Your Time to Shine!

Hello Ladies!

I am currently new with BT so I've been trying to find my way around. So far I am loving what I see!


How about a quick little IceBreaker!


1. What is something unique about you?

2. Which Sephora product makes you feel BEAUTIFUL (and why)?

    (Describe one product that you love and just makes you feel more confident every time you use it)


You can respond to both, or just one if you want! (:



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Ok here' something to make us all smile:thCA84QWVT.jpgthCA84QWVT.jpgOK I'm smiling now are you?

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I know I needed that tonight!  Now i'm smiling too Smiley Happy

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After seeing these pictures, of course I'm smiling Smiley Happy

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Hey, I am new also!  I love your profile pic!

1. I won a make-over by Peter Lamas, and hung out with him for about 3 hours. He is the most famous person I have ever met. He told me I did not need to be made over, and just fluffed my hair and did my eyebrows...either he was super tired that day, or really meant it...either way, it was  great experience.


2.My favorite product:

Josie Maran  Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation





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@DoctorsMrs- I am sincere but don't cry because if you cry your gonna make me cry.

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Smile and I'll smile too. okay?

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hey BB07 great Icebreaker idea!

1. I have dreams that have foretold the future

2. I think fragrance. Been loving the LaVanilla this summer.


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Welcome to BT and thanks for this cool thread!


Unique-I've seen Bob Dylan live ummm, so many times I can't make myself name the number! Smiley Happy It started in 1974....


The Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Dollface shade makes be feel so pretty every day!

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Hi! Happy to have you here Smiley Happy


Unique? This is a harder question to answer than I thought...... Um..... I'm super awesome with plants. I can grow just about anything (seed, root clippings, you name it)


Oddly enough, Benefits brow zings. I have super bushy brows and I never, ever thought I would use brow powder or wax. But it makes them look amazing!

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Great we're glad to have you here. We are probably the closest group for just an online community, we laugh, get mad and sometimes even shed a tear. It's so weird but also the greatest thing ever!


1.I'm very quick witted even though I'm serious a lot of the time I can give someone a funny answer out of no where.

2. Lipstick and Fragrance both make me feel beautiful!


@DoctorsMrs- I'm sending you a verrrryyyyyyyy BIG HUG that breaks my heart I know your okay now but I still want to give you the hug.  ^. ^

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awwww Thank you Sweetie. That felt so sincere and warm. It made my eyes water. Thank you

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Welcome to BT!  You will find the most amazing, thoughtful, and helpful people on BT.  Be careful though, it can become addictive! 


1.  My red hair is (or was) an unusual red and I try to keep it a color as close to it's natural color.


2.  Nars Albatross highlighter powder  - I brush it on the tops of my cheekbones and forehead.  It gives me a special "glow."

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1) I'm having a hard time coming up with something unique about me.  Maybe that I'm an excellent writer.


2) A lot of Sephora products make me feel beautiful but I think finding just the right lipstick for my outfit always makes me feel fabulous and like I could take on the world.

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1)I am a perfect mess of opposites and i do a lot of things that seem at odds at first.  I am a scientist but also a musician.   I am tough but also very delicate and feminine.  I am very uncomfortable around people but I love them.  

2) Perfume makes me feel beautiful.  I love many- Tocca Cleopatra, Balenciaga Florabotanica, Gucci Flora-- a good fragrance makes me feel confident and lovely. 

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1. I have literally done some form of cardio exersize everyday since having my appendix out 13 years ago. Even when I've had the flu I've manage a couple mile walk. I fully admit I have OCD about working out


2. Going to have to agree with the red lip. Ever since my hair style went short spiky and red I love that look

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1. I am extremely flexible. I think it's pretty unique. I am a gymnast.


2. I really love my my Nars Sheer Glow foundation. It really makes me feel better about my skin, which is acne and redness prone.

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Welcome!  This is a great place for fun chit chat!  Lot's of fabulous beauty lovers here Smiley Happy


1.  I was abandoned in a mall when I was three years old. To this day I can't go shopping alone or I have a panic attack. That's why I do most of my shopping online.


2.  Definitely a red lipstick. I play around with lots of colors but I always go back to a deep red when I want to look really perfect and polished.

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Ack! Isn't it amazing how things that happen to us when we're little resonate with us our whole lives? Hugs <3

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@LCResz-- it is. Some things you just never get over even when you think you're perfectly fine. In my case, I don't even clearly remember the actual event, but there's a feeling, a nasty feeling that just swells up inside me with the appropriate trigger.

Thanks for the hug Smiley Happy

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This made my eyes leak! (hugs)  I hope you surround yourself with only loving kind people!

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