Your Best Feature


Your Best Feature

Hey Girls!


I know that we all have those little things about ourselves that we don't like,but let's just have a feel good moment and tell everyone what your best feature is!:smileyhappy:

My favorite feature is my eyes!


Re: Your Best Feature

Great topic.  Made me realize how much I've been complaining lately.  Alabaster skin & full lips.


Grace & Peace, Y'all.


Re: Your Best Feature

We all should see our own beauty instead of just our flaws!  When it comes to emphasizing either the eyes or the lips,  I usually go for the lips.  They are well-shaped and full with a nice bow in the upper lip.  Everyone has at least one nice feature: a great complexion, pretty eyes, long lashes, angled cheekbones, pretty lips or a cute nose.  Learn to bring out your best features and see the beauty in the mirror that everyone else sees.


Re: Your Best Feature

Good topic- it's always nice to be positive and make ourselves feel good! I like my eyes and lips! :smileyhappy:

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