site? Good/bad? Would you recommend it?
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beautybuff456 / FRESH FACE / replied
I have only sold to glambot never purchased but I have to say its not good customer service. They only have a method to contact them by email and I have yet to get any r... see post
Wasn't Impressed...
at all with this least where i was at...I mean i spent 148.00 and with coupon it came to 119.00 (and still trying to figure out where that 119.00 is at in the items i bought)...   the fold over clutch has terrible samples in it...that nail polish color is a pea green color or maybe some other color..the buxom lipgloss is not a color for my dark skintone..why not throw in a mascara, some neutral eyeshadows...   the food was ok..nothing special...but when one is hungry anything tastes good..   had a contour done on me..only noticed it on my cheek area..   I don;t know I guess I expected more from this event..glad the coupon can be used many times it comes in handy when i get paid again..
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It was so, so. I didn't go to the event launch so I just went in later to make a purchase. 15% off is a lot better than 0% off and I didn't even realize a clutch of samp... see post
Currently in Barcelona, recommendations?
I'm here until May 2nd! Do any of you ladies and gents have tips for places to go/shop?? My heart broke today because I went into Sephora and they had the Givenchy Confetti Powder in display but it was sold out :-( Hoping I can find it while I'm here!   Thanks in advance!
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In seach of MY perfect purse...
I need some help finding a purse. I have been looking for something and I am not sure if it exists. Here are my wish list items: -structured, it doesn't have to be rigid, but I would like some structure to it -crossbody strap as well as shoulder handles -zip top -metal feet -not cloth -about 12 inches across -as many interior pockets as possible... -multiple sections would not make me sad -Priced up to $500   Anybody have a purse they love that meets all or most of these items? Any help would be fabulous! Thanks in advance!  
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BEAUTY BUFF kristennnkayyy / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied
Hi! I am not sure if you have found your perfect handbag yet, but I would like to recommend two for you! :) I love Vince Camuto and find the products to be excellent qua... see post
Thursday questions :)
1. A beauty/fashion trend you love. 2. A beauty/fashion trend you hope goes away soon. 3. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 4. A product you would love to own if money were no object. 5. Movie you can watch over and over again.   1. I like the accent nail trend, some people really go all out! 2. The short skirt/booty shorts with a long sheer overlay, I just don't get it. 3. About 20, most are gifts from my sister who tries desperately to make me more girly. 4. I want to see if La Mer cream is as amazing as all the stars claim. 5. The Princess Bride, my friends and I can quote it verbatim.
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1) Glowy skin - what else? ;) 2) I'm not really bothered my a whole lot in terms of beauty/fashion.  I don't pay attention to fashion at all.  I have no idea what's in ... see post
Sephora Beauty Box Program
Wouldn't it be great if Sephora had a monthly subscription program like Birchbox or Sample Society?  I'd cancel the one I have now and sign up for Sephora's in heart beat!   Hint hint Sephora!
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Tomi2 / FRESH FACE / replied
Yes! see post
These are a few of my favorite things...about BT!
I have been away for a little while, and am starting to get back into the swing of things.It got me to thinking about why I like being here and what I missed! I love that we are a bunch of like-minded people, from all different walks of life but common things that draw us all together. I love that a person can come and go, but it always seems like coming back to a type of family that is always welcoming. I love that we can talk about our obsessions, ask questions, get advice, share our hoards and enable each other, or just talk about other random things. I love that the community is supportive of personal things going on, such as births, deaths, joys and trials.  I Love how we stick up for each other if any bad eggs come in and start trouble. I love the ideas and inspirations we get from the discussions and pictures.   It is just a fun place to be!   What are some of your favorite things about BT??    
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 I love that as sad as I am, I can log in for a few minutes and read this.  BT really is a happy place for me, and I love that it is the same "home" for so many other aw... see post
How many Sephora points do you have?
I went to sephora this weekend and bought 75.00 worth(of what I am still trying to figure that out) stuff and my points are now up to 1606.    How many points do you have? also was told to hold onto my points cause there will be some big changes with them(the points). the sales assoc. didn't go into major details at the register
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HALL OF FAMER makeupobesessed / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
1550.  I just used some for 100 pt perks see post
Exercise Log
I know we have a thread where we' talk about being healthier and such, and much like the challenges for makeup, this will be a challenge for exercise. Today I finally decided "Enough of this slugging around."      I just finished one mile  at a 3 mile speed and switching to 2.5 once in a while.    If you're starting this journey with me, please check out (I hope Malday doesn't mind me calling the thread this) - the sister thread. Here you will find healthy recipes, AND delicious as well. I'll be including some vegan/vegetarian recipes mainly. pe-Thread/m-p/1845978/highlight/true#M101081   So I won't title this 30 day challenge, but I will aim for 30 days and keep going from there, hopefully.   Here's an image of some stretches provided by the lovely ShannonAlexis:    
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I just can't stand slow things.  Ballet.  Pilates.  Yoga.  Actually, ballet probably ruined my patience for anything slow.  I just want to hit things!  There was a reall... see post
Makeup Donating In Canada ?
Hey there,   I was wondering if anyone on here who happens to be from Toronto or in Canada has ever donated makeup they didn't want to an abused women's shelter ?. I really would like to do this as a nice gesture for those less fortunate. I  got a lot of lightly used and new products to unload !
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Yes! I'm in Burlington, and I donate to a place called the Shifra House. There are other options as well in toronto I'm sure. It's best to contact the shelter and see if... see post
I want to be a makeup artist.
I am 13 and I'm about to be a freshman in high school. I have signed up for a cosmetology class for all four years and will double up classes for my junior and senior year so I can have a chance to get my license by graduation and be able to work as soon as get out of school. I expect it will be a lot of work, but  I think it will save a lot of time because even if I don't qualify for my license by then I wont have to take as many classes when I get out of school and I can focus more on college then, which is something else I would like to do when I get out of school, but my main focus is cosmetology. I have loved doing my own and other peoples make up and hair for as long as I can remember. It is my passion and something I would like to continue to do for the rest of my life. I have only one fear. What if I'm not successful? I know I should, but I don't have a "backup plan". Makeup is the only thing I want to do. Does anybody have any advise for helping me become successful in the cosmetology business? 
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An option with potential to earn a bit of side cash in the near future - if you can put together a 'lookbook' of sorts showing makeup and hair looks you do with friends/... see post
Do you have a daily "uniform"?
So, I just saw this article on LifeHack of why highly successful people wear the same thing everyday. Not the same clothes everyday, but the same style of outfit. Like Steve Jobs and his turtle necks.    I am the most indecisive person ever, and if anyone needs a uniform it's probably me. I have only recently started to simplify my closet, but the only thing my clothes have in common so far is the color scheme (a lot of blues or grey and black) and skinny jeans.   So I thought it would be a fun topic to see what your go-to style is.  What are some of your favorite items to wear day to day?      
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HALL OF FAMER blackkitty2014 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Buy buy buy. It's cute see post
Help me pick a box!
I have FINALLY decided i want to sign up for a subscription box. BUt i don't know which one!!
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BEAUTY PRO spadersgirl / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
One of the items I picked from BeautyArmy was expired. Instead of replacing it, refunding it, or even just apologizing, they told me it's still good to use 6 months AFTE... see post
Simple Things We Take For Granted
I started thinking about this because this past week I've been having a lot of consternation with my vision.  I wear hard contacts and the pair I was wearing was 4-5 years old (they really are supposed to only last up to 2 years but I'm really bad at going in to the eye doctor) and basically they were so out of shape and scratched up that one lens ended up causing a tear in my eye.  It's a small tear so don't worry!  But I was out of commission from Friday till Wednesday.  I do have glasses which I wear but the lenses are ridiculously thick so I'm very embarrassed to wear them anywhere especially work.    Now that I finally got my new lenses and can see again I thought how amazing a thing it is to be able to see clearly.  I used to have to run to the bathroom all the time to rinse my contacts because my vision would get blurry.  Now I don't have to do that.  I can comfortably work all day.  I can't tell you how wonderful a feeling it is.   I think many of us don't take time out to really think about the simple things we are grateful for.  I know I don't.
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I know I am late to this post but I really love this quote. It is so applicable to daily life. :)  see post
What are you watching?
Some movies are hit or miss. What are your current favorites ?          
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Wow!!  see post
Heart Party for beauty2sample
beauty2sample is our resident promo code sleuth! She is amazing and I wanted to start a heart party to show all of our appreciation for what she does! *Picture from OCC lip tar lips of the day
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HALL OF FAMER beauty2sample / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Thanks, laynebr! see post