Things you're HORRIBLE at?

Spin off from Andy's thread! What are you horrible at?


I'm super bad at most sports. It's pathetic. 


I'm also really bad at self-control. I am really trying to exercise it now though, so I don't keep buying unnecessary makeup/snacks/shoes.


And I'm horrible at tanning! LOL


This is literally me.



Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

That picture cracked me up! Took me a second to find the girl! 

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

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Ya, the first time I saw this pic, I was like ok, she's got colour. Then I was like... WHOA!

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

OMG!  Until I noticed the bottom of the feet, I thought "well, she tans pretty well and much better than my Irish mom and aunt"!


I'm terrible at public speaking! 

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

I'm horrible at not impulsively buying lipstick Smiley Wink


Oh and creative writing/anything poetic. I was a biochem major, we didn't really do that sort of thing.

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

I mean it when i say, I DID NOT even notice there was another girl laying out behind the one.  I almost spit my coffee.

Re: Things you're HORRIBLE at?

Isn't it hilarious! It's funner because ya... that's me on a beach! LOL

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