When Did You First Get into Makeup?


When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I'm curious, most of you guys here have TONS of knowledge, so I'm wondering, how long have you been at this?  Have you been picking out lipsticks since you were 13?  Did you discover it in college?  Did a desire to look nice in your post-college interviews drive you to finding makeup?


For me it's been much more recent.  I never really considered myself a girly girl but I was always kind of fascinated by makeup and people who used it really effectively.  But it was only like 2 months ago (and I am almost 31 so I've gone a long time with just the occasional tinted lipgloss) that I got over my anxiety about doing it wrong and started wearing it.  And omg I am having so much fun.


How bout you?  Where did your makeup journey start?


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

So hard to remember. I know in HS , i always wore the loose CG powder and mascara. and i had a loreal true match for special occasions, maybe 14/15. But it wasn't until late college that i really started getting into it. 


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Grandma+, thank you.


I remember it like it was yesterday. My grandmother gave me my first lipstick; Avon- Buttered Rum. I was about 15..maybe 16. I was so excited. my grandmother was always glammed up. She wore the most beautiful pearl earrings that I loved so much. When she passed, she left them for me. I haven't worn them...but they are safe in my jewelry box. I think i'll cry too much. Anywho, buttered rum started my obsession with makeup and oh, Vixen by Revlon started my semi-obsession with nail polish. Man, those were the days..


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Hi Meg82,

I first got into make up in high school (around 15). I worked at my first make up counter when I was 18 and I kept working for different types of brands. I love the artistry part of it and also trying out new products! I think my first make up item was a plum lipstick, that should have not been recommended to me by the person at the counter (it was sooo dark).

<3 Melissa

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Haha... Umm last fall? When I was 24... I work downtown and would always look at these amazing flawless looking professionals and wanted to look just like them! I still don't but if I can save more money maybe I will! PUAHAHAHHAHA 


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I started wearing makeup over 30 years ago when I was 12.  I saved a little money and secretly bought foundation, blush, brown eyeshadow, mascara, and roller-ball lip gloss that tasted like strawberries!  I would put it on when I got to school and take it off before I got home!  I was probably 14 when I was officially allowed to wear makeup.  My mother only wore powder and lipstick. So I had to read magazines (Seventeen), talk to older cousins, and experiment to learn how to apply makeup.   


Makeup has drastically improved over the last 30 years.  Companies now provide formulas for many skin types and colors in many textures from creams, liquids, and powders from light to heavy.  It's almost mind-blowing!  The industry has also recognized that there are some ingredients that aid in application but are not beneficial to the skin and have worked to find suitable alternatives.


And skincare.......it is now high-tech!  My makeup journey has evolved just as the industry has evolved.  As I'm aging, I'm also learning that in regards to makeup, less is more.....so the journey continues.....


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

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So glad I'm not the only one who would sneak some makeup onto my face when I was out of the house.


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I started getting into makeup maybe around 14/15? All because of my mom of course. Haha. The first time she took me into Sephora was the day I became addicted! That was also the time when I knew I wanted to work in the Beauty Industry when I got older. So now here I am 4 years later slowly finding my way into the industry.


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Mine was about 12 with the Bonnie Bell lipsmackers  I thought they were the best grown up things ever so when we went to the store I was always sure to grab more but my favorite one of all was the Dr. Pepper one. Once beauty is in your blood I guess it runs pretty deep look where we all our right now. ^.^


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I remember those!  They tasted so good!


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I started getting into makeup when I was 13 years old. Although that wasn't THAT long ago makeup has certainly come a long long way from the time that I was younger.


As I grew I was able to fine tune my skills mostly by mimicking looks I found in magazines and on TV. This was long before youtube gurus!

Whimsically yours,

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I was 48. :smileyhappy: I never really wore much of anything (although I had some bare minerals foundation) until after my dad passed away last year.  I had to do something because my eyes looked so bad, and it's just expanded from there.


That's not to say I didn't own or ever wear makeup before that.  My mom made me get makeup in high school.  I wore it some and would play around a bit in college, but not often (or well).  And I had makeup for my wedding, but a friend put it on for me (and then my mom did it for a second party) but I never really wore it or learned how to wear it.  I did have decent brushes and the shadows are still good (having hardly been touched in almost 12 years).  My mom made me wear makeup for my sisters' weddings and she put her stuff on me.


My early makeup experiences weren't great.  It's much more fun to be experimenting now.  (I still rarely wear foundation, however.)


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I think I was 12 when I first put on makeup.  I snuck into my mom's bathroom and put some mascara on.  It's hilarious to think about now, but the difference was so dramatic I remember thinking I looked like Pam Anderson LOL!  Obviously not below the neck (and not above the neck either!) but she always wears that dramatic eye makeup and I was intrigued by it haha.


After that, I bought my own mascara, then I started to wear a bit of eyeliner.  I found out I had vitiligo when I was 14, so I started wearing foundation at that time to cover the white patches.  Now that I've been avoiding the sun like mad, I'm pale enough that you can't tell I have it at all, which is comforting for me.


Makeup is so much fun, and no one should let a fear or "doing it wrong" stop them from experimenting with it!  I know that's something that stands in the way for a LOT of people, and I often hear someone say that they don't wear makeup because no one taught them how to apply it.  Having a makeup mentor can be awesome, but it's not a requirement!  If you're interested in improving your application skills, watch videos, look at pictures and tutorials, and practice - but always have fun and enjoy what you're doing with cosmetics!  


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

My makeup journey started from about the time I could walk!  My mom always had tons of Clinique products around the house and she has always been into makeup.  I've always played with her products and have always been mesmerized by all the colors and packaging.  I really started applying makeup when I was 12.  Just a little bit of lighter shadow and some lip gloss.  I really got into it in Jr. High.  That's when I started wearing foundation, eye liner, and blush/bronzer.  To this day I still feel like I learn something new about makeup daily.  I have grown a great deal in the last few years when it comes to applying it different ways with different brushes.  I hope to have little girls someday that are into it as much as I am.  I'm glad my mom was there to teach me about the basics so I didn't look like a clown when I first started wearing it.


Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I was 13.  I wanted to look older (I was much more baby-faced than my friends) so I swiped some brown shadow on my lids one day and got so many compliments that I decided I was onto something! 

From there I went onto foundation to cover up acne and started experimenting with other colors of shadows.  I think by 14 I was wearing the whole nine yards (eyeliner, lipstick, etc..)

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