What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

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*can involve non-beauty related items*


1. Sephora giftcard

2. Nice kitchen knives set

3. Heated Blanket

4. A chameleon

5. Decent camera

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

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1) The new LE Night Vale shirt, the intern one

2) assistance paying for my various air travels to see friends

3) gift card to Sephora

4) socks

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

1. Time with family and friends without work wrecking it (I've lost the last 2 Christmases to work/accidents, so I'd love to have time to enjoy)

2. Le Creuset Dutch Oven



That's it.

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

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1) Iphone 5s in champagne color

2) Giftcards!

3) Socks -They always go missing or holes!

4) Nice umbrella- Lost mine on subway

5) Mackage Valencia Jacket

6) Clothes? Smiley Tongue


Just plenty of gifts for you ? Smiley Tongue

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

1. A Zuca

2. A new comforter set...my bedding is starting to look a little hodge podge

3. A new pair of boots

4. Socks (aren't these on EVERYONE'S Christmas list annually?)

5. A framed death head moth (they're gorgeous and it'd be an interesting conversation piece)

6. A gift card to Steady Clothing

7. A stud finder (random I know, but I really need one so that I can finally start hanging some of my framed prints/art)

8. A Sephora gift card

9. The NARS blush palette (might just be a gift that I give myself)

10. An electric kettle

Whimsically yours,

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

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1) Gift cards

2) Nikon camera

3) Alex 9 drawer system from Ikea

 4) Nail polish rack

5) Perfume tray


if you actually get a chameleon for Christmas, I wanna see a picture!





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