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nose piercing question
Ok so I got my nose peirced at the end of december and I need some advice. I still have the same stud in and I clean it regularly, etc.. but it keeps popping out when I'm sleeping or when I'm washing face and stuff. When this happens it gets one of those keloid-type bumps around it. It's so ugly and annoying. The only way to get rid of it is to use sea salt and hot water. I'm having to do this waaaay too often. Is the piercing just too big for my nose? I'm scared to take it out and change it cause it kinda hurts when it comes out a bit.
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I used to have a nose piercing. I ended up getting a nose ring that had a bend in if so if it tried popping out, it wouldnt come out past the part where its bent.  see post
Before I say anything- this post is going to be totally off topic and not about makeup at all!  I thought it would be nice to express our love for our pets, and maybe even pictures, too!  To start off, I used to be a dog person-- years ago.... But my whole perspective changed when a completely mellow nourished(not exaggerating!) female cat wandered in our backyard, hungry and hot. (This was in the summer of 2012) I still remember the poor kitty that was shaking as she ate a can of tuna and a bowl of milk because she was so hungry... Did I forget to mention that she was also a pregnant cat? Without a doubt I grew to love that cat, and I never thought in a million years that I would now be a cat person! But it doesn't stop there... We took that stray cat in, (after vet check up-shots- etc) and named her Olive. (People always ask me why we named her that- but she has these big beautiful eyes that look almost like olives!)  About a month later she had kittens-- 7 to be exact.. Unfortunately one of them was a runt and wasn't even fully developed- and after many attempts to feed it by hand, and through many tears, and a few days- the kitten died. The rest of the 6 kittens were so stinkin' adorable and one of the best experiences I've ever had to take care of as far as animals are concerned! They were so cute- it was so amazing to see them grow and change and learn new things.. We named them all too, even though we didn't attempt to keep all of them! (We as in my family- I still live at home with my parents and siblings)  Samuel, (male) Marty,(male), Charlie (male), Titus(male) Gracie(female), and Mabel(female.) After weeks of deciding which kittens to keep we final decided on Titus and Mabel. When the kittens were old enough to be separated from their mother, we found a great little shelter for the rest of them until they could be adopted to hopefully good homes.  After a couple of months Mabel began to ruin our house by clawing everything-- sadly we have to give her away as well, but later on we decided to get Olive(mom) and Titus(male kitten) declawed.. (We hadnt thought of declawing Mabel at that time so it wasn't an option!) Of course I know many people don't agree with declawing of animals- but if they're indoor cat like ours- and if you get it done when they are still kittens(like Titus was) then they should be fine... And yes- our cats turned out completely fine, after about a month of healing. Anyway, Olive and Titus it was; both beautiful tiger calico cats... That's not  the end of the story though. Last year we actually had 2 strays- one I will not bother telling the story of because he was suffering from terrible accidents outdoors that led him to being put down- and the other one I will quickly explain. Once again, mellow nourished, black & white tuxedo cat, a stray, wanders into our backyard, a sweet little thing. (GOSH his face is the cutest thing ever!) So lets just say that my family and I live with three cats now... Olive, Titus, and Mittens. (Mittens is such a common name for a cat with four white paws!) I love them all so so much, and they each are truly different and I love seeing each of their personalities! I have to admit that Titus is the SWEETEST cat in the entire world--- and I have to say that it is most likely because he was born in our home. He is so cute- he still meows like a kitten- and is totally overweight. (yes, my boo is on a diet- as the rest of them are, LOL!) SO- after I just blabbed my big mouth for half an hour- I want to hear YOUR story of your pets-whatever your pet may be. (And I do still like dogs- but I'm totally a crazy cat lady now!) Please feel free to share your story as well, whatever it might be- whatever means the most to you about your pet- whatever seems special to you--- I hope this post wasn't too boring, lol, and that you do enjoy it! XOXOXO PS. And as I write this post Titus is sleeping next to me. <3
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He's a little terrier mix. Some Chihuahua, jack russell.....and some other type that I can't remember that makes his tail curl back a little. :)  see post
Suggestions Please-How to find makeup artists and other makeup collectors/enthusiasts in Delaware?
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but it's sort of an off topic subject so I thought it would fit here. I'm trying to find some other people in the makeup enthusiast community in Delaware (US) If you have any ideas, please message me or share..thank you!
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Show Me Your Vanity/Makeup Stations!!!
Hello my beautiful people!   I am looking to get a new vanity/makeup station. Currently, I am using half of my desk as a vanity and the other half as my office. It has worked fine for the past few years. But now as my makeup collection/obsession has grown larger, I ran out of room and am storing stuff in my linen closet and in my bathroom as well. I want all of my makeup, skin care, hair care, and nail polish all in one place.   Please post a photo and show me (and all of the other nosy BT out there- you know who you are!) your vanity/makeup station and if you don't mind, let me know where you got it from. I am super curious to see everyone's "battle stations"! The beauty gurus on YouTube have some outrageous vanity and makeup storage areas. I rather see what my fellow BT members have! Or if you don't have your ideal vanity, but have an inspirational photo of what your dream vanity/makeup station is, you can post it as well! I need some amazing ideas and I know you all have some great taste!!!   Thanks!
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This is really pretty! Love the fuzzy white throw.. see post
What makes you happy?
  What are some things that never fail to make you happy?   How do you sustain your happiness and/or optimism?   When things get rough, what do you do to remedy your mood?   If you've experienced it, how do you combat depression or hopelessness?   How do you stay grounded and grateful?
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I'm glad you added it to your list! Its my favorite place in Idaho. There is so much to do there. see post
List of Successful Traders! January 2015
Hey everyone, I updated the list of successful traders. Please post here if you have a successful trade with someone. I will also check with the other Topic and keep this list updated weekly!   Once a person has 5 successful trades I will bold their name, and no longer keep track of successful trades.   I am checking dates of last activity on BT - if a trader has not been active in over 1 year I will remove them from the list, if they become active again I will re-start their successful trades at 1   If you have a bad trade with someone, or you know someone who pulled shenanigans in a TSB - LET ME KNOW! I will keep a document that lists these people. Please PM this information! If you are starting a TSB or are unsure of a trade feel free to ask me for the list of Unsuccessful traders and I will send it to you     Link to the other discussion: ul-Trades-or-TSB-Experiences/td-p/1012387   Bold = 5 or more vouchers    7/7/2015     Spoiler (Highlight to read) 4Ali4 AMHWKI x 2 Anb0906 Annec322 AnneMCC Annypoo Aparrish Arclightlux x 2 Arielaaaaaaaa x 2 Armybeauty x 3 Aviscardi AznAngelliz Bea0t Beautytester/chicdabbler Beeberz x 2 Beethousand BrennaBombshell Brittieee Butterblume Buxombabe80 x 3 CalamityJane85 Carolang Carrie1975 Carrierose Chaotika573 x 2 Chelsss x 2 chlotam Chupi Clarks18 x 2 CuriousCannibal Daisies121 DandyLionFluff Danimazz x 3 Desertdancer x 2 DesertRose0706 DitzCore x 2 DiVWA Drrragon Eadelaide1 EllieyJelly x 2 Enableme emmy89 eriles EvangelineDamon x 2 Evno Firespinner Fluffymuha Garnett Ghkim Gogreyhound Greenchili Greenporchlights x 3 guzelkiz Gwenhwyfar hackneyfl happygen harlequinginger heartsmyface Hellvetica Heatherbee x 2 Hipquest Honeybrownbunny x 2 Hypnoticpoise Ilovebears Ireneh Itscarin x 2 Itsjaimiehere Ivyxox Jellybean917 x 3 jcmb jenfromnyc Jenji Jenpred JessicaClara x 2 Jessyiniowa Joannimation x 2 Juicytulip x 4 Jxw200 x 3 Kalex Kariyava Kateye7 x 4 KatelovesYSL x 2 KayyLynn x 2 Kellsmuneoka Kellyjmolen Kiki1517 Killahbabe x 2 Kimchikween x 4 Knuevekm kristallovesdogs kristiewin Ladymeag Linda711 x 2 Leopardprint Lylysa Mafan Makeupobesessed Malday x 3 Maltipoo66 Manniface Mariahk83 Meagboho MegEm Melde x 4 Michelleshops x 4 Minibux Missey1973 x 2 Missie772 Mixe x 4 MK89 MlleCC MochaPJ Mollybb x 4 Mommyto4 x 2 Monikay Moregun89 MPolansky Mrsbaine MyChoi x 4 Nancienano Newandaddicted Nicrohr Nightknight Nikki x 3 Nishcakes x 4 Njattana Notcreative Oklady2013 Penelopepuffman Pixyfaygo x 2 Plm95 Prettyinpa Princesskat17 x 2 Redwagon44 Rhiannon1419 Rikkie Roseps135 x 2 Roxystar4 Sangova x 3 Sbowden x 3 Sdbeautyjunkie1 shadetertiary ShannonAlexis x 4 Shirleylin88 x 4 Shortstuff07 Sourpanda x 3 Sn22 x 3 Sp2001 Spacesuit Sparklekai x 3 Spoiledbrat spotspotcat Sprytely x 2 Sschulte1014 Starletta8 Stephanilynn StyleLynn x 2 Sugarkenzie SuzeAlex SydBristow talinder Teresaanne92 Thesocialquota thesupergirl Tigrelili to90 Trishalyn Unblownkisses Vanillammm x 3 Vegchililover78 Veronika23 Wendyomgwar x 4 Wingatprsct Wonbinlover x 2 Yazmin x 3 Yenx YouAreAlways Yullz Zpsid91 x 4 4Ali4AMHWKI x 2Anb0906 Annec322AnneMCCAnnypoo AparrishArclightlux x 2Arielaaaaaaaa x 2Armybeauty x 3Aviscardi AznAngelliz Bea0tBeautytester/chicdabblerBeeberz x 2BeethousandBrennaBombshellBrittieeeButterblumeBux ombabe80 x 3CalamityJane85Carolang Carrie1975CarrieroseChaotika573 x 2Chelsss x 2chlotamChupiClarks18 x 2CuriousCannibalDaisies121DandyLionFluff Danimazz x 3Desertdancer x 2DesertRose0706DitzCore x 2DiVWADrrragonEadelaide1EllieyJelly x 2Enableme emmy89erilesEvangelineDamon x 2EvnoFirespinnerFluffymuhaGarnettGhkimGogreyhoundG reenchiliGreenporchlights x 3guzelkiz Gwenhwyfarhackneyflhappygenharlequingingerheartsmy faceHellveticaHeatherbee x 2HipquestHoneybrownbunny x 2HypnoticpoiseIlovebearsIrenehItscarin x 2ItsjaimiehereIvyxoxJellybean917 x 3jcmbjenfromnycJenjiJenpred JessicaClara x 2JessyiniowaJoannimation x 2Juicytulip x 4Jxw200 x 3KalexKariyavaKateye7 x 4KatelovesYSL x 2KayyLynn x 2KellsmuneokaKellyjmolenKiki1517Killahbabe x 2Kimchikween x 4Knuevekm kristallovesdogskristiewinLadymeagLinda711 x 2LeopardprintLylysaMafanMakeupobesessed Malday x 3Maltipoo66MannifaceMariahk83MeagbohoMegEmMelde x 4Michelleshops x 4Minibux Missey1973 x 2Missie772Mixe x 4MK89 MlleCCMochaPJMollybb x 4Mommyto4 x 2MonikayMoregun89MPolanskyMrsbaineMyChoi x 4NancienanoNewandaddictedNicrohr NightknightNikki x 3Nishcakes x 4NjattanaNotcreative Oklady2013PenelopepuffmanPixyfaygo x 2Plm95PrettyinpaPrincesskat17 x 2Redwagon44Rhiannon1419RikkieRoseps135 x 2Roxystar4Sangova x 3Sbowden x 3Sdbeautyjunkie1shadetertiaryShannonAlexis x 4Shirleylin88 x 4Shortstuff07 Sourpanda x 3Sn22 x 3Sp2001SpacesuitSparklekai x 3SpoiledbratspotspotcatSprytely x 2Sschulte1014 Starletta8StephanilynnStyleLynn x 2SugarkenzieSuzeAlexSydBristow talinderTeresaanne92Thesocialquota thesupergirlTigrelilito90TrishalynUnblownkissesVan illammm x 3Vegchililover78Veronika23Wendyomgwar x 4WingatprsctWonbinlover x 2Yazmin x 3YenxYouAreAlwaysYullzZpsid91 x 4    
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HALL OF FAMER michelleshops / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
She's already bold but I want to reiterate that I had a WONDERFUL trade with Veronika23.  She was wonderful, patient and sent an amazing box of goodies.  If you need me ... see post
Successful Trades or TSB Experiences!
Come and let everyone know if you've done a trade with someone or they've been an awesome TSB contributor! Let's give kudos to our BT BFFs!    So a post could be one persons feedback on another, how a trade went, did they ship quickly, etc. and others could reply if they dealt with the same person and how their trade went.
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HALL OF FAMER michelleshops / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I'm not sure if this is the correct thread but I received my package from Veronika23 (maple swap!) and it is amazing!  She went above and beyond to make this trade perfe... see post
5 things you've been loving this summer!
Hello everyone! Since its the middle of summer here on the east coast of the USA, I thought it'd be fun to do a post about things you've been loving this summer- whatever it may be- beauty- food- clothes- whatever!  I know there are a lot of threads similar to this- but I don't know if I've come across one yet that is directly about summer! haha!  Here are my 5 things that I've been loving this summer:  #1. Coconut. (OMG just about everything coconut has me HOOKED! Whether it be a coconut cake, body butter, etc!)  #2 Going out to get some soft ice cream!  #3. Formula X nail polish in Hercules, and High Frequency.  #4. Sleeping in almost every morning (the latest being 9:30am)  #5. Fresh fruit (fruit isn't as enjoyable in the winter because its usually not in "season"! Love me some strawberries and raspberries- don't forget the coconut! LOL!)  What are 5 things that you've been loving this summer?? ~XOXOXO
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PERFECT. Everything there is to love about summer!:D  see post Fun Finds
So, I was browsing through the Sephora site trying to find some new products to try out.  I stumbled upon these cotton swabs which are perfect for removing mascara mishaps without ruining my eye makeup.  Then it got me thinking, what other products on the site have you found that you think not many people know of that is a great find? I'd like to try out some other neat finds
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Have you tried this out? see post
Who's Online?
Time for another game!  It's been too long since our last one.  I've wondered how BT decides which 9 people (one is always myself) to show me are online at the moment.  I thought it would be fun (we all know the fun is in off topic) to show who our 9 are when we happen upon this post.   Of 19,091 users logged in, BT is showing me the following.  I think I know all of them, so that's neat. I did not look them up (should have), but I see sister13, Blushhoarder, Bea0t, Loving London, Sddenm, kso1225, rjmalt, zpsid91 (did look at hers since it is a general avatar), and eaidlade.   Who do you see?  The more people who play along, the neater it will be to see how long it takes to see yourself again.  Does anyone see me or any of the ladies in my list?  How many do you recognize?  Does BT actually pick people you may know or is it completely random?     MK89 is still in the lead with 9!   Repeats so Far 19910827 x2 1mama3boys x2 221tea x4 4Ali4 x2 aaks1985 x4 ashleynne x2 Ballerinagrl x4 Bea0t x4 beautyaddict99 x2 beautyispassion x2 bisoubisou x4 BlueeyeAli x2 butterblume x4 CaramelCupcake x2 CeliaV x2 chloe3036 x4 chocopudding x3 coffeenow x2 cspriverratz x2 Curious Cannibal x2 dalidyli x2 darkiceis x2 ddstevens22 x3 desertdancer x4 DiVWA x4 drrragon x3 Elizabeth1972 x2 ellew2005 X2 Emmylove x5 ER!CAK1M x2 etscore1 x6 ExquisiteGypsy x3 Facesbyjes x5 gizeh x2 greenchili x4 greenporchlights x5 guzelkiz x3 Hackneyfl x2 hadtotryit x2 heartsmyface x7 heatherbee x4 Heatoyos1 x6 hellocoffee x2 Helvetica x5 HoneyBrownBunny x3 hookedonbeauty2 x2 hypnoticpose x3 Infinitise x5 jazzypurple x2 jen143xo x4 Jisub89 x6 joannimation x2 jobro1027 x4 jozkid x2 justj3n x2 k617 x5 Karma3p80 x6 KatelovesYSL x6 kbmatthews x2 Kenny x4 Knuevekm x3 kristengvan x2 Kromance x2 kso1225 x4 ladyinwhite x3 larissaladonna x2 laynebr x4 Loretta55 x2 Lovelykatya x3 lylysa x4 makeitup305 x2 Makeupinfinity x4 makeupobesessed x3 malday x6 meecheroo x7 meganlisa x2 megsny x2 Michelleshops x4 mimibel x3 MissHail x2 missjudycyang x 4 misspain x4 MissSpoiled x2 MK89 x9 mlinrin x2 MNSnowprincess x2 Mochapj x2 Monikay x2 mrsbaine x3 NailsForLife x2 newandaddicted x2 NikaBT x2 Nischcakes x2 noa1984 x2 notcreative x7 nycmle x3 pek89 x6 poshspice1 x2 pretty girl (help me ID her) x2 prettyinpa x2 RandeeBt x2 rillablythe x6 Samtian x2 sangova x4 sDdemn x3 shirleylinn x2 sinfully x2 sister13 x3 skintester x5 smigirvin x2 Sparklekai x2 sprytely x5 srplpwdr x2 Srvanthi x5 Starrymom x6 Starrysparkle x2 Stephanielynn x5 Stylelynn x4 superjulienne x2 Swanbea x2 syritt x3 talinder x2 teatulip x2 ThommiP x2 treecup x2 v0ltagekid x2 Vaashtii x2 vegchillilover x2 warriorwitch x2 xsunflowers x2 Zpsid91 x3
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Awww thanks Evangeline! Right back at ya! And I was on at 11:30pm?? That's way past my bedtime for a weekday. BT lies! Haha see post
Malday has 10000 hearts!!!! Let's shower her in more!!!!!
One of our favourite BTErs has reached a crazy awesome milestone in her BT life!   This girl is one the most most awesome and genuine women!  I love her sense of humour, her personality in general and of course her long gorgeous eyelashes that are the envy of pretty much everyone in existence!   Not to mention that even on her most tired and worstest of days she still manages to get out there on the boards and rock her awesome self like nobody else!   Let's celebrate!!!!!   Tequila anyone?   Shhhhhhhhhhhh, it's alright, just shoot it back!!!   
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Yay for Malday! Congratulations!! You are such a beautiful, kind, and genuine person. Girl you got lips and a personality that just don't quit.     Lets daaaaaanc... see post
The Canadian Peeps!
So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.   I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.   I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.   ETA:   Where to shop!   So I do have a list/link somewhere with brands and where they are found.  I'll try and dig it out and if you want it pm me   For those who don't know...   Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale have a wonderful loyalty program and your points are worth "cash" in store.   The Bay is bringing in more brands... just recently Burberry. I'm thinking we will see more good things come.  They also have a VIP program... I am not too sure how it all works but it applies to all purchases from the store and you get a 20$ off 100$ makeup purchase coupon almost every month... Like who wouldn't want that!  Hello MAC!   Beautylish ships to Canada and they are FAST!  Order processed and shipped within the hour and arrives the next day!   Now that we have Nordies in Canada you might be able to call a counter and get items shipped to you.  Some things you can get shipped from the site.   Apparently Saks is coming.  I believe The Bay is the one who will be owning them and bring them in.   If you get a good SA at Holts you can also get stuff shipped to you.   Sorry been MIA from this board a long time.      
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I think the $29 is only with a Hudson's Bay credit card, I could be wrong though..... see post
What is your favorite thing about the Fall?
So, I am not a summer person, I hate the heat and sweating the minute I step outside.   I am an indoor kind of gal in the Summer! I never would have survived before air conditioning! LOL. Anyway, there are so many things that I love about the Fall. Care to share what you love? For me, I would say the thing I like the most is just the crisp Autumn weather, where you can cozy up in a sweater or jacket and walk around without all the humidity. Plus, Halloween is my favorite holiday and my wedding anniversary is in October as well.
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I have been living in extreme desert climates the past year and a half .. think Mojave desert and Chihuahuan desert in Texas where I somehow have gotten used to temps 11... see post
Fake Reviews-calling all detectives of BeautyTalk!
Hi everyone! I need some help-I recently stumbled across the brand Motives (a cosmetic brand by Lauren Ridinger) and I noticed that almost every product had a 5 star rating, and even if one person gave 4 stars, every single review on the website was a glowing one.  Since you can't click on the people who posted the reviews, is there a way to see if the reviews are fake?  All suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!!
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What's on your plate?
Hello there, ladies and gents!   Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:   "What's on your plate?"   The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!   For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.   Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.   For lunch today, I had:   -Brown rice -Steamed egg -Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper -Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)   Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have?
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These are too cute! What a great idea, fatimamummy!  see post
Do you have a daily "uniform"?
So, I just saw this article on LifeHack of why highly successful people wear the same thing everyday. Not the same clothes everyday, but the same style of outfit. Like Steve Jobs and his turtle necks.    I am the most indecisive person ever, and if anyone needs a uniform it's probably me. I have only recently started to simplify my closet, but the only thing my clothes have in common so far is the color scheme (a lot of blues or grey and black) and skinny jeans.   So I thought it would be a fun topic to see what your go-to style is.  What are some of your favorite items to wear day to day?      
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BEAUTY WHIZ fantasiabliss / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I love uniformed type clothing, less decision making, more comfort, that is if you have more intellectual pursuits. However I do appreciate someone that took the time to... see post
Hi, I'm new. Can you tell me what you like about this community? I'd love to learn more.
BEAUTY WHIZ fantasiabliss / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Its fun to share your love of makeup with others.  In rl most people don't care about makeup or see the value in it, but on here we do. So for me it's more a matter of b... see post
EvangelineDamon has 5000 Hearts
To one of the sweetest BT members on the board.  She is always upbeat and positive.  Her thoughtful private messages mean more than she knows.  I cannot get enough of those lips.  You all know what I mean.  Our other fabulous lipstick model has hit 5000 hearts.   If you love her as much as I do, drop by and tell her.  
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I wanted to be here to see your party, but I am just glad it happened even though I kind of missed it. You deserve it, because you are special. Thanks for all of your ki... see post
Hobbies/Collecting. What's yours?
Everyone has something they love to do or collect.  What's yours?   -I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and have a rather large collection, and still growing. I suppose I consider it both, a hobby and collecting <3 Moonie for life <3   -Limited Edition Disney dolls from The Disney Store, these dolls are just gorgeous  
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Great idea, a small remembrance of a good time out :) see post
Rainy Days
    What kind of music do you prefer on a rainy day?    
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Edith Piaf - L' Homme à la Moto see post
What is on Your Loves Lists? %E2%80%8Bth-url-2013loves    What are your must-gets?
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Heart Party for beauty2sample
beauty2sample is our resident promo code sleuth! She is amazing and I wanted to start a heart party to show all of our appreciation for what she does! *Picture from OCC lip tar lips of the day
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HALL OF FAMER beauty2sample / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Thanks, saida33! see post
Hi! I was wondering what everyone's favorite TV shows are. No particular reason, I am just curious and maybe want to find my next series to start. My favorite right now is Game of Thrones, and I love the Good Wife, but I'm still on the first season (watching on Amazon Prime.) My favorite of all time is Dexter, with Breaking Bad a close second. Does anybody else watch these?
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Yep, Dexter is my favorite of all time. The ending for me was good- not exactly what I would have chosen for it, but it wasn't as bad as some people complained about.  ... see post
Can anyone spare a heart?
I've got one to go to hit 5000. It's killing me!
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HALL OF FAMER michelleshops / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
 You're too funny Joz.  ALL THE HEARTS!  see post
What!?! You have over 1000 points and you don't want to redeem them?!?
*ranting session.    So I'm getting tired of the SA who are shocked I have >1000 points and I don't want to redeem them. Once or twice I get....but its most consistently EVERYTIME! Maybe because  of this forum I have a different view but I'm pretty sure a lot of people have WAAAAAY more points. Why is so shocking to the SA? Are we rare point hoarders? ( i don't think I have as many points compared to the 5k plus club girls!!)   Especially with the 4x...3x points event coming up....I didn't think we were unicorns!   *End rant
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What are you reading ?
I am a book lover! I would rather read than do anything else! So just outta curiosity, What are you ladies (and gentleman)  reading? What's your favorite genre?     I just finished Blood Vivicani by Beckett  And I am starting a reread of The song of Ice and Fire (the game of thrones series)   My favorite genre by far is horror and Fantasy.
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Just discovered this thread. i think it is a fun way to discover great reads. I just finished "COLLECTOR" by Nora Roberts.I am on a mission to read all of her books :) ... see post
What to do in NYC?
I've already PMed a couple of BTers who live in NYC, but I figured I'd ask everyone for advice on what I simply should not miss during my upcoming trip.   My friend and I will be staying in Brooklyn for five days in August, and we're looking to experience more local haunts as opposed to places most tourists frequent (I lived in New York for half of my life, so I've done the Times Square / Natural History / Statue of Liberty thing many, many times). I want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and my friend wants to spend time in Central Park, but other than that, we really want to find some hidden gems: places to eat, waste time, listen to good music, and shop.   So, NYC locals, what do you suggest?      
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Late to the party, but I wanted to give my recs. I visited a friend last spring.   The Bite Beauty Lip Lab is great. The only thing is they don't take reservations, re... see post
Do I have too much makeup?
My Answer: Of course not   My boyfriend asked me to ask this question to see other peoples responses, thoughts?
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So the husbands always say until you pick on something they really like. :) see post
40% off for VIB Rouge???
Muahaha just kidding But now that I have your attention, I'm here to let you all know that today is my last day at Sephora..    It's been a fun 5 years, (2 of them I've spent here with you guys.) but the time has come to try new things and keep growing.  I've really enjoyed my time here and I'll miss you guys! You've kept the job... interesting. haha Just kidding, you know I love you.  If another guy replaces me you have to promise me you'll give him a hard time until he proves himself worthy.   ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ   Thank you for the heart parties and thank you for the warm welcome when I first started, I'll never forget it!! I was super nervous but you guys welcomed me with open arms and I felt comfortable right away.     Maybe we'll meet again someday!!!!      ヾ(*^▽゚) byebye!!  
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I'm so sad I didn't get to see you off!    You were definitely one of the best and I hope you come around to see this later.   Lots of love!!! Good luck! see post
IMATS Toronto 2015
Hey everyone, do any of you wanna talk about the IMATS TO show? I have never been to it and was planning in attending this year. I looked at the other cities that hold the tradeshow like LA and NY, they have way more fun exhibitors than TO ABH, Too Faced, DOC, UB, Stila,  no ones going to the Toronto show. I feel like it doesnt even seem worth going (Its an 8 hour drive for me, plus hotel $$)!  What is everyone else thinking? Im not sure on going, I feel like id just go to Sephora and buy everything.... thanks!
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I went last year and I can tell you without a doubt it's not worth a 8 hour drive + hotel. Even the major brands that do come tend to bring their popular products that y... see post