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Our resident comedic fairy has 5000 well deserved hearts. Thoughtful discussions and fun antics make her one of my favorite BTers. If you love her as much as I do, drop by and tell her.          
Now that Thanksgiving is over for everyone, I AM SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I wanted to start a thread about Christmas, and ask you to share a few things about yours and how you celebrate.    1.)What is your fav christmas song/Verson? Baby its cold out side-Jayme Dee & Aman Alem Cover   2.)What is a family tradition your family does? We have the same breakfast of Eggs Benedict every Christmas, the last 30+ years. (Before my time)   3.)What is the most popular snack around your house? Cookies, so so many cookies.   4.)What is your fav holiday treat or dish? (If you went to a christmas party what would you bring) Ill have to come back   5.)A holiday picture that makes you smile.    6.) Anything thing else you want to share!     This is one of my fav photos, of my rescue Snowbunny. Inspecting her first Christmas tree <3
Come and let everyone know if you've done a trade with someone or they've been an awesome TSB contributor! Let's give kudos to our BT BFFs!    So a post could be one persons feedback on another, how a trade went, did they ship quickly, etc. and others could reply if they dealt with the same person and how their trade went.
I did search and didnt see a general place for rants and raves, and well I have a rant! So here we go. I thought this would be good to have, because I know with black friday days away, there is gunna be a few.    RANT- I searched and searched online for the best deal for a Clarisonic because I wanted one for myself and one for my mother. I found the best deal on the Shopping network. So, I went ahead placed the order. Good to go. Wake up, to an email saying hey, we tried to call you, we cant process your order please call us. I had no missed calls so first off, no you didnt. So I call, say hey whats up. They double check all my info and say okay were good to go. Cool. I wake up YET AGAIN!! TO the SAME email. I am thinking to myself this cant be right, must just be from before, but I had better call. Sure enough again "we need to check your info" so I do the same thing ALL over again. Explaining wtf, I just did this yesterday. They say they dont know why it happened again. Is all my info right? Uh..Yeah?!? Eye roll. So I say just cancel the order, and I will try again with a different card. So I do just that. (I say so a lot, and am being mindful to not say like every 2 seconds) Get the conformation, aces. NOW AGAIN!!! I get the SAME effing email. I am so so upset. I call, get a rep who just wants to fight with me, keeps telling me to call my bank..CALL MY BANK FOR WHAT? I have been online shopping for YEARS honey, not only that ALL week for christmas. Leme tell you, the issue is NOT my card. So she put all the info again and I am just crossing my fingers that it goes through this time. 
    What kind of music do you prefer on a rainy day?    
OFF-TOPIC thread devoted to just The Walking Dead-- Anyone who loves the show is welcome to geek out about it here!! Let's talk about past OR present story lines, theorize, ask questions about things we might not have understood, grieve for lost characters, explain what makes us fans, show off TWD-related merchandise, etc.  Oh and memes of course!  We should probably try to use the SPOILER TAGS in here when talking about story lines so we don't accidentally ruin anyone else's "viewing experience"! (FYI the spoiler button is at the top of your post box, the circular symbol right after  ABC)   First, I just want to say how I came to I love this show. I am not generally a fan of zombie stuff (well, I liked the original Dawn of the Dead, but I think that's because I got to fantasize about living in a mall!)   It was season 2 or 3 when I accidentally got hooked. Some friends of mine without cable asked me to DVR the show for them, so I did for a few weeks. I'd planned to just busy myself otherwise when they came over to watch, but I wound up having a nasty flu the night they finally showed up and I was glued to my recliner. I thought I'd just close my eyes and sleep, but I was sucked in from the start, and since I'd missed a season or two, I kept pausing it to ask my friends questions "Why is he.." "How did that...?"    Then I went back and watched all the previous stuff to be caught up, so I kinda watched it Pulp Fiction-style.   The story lines are so complex and intriguing that you don't even notice the gore after a (very short) while. It's more suspenseful than scary, and also sad, and funny, and more than anything: heartwarming (yes, really). It's really all about survival and how people fight to live (and save their loved ones) even when there's really not much to live for. (I suffer with severe depression and other issues, so that is the part that kinda inspires me most of all.)    Doesn't hurt that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are so hot, either.       SO ANYHOOZ....    Regarding the most recent episode from 2.16.14: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Anyone else think Lizzie is one evil little kid? My gawd, I seriously thought she was going to suffocate baby Judith the other night. And after seeing her cut up the rabbits, I'm pretty sure now she was the one feeding rats to the walkers at the prison, and doing other weird stuff with them. Anyone else think Lizzie is one evil little kid? My gawd, I seriously thought she was going to suffocate baby Judith the other night. And after seeing her cut up the rabbits, I'm pretty sure now she was the one feeding rats to the walkers at the prison, and doing other weird stuff with them. Spoiler (Highlight to read) My boyfriend actually thinks that it was LIZZIE who killed Karen and David at the prison, and Carol took the heat for her since she's been sort of a mother figure to her. Seems legit, actually. My boyfriend actually thinks that it was LIZZIE who killed Karen and David at the prison, and Carol took the heat for her since she's been sort of a mother figure to her. Seems legit, actually. Spoiler (Highlight to read) At any rate, I'm really glad Carol's back, I was actually mad at Rick for sending her away.  At any rate, I'm really glad Carol's back, I was actually mad at Rick for sending her away.  Spoiler (Highlight to read) I really wonder if everyone will be reunited or if things are going to split into like 4 different story lines now. I really wonder if everyone will be reunited or if things are going to split into like 4 different story lines now. Spoiler (Highlight to read) And who are those new bad-azz looking people!? SO EXCITING!!! And who are those new bad-azz looking people!? SO EXCITING!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh glad I got all that out.     What say other fans? Why do you love this show? What do you think is going on/will happen?  
I signed up So basically I just search "sephora" and then once I click the link that takes me to the sephora website... Im good? I can shop, add to cart and then checkout and bam. Done? Ebates complete? Lol. 
I am a book lover! I would rather read than do anything else! So just outta curiosity, What are you ladies (and gentleman)  reading? What's your favorite genre?     I just finished Blood Vivicani by Beckett  And I am starting a reread of The song of Ice and Fire (the game of thrones series)   My favorite genre by far is horror and Fantasy.
How do we sign up and how many classes can we sign up for, for free? And does it matter what your status is at Sephora BI/VIB/VIBR? Do times for the classes differ at each location?   Anyone attend these classes and how did you like them?
    Try as I may to stay away from here I am back for round 3! Hope to find some old friends as well as make new ones
  Ok, so I know there's at least a few Whovians wandering around here, so I'm thinking we need a place to discuss our beloved show, rant about the writing, and fight over who's the best doctor.   So. Saturday's episode (Nov 21) -- who saw it??! I'm dying to talk about it!   EDIT: And just one little disclosure I want to add: Read this thread at your own risk! Spoilers everywhere!!!
Hello there, ladies and gents!   Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:   "What's on your plate?"   The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!   For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.   Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.   For lunch today, I had:   -Brown rice -Steamed egg -Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper -Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)   Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have?
Hello,     I just got a new razor and got razor burn for the first time ever, I dont care about looks or anything I just want the burning pain to go away. I know now what I did wrong to prevent it in future. Just need some pain help.
Hey everyone, I updated the list of successful traders. Please post here if you have a successful trade with someone. I will also check with the other Topic and keep this list updated weekly!   Once a person has 5 successful trades I will bold their name, and no longer keep track of successful trades.   I am checking dates of last activity on BT - if a trader has not been active in over 1 year I will remove them from the list, if they become active again I will re-start their successful trades at 1   If you have a bad trade with someone, or you know someone who pulled shenanigans in a TSB - LET ME KNOW! I will keep a document that lists these people. Please PM this information! If you are starting a TSB or are unsure of a trade feel free to ask me for the list of Unsuccessful traders and I will send it to you     Link to the other discussion: ul-Trades-or-TSB-Experiences/td-p/1012387   Bold = 5 or more vouchers    11/12/2015   Spoiler (Highlight to read) 11/12/2015   4Ali4 ajf1 x 2 ALW31427 AMHWKI x 4 AmyC Annec322 AnneMCC Annypoo Arclightlux x 2 Arielaaaaaaaa x 2 Armybeauty Aviscardi AznAngelliz Bea0t x 3 Beautytester/chicdabbler Beeberz x 2 Beethousand Blonde78 BrennaBombshell Brittieee Buggirl Butterblume Buxombabe80 x 3 CalamityJane85 Carolang Carrie1975 Carrierose Chaotika573 x 2 Chelsss chlotam Chupi CuriousCannibal Daisies121 Dalidyli x 2 DandyLionFluff Danimazz x 3 Desertdancer x 4 DesertRose0706 dioraddict DitzCore x 2 DiVWA x 2 Drrragon dyslexia Eadelaide1 EllieyJelly x 2 Enableme emmy89 eriles EvangelineDamon x 3 Firespinner Fluffymuha x 2 flyte Garnett Ghkim Gogreyhound Greenchili x 4 Greenporchlights x 4 guzelkiz Gwenhwyfar Gwillickers hackneyfl harlequinginger x 4 heartsmyface x 2 Hellvetica Heatherbee x 3 Honeybrownbunny Hypnoticpoise Idpicklethat Ilovebears infinitise Ireneh IssamarSellene Itscarin x 2 Itsjaimiehere Ivyxox JazaChai x 2 jcmb Jellybean917 x 3 Jen143xo x 2 jenfromnyc Jenji Jenpred JessicaClara x 2 Jessyiniowa Juicytulip Julia526 Jxw200 x 3 K617 Kalex Kariyava Kateye7 x 4 KatelovesYSL x 2 KayyLynn x 2 Kelloua Kellsmuneoka Kellyjmolen Kethry70 Kiki1517 Killahbabe x 2 klbandy Knuevekm kristallovesdogs kristiewin kso1225 lachaton x 3 Ladymeag leopardprint Linda711 x 2 Lipstick4Soul x 2 Leopardprint lnum Loretta55 x 2 Lylysa Lynni98 Lyravega Mafan Makeupobesessed Malday x 4 Maltipoo66 Manniface Mariahk83 Meagboho MeganLisa x 2 MegEm Melde x 4 Michelleshops Minibux Missey1973 x 2 Missie772 Mixe MK89 MlleCC x 2 MochaPJ Mollybb Mommyto4 x 3 Monikay Moregun89 MPolansky Mrsbaine MyChoi x 4 Nancienano x 2 Narsnarsnars Newandaddicted Ngilland x 2 Nhunka x 2 Nicrohr Nikki x 3 Nishcakes x 4 Njattana Notcreative Oklady2013 Paiute x 2 PavYellow Plm95 Prettyinpa Princesskat17 x 2 quetzalina rachelhill x 3 Redwagon44 Rhiannon1419 Rikkie Roseps135 x 2 Roxystar4 Samtian x 2 Sangova x 3 Sbowden Sdbeautyjunkie1 Shadetertiary x 3 ShannonAlexis Shirleylin88 Shopaholic15 x 2 Shortstuff07 Simplyyulz x 2 Sister13 Sourpanda x 3 Sn22 x 4 Sp2001 Spacesuit Sparklekai x 3 Spoiledbrat spotspotcat Sprytely Sschulte1014 Starletta8 Starrysparkle Stephanilynn StyleLynn x 2 Sugarkenzie SuzeAlex SydBristow Talinder Tehprincessjenn x 2 Teresaanne92 Thesocialquota thesupergirl Tigrelili TKLJ to90 tracib1981 x 3 TriestobeClassy x 2 Trishalyn Trishavt Unblownkisses Vanillammm x 3 Vegchililover78 Veronika23 Wendyomgwar x 4 Wonbinlover x 2 Yenx YouAreAlways Yullz Zpsid91 11/12/2015 4Ali4ajf1 x 2ALW31427AMHWKI x 4AmyCAnnec322AnneMCCAnnypoo Arclightlux x 2Arielaaaaaaaa x 2ArmybeautyAviscardi AznAngelliz Bea0t x 3Beautytester/chicdabblerBeeberz x 2BeethousandBlonde78BrennaBombshellBrittieeeBuggir lButterblumeBuxombabe80 x 3CalamityJane85Carolang Carrie1975CarrieroseChaotika573 x 2ChelssschlotamChupiCuriousCannibalDaisies121Dalid yli x 2DandyLionFluff Danimazz x 3Desertdancer x 4DesertRose0706dioraddictDitzCore x 2DiVWA x 2DrrragondyslexiaEadelaide1EllieyJelly x 2Enableme emmy89erilesEvangelineDamon x 3FirespinnerFluffymuha x 2flyteGarnettGhkimGogreyhoundGreenchili x 4Greenporchlights x 4guzelkiz GwenhwyfarGwillickershackneyflharlequinginger x 4heartsmyface x 2HellveticaHeatherbee x 3HoneybrownbunnyHypnoticpoiseIdpicklethatIlovebear sinfinitiseIrenehIssamarSelleneItscarin x 2ItsjaimiehereIvyxoxJazaChai x 2jcmbJellybean917 x 3Jen143xo x 2jenfromnycJenjiJenpred JessicaClara x 2JessyiniowaJuicytulipJulia526Jxw200 x 3K617KalexKariyavaKateye7 x 4KatelovesYSL x 2KayyLynn x 2KellouaKellsmuneokaKellyjmolenKethry70Kiki1517Kil lahbabe x 2klbandyKnuevekm kristallovesdogskristiewinkso1225lachaton x 3LadymeagleopardprintLinda711 x 2Lipstick4Soul x 2LeopardprintlnumLoretta55 x 2LylysaLynni98LyravegaMafanMakeupobesessed Malday x 4Maltipoo66MannifaceMariahk83MeagbohoMeganLisa x 2MegEmMelde x 4MichelleshopsMinibux Missey1973 x 2Missie772Mixe MK89 MlleCC x 2MochaPJMollybb Mommyto4 x 3MonikayMoregun89MPolanskyMrsbaineMyChoi x 4Nancienano x 2NarsnarsnarsNewandaddictedNgilland x 2Nhunka x 2Nicrohr Nikki x 3Nishcakes x 4NjattanaNotcreative Oklady2013Paiute x 2PavYellowPlm95PrettyinpaPrincesskat17 x 2quetzalinarachelhill x 3Redwagon44Rhiannon1419RikkieRoseps135 x 2Roxystar4Samtian x 2Sangova x 3SbowdenSdbeautyjunkie1Shadetertiary x 3ShannonAlexis Shirleylin88 Shopaholic15 x 2Shortstuff07 Simplyyulz x 2Sister13Sourpanda x 3Sn22 x 4Sp2001SpacesuitSparklekai x 3SpoiledbratspotspotcatSprytelySschulte1014 Starletta8StarrysparkleStephanilynnStyleLynn x 2SugarkenzieSuzeAlexSydBristow TalinderTehprincessjenn x 2Teresaanne92Thesocialquota thesupergirlTigreliliTKLJto90tracib1981 x 3TriestobeClassy x 2TrishalynTrishavtUnblownkissesVanillammm x 3Vegchililover78Veronika23Wendyomgwar x 4Wonbinlover x 2YenxYouAreAlwaysYullzZpsid91  
Very off-topic, but the primary reason I haven't been as active on BT for the past six months is that I have a six month old baby!  Anyway, like every mother, I think he is the cutest.  And, being a dork, I entered him into Gerber's 2015 Baby Photo Search.  If anyone is inclined to vote for this cutie, you can do so once a day from now until November 24th.  You can find him in the gallery by searching for his entry id:  146750.  
Hello everyone,   A tattoo dilemma! Do you think they are tacky or do you think they are cool?    I kind of want one but feel like I might regret it. I just wanted to hear your opinions on it.
I've been thinking about starting this thread for a while. Tonight while reading an unrelated thread, the topic of depression and anxiety came up once again. I wanted a safe space for others to talk about what's going on with them, how they're feeling, do they need some help? There seems to be a fair number of us here on BT that struggle with depression, I see it pop up frequently.    I personally suffer from chronic depression and anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed with depression in 2003. After a bajillion tests and convinced I had a brain tumor, I was told it was depression. I burst into tears. That was not the answer I wanted and I still didn't believe the doctor. I also had been suffering from panic attacks since around 1997-98. They were getting worse, and I had absolutely no idea what they were. I just thought I was dying, every single time. I started having them daily. Today I am ok. Through lots of trial and error, medications, therapy and hypnotherapy. And also genetic testing, which I urge anyone suffering from chronic depression to get.    I don't personally feel a stigma anymore. I'm very upfront about my condition as I don't think it's a secret to be locked away. Secrets start to haunt us and close us off from the world. If we talk about it, we normalize it. And we find ways to get better.    So feel free to tell your story here, or just part of it. Or just stop by and say hi, I need some help today. Or hey, I can't even get out of bed to brush my teeth because the world feels too heavy today. We already have a love of beauty which binds us together. Let this just be another way for us to connect and make friends. 
Party cat
Been a while since I hosted a party, but let's get this heart party started!! Friday is an awesome day for a ❤ party! Plus a new HOF Party on top of that!   Congrats BeautyBee92, as I said in the 'Black Friday' thread - at this rate we're gonna be having a 4k heart party for you in no time at all!   Thanks for posting all of those goodies to tantalize us, you rock! Hope lots of people find your party here and post tantalizing goodies of their own! **cough - Sam/Jared and Dean/Jensen 💓 - cough**   *hope this posts in the right place in The Lounge. Mods, feel free to move if necessary.
Thanks so much for all the hearts everyone. I made it to HOF status lol. I'm pretty excited!!! It's pretty cool up here haha   Thanks again <3 xoxo
She is my all-time favorite on a board of incredible people, so I am not surprised she is the first to hit this unprecedented number. Her energy is non-stop, and her heart is bigger than her current heart count. If you love Leah as much as I do, drop by and tell her.      
Before I say anything- this post is going to be totally off topic and not about makeup at all!  I thought it would be nice to express our love for our pets, and maybe even pictures, too!  To start off, I used to be a dog person-- years ago.... But my whole perspective changed when a completely mellow nourished(not exaggerating!) female cat wandered in our backyard, hungry and hot. (This was in the summer of 2012) I still remember the poor kitty that was shaking as she ate a can of tuna and a bowl of milk because she was so hungry... Did I forget to mention that she was also a pregnant cat? Without a doubt I grew to love that cat, and I never thought in a million years that I would now be a cat person! But it doesn't stop there... We took that stray cat in, (after vet check up-shots- etc) and named her Olive. (People always ask me why we named her that- but she has these big beautiful eyes that look almost like olives!)  About a month later she had kittens-- 7 to be exact.. Unfortunately one of them was a runt and wasn't even fully developed- and after many attempts to feed it by hand, and through many tears, and a few days- the kitten died. The rest of the 6 kittens were so stinkin' adorable and one of the best experiences I've ever had to take care of as far as animals are concerned! They were so cute- it was so amazing to see them grow and change and learn new things.. We named them all too, even though we didn't attempt to keep all of them! (We as in my family- I still live at home with my parents and siblings)  Samuel, (male) Marty,(male), Charlie (male), Titus(male) Gracie(female), and Mabel(female.) After weeks of deciding which kittens to keep we final decided on Titus and Mabel. When the kittens were old enough to be separated from their mother, we found a great little shelter for the rest of them until they could be adopted to hopefully good homes.  After a couple of months Mabel began to ruin our house by clawing everything-- sadly we have to give her away as well, but later on we decided to get Olive(mom) and Titus(male kitten) declawed.. (We hadnt thought of declawing Mabel at that time so it wasn't an option!) Of course I know many people don't agree with declawing of animals- but if they're indoor cat like ours- and if you get it done when they are still kittens(like Titus was) then they should be fine... And yes- our cats turned out completely fine, after about a month of healing. Anyway, Olive and Titus it was; both beautiful tiger calico cats... That's not  the end of the story though. Last year we actually had 2 strays- one I will not bother telling the story of because he was suffering from terrible accidents outdoors that led him to being put down- and the other one I will quickly explain. Once again, mellow nourished, black & white tuxedo cat, a stray, wanders into our backyard, a sweet little thing. (GOSH his face is the cutest thing ever!) So lets just say that my family and I live with three cats now... Olive, Titus, and Mittens. (Mittens is such a common name for a cat with four white paws!) I love them all so so much, and they each are truly different and I love seeing each of their personalities! I have to admit that Titus is the SWEETEST cat in the entire world--- and I have to say that it is most likely because he was born in our home. He is so cute- he still meows like a kitten- and is totally overweight. (yes, my boo is on a diet- as the rest of them are, LOL!) SO- after I just blabbed my big mouth for half an hour- I want to hear YOUR story of your pets-whatever your pet may be. (And I do still like dogs- but I'm totally a crazy cat lady now!) Please feel free to share your story as well, whatever it might be- whatever means the most to you about your pet- whatever seems special to you--- I hope this post wasn't too boring, lol, and that you do enjoy it! XOXOXO PS. And as I write this post Titus is sleeping next to me. <3
It is my Birthday early next month, I just got my email from Sephora that I can get my free gift! Yay! As a December baby I always have to wait all year to get the gift. Anyway while I was in there I remembered I had a coupon from the Lash Stash sampler for a free full size mascara so I redeemed that. I noticed the lady beside me at the till got lots of nice gift boxes with magnetic closures so I asked if I was able to buy some, turns out they were free! My girl was new so I only got one but I will go back and buy more so I can get some more of those boxes because they are really nice. Then! To top it of I saw these HUGE bags on display behind the counter, and asked if these were the sample bags that came with 12 thats the only deal right now, she said no but they were a 250 point perk. SOLD!! The bag is huge and lovely. But now I want to order online so I can get a matching small one...But then I wont get my gift boxes.. I wish we could do the online offers in store as I am sure we all do.  Anyway rambling I am just very happy with my nice little mini haul for free.
Hi, everyone! I know that with Christmas coming up, we BeautyTalkers look for beauty bargains on discount sites. Here's how to check if you bought expired makeup:   1) Google checkcosmetic and click on the first site. 2) On the left where it says Cosmetic Calculator, choose the item's brand . 3) Find the batch number on your makeup. Most of the time it's stamped on the outer packaging/box, and it's a mix of numbers and letters, like A27.  4) The production month and year should come up. Ewww, January 2007...   This should help when you're buying makeup from sites like eBay and Amazon, so you don't waste money on discounted, expired makeup. Even if it seems new, I feel like using an expired product from an unknown person is still... questionable.    Of course, check if any seals are broken, packaging design is wrong, etc. etc. Just a tip I'd thought to share. Happy shopping! <3
Show me what products you think have the best packaging.    This just caught my eye. I get fake nails so I dont even use polish but I want it just for the package. icid2=Just_Arrived_makeup_sku_grid_P400953_link
I am enjoying delish crepes with (I know it sounds odd but I swear) orange melted cheese in the crepes, and raspberry jam with sour cream   What are you eating?
Hi everyone, It's been so long since I've posted here. Miss you all. quick update: I got published in Ellements Magazine and I'm so happy!!      
I received a $50 gift card to Sephora from my cousin who wants me to be more "girly" however I don't buy or use makeup/beauty products. I think I'm fine with how I am.    Would anyone be interested in purchasing this from me because honestly this thing will just sit around if I can't find anyone to grab it.   I think it would still make a great gift to someone who is actually interested in this stuff. I can verify the details and can ship it out to whomever is interested free of charge.         
What is your top desired holiday gift (something you likely wouldn't buy for yourself but would be ecstatic to receive as a gift)?  How would it make you feel?  For example, I got my own Christmas most wished for gift this year during the sale - a few Louboutin lipsticks.  Corny, but they make me feel very princessy and pampered (gorgeous and that smooth, rich formula).  Last year, I got the SK II essence and it made me feel more in control, of my skin and even life (I was prioritizing taking care of me).  The D&G Sophia Loren lipstick made me feel more exotic, even though it really is a rich pink (not so exotic but those ads....). You? Bonus question: if you could gift one item, cost no issue, what would it be?  I'd take my kids to visit the farm my dad and his mom grew up in...overseas.
I just wanna ask what companies give out free samples when you contact them. I only know of Mario Badescu and L'occitane.   Who doesn't love free samples anyway?
Predictions of what will go on sale later this year?   I know the Kat Von D studded palette went on sale and the Hello Kitty Pop Up party palette. Both which I purchased but returned as they didn't work for me.   There was also a Buxom palette I remember that went on sale and some other goodies. A bit later on, the Ammo (UD) palette went on sale which I own and love.   What do you predict will go on sale? And why?