Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

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Hi. My name is Bombshell and I am an eye shadow-aholic. I love it. It makes me so happy. It is getting out of control. Upon counting only those palettes with 3+ shadows I have a total of 43. They each deserve love and attention. They all deserve their own 5 minutes (or days in the case) of fame. My Plan is this: One by one the Palattes shall parade through the open space on my vanity. Starting this Monday, each week I will use only one palette per work week (M-F) and cheat on the weekends. I will use them one by one until I have used them all for  5 day period. I will use them in alphabetical order. I have alphabetized my palettes and started with those that begin with #'s, lowest number to highest, and the A-Z. On Saturday and Sunday (depending on what CalamityJane comes up with) there might be a look or color of the day. In addition to the palette, single shadows and eyeliner may be used (Smiley Wink ) in addition to the weekly palette. All looks should mainly come from the palette of the week. This way I can be fair to all of my palettes & all of my older palettes that haven't quite gotten the appreciation they deserve will get some time in the sun. At the end of the week if I was successful I will write the date beside the palette on the list. If I can't get at least 5 days worth of looks from them it is likely time to put them in a TSB or give them to a friend that will love them.  I am hoping this will help me appreciate what I've got rather than constantly thinking I need something new. I am not promising not to buy any shadows in the almost year it will take me to complete this little journey. That is just not realistic.I will just have to use them on weekend cheat days.  I am hoping the experience will at least make me more grateful for all the wonderful things I have & save me some $! LOL This is about accountability. I invite any and all to join. Feel free to make up your own rules and reward system. Just post them here and I will support you in your efforts any way that I can. Not all of us will be able to follow the same rules but we can certainly all support one another! 


Courtesy of Mafan---New Rule* If you absolutely DO NOT like a palette, you have the option of setting it aside for a TSB/give away and moving on to the next palette on your list. No sense in wearing make up you don't like for 5 whole days!Make up is supposed to make us happy. 

 Courtesy of JaimeLove---New Rule* A holiday (including your birthday,anniversary or graduation) is an acceptable cheat day! (BRILLIANT)


My List

Week 1: 4 Magic-Lancome  1/17/14 Not keeping, got bored by day 3

Week 2: 4 Passion-Lancome 1/24/14 Depotting one shade and passing on the rest, which are almost new!!! 

Week 3: 10th Anniversary Palettes- Too Faced Quasi-keeper: keeping one blush, and 4 of the shadows. Donating the rest to a friends Z-palette. NOTE TO SELF: Must NOT depot before using! Just got so excited about my new toy!

Week 4: 10 Pan Shadow Palette- Stila.   Keeping- love it more than I knew!! 

Week 5: 15th Anniversary Palette- Urban Decay KEEPER!!!

Week 6:Admire Me Smashbox

Week 7: Adventure Palette-Tarte

Week 8: Be Bright-Too Faced

Week 9: Be Merry-Too Faced

Week10: Book of Shadows2- Urban Decay

Week11: Chocolate Bar-Too Faced

Week12: Cocktail Hour-Bare Minerals

Week13: Deluxe Shadow Box-Urban Decay

Week14: Do it Yourself (4) Tin-Urban Decay

Week15: ELF 100

Week16: Entice Me-Smashbox

Week17: Esperanza-KatVonD

Week18: Eye Couture - Tarte

Week19: Fabulous in Fiji-Stila

Week20: Flash-Smashbox

Week21: Impressionist Palette-Stila

Week22: Joy to the Girls-Too Faced

Week23: Kaleidoscope-Stila

Week24: Kiss-n-Tell- Smashbox

Week25: Lavender Grace - Lancome

Week26: Let it Snow- Stila

Week27: Life in Laguna-Stila

Week28: Masterclass 1- Smashbox

Week29: Masterclass 2- Smashbox

Week30: Minimalist Palette-Stila

Week31: Modernist Palette-Stila

Week32: Naked 3- Urban Decay

Week33: Pee-A-Bright-Eyes-Benefit

Week34: Smolder-Lorac

Week35: Spellbinding Book of Shadows-KatVonD

Week36: Star Child Odyssey- Tarina Tarintino (This should be an interesting week)

Week37: Sweet Romance-Lorac

Week38: Tarte of Giving-Tarte

Week39: Til Death do us Part-Tokidoki

Week40: Unzipped-Lorac

Week41: Urban Ammo-Urban Decay

Week42: Vegas-Tokidoki

Week43: Wizard of Oz (Glinda) -Urban Decay


I would really love to share this with some of you. It is always good to know that you are not alone. Please feel free to share insights and ideas. Here's crossing my fingers for a successful make-up adventure!! Smiley Happy 


Do you want to be a princess? Smiley Winkimage.jpgNikki's list: page 1, Glossyguru's & Amberangeline's list: pg. 3, Beethousand & scratch to void Pg. 4, IttyxBittyxMe, jaimelove, and Katie 241 p.6, Carolang & LadyMeag pg.7, CalamityJane & micheleran pg. 8, Mafan & Malday pg.10, warriorwitch pg.11, Nursecupcake pg. 22, Beethousand 27, ghkim pg 40, manniface pg.42, sparklekai pg. 42, siren princess pg. 55


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Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

oh!! I like 'cut the cake!'

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I am also DROOLING over cut the cake! Smiley Happy

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

My favorite is the Framboise right next to cut the cake. It's gorgeous! 

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If you google there are some really gorgeous looks with that shade!image.jpg

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Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

that's gorgeous!


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Uh oh........ Someone's discovered the joy of z palettes and depotting!!! I depotted my 10th anniversary palettes to pieces last night. Such joy and convenience in having them all in one place. I love my packaging but loving the idea of maximizing space by having everything in same size stackable palettes Is also pretty wonderful! Feeling very torn on the subject!   Of course I have to leave all my un-paraded palettes where they are until after the parade Smiley Happy but I love the idea of having it all together! Thoughts on the subject?  

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

I desperately need you to teach me how to do this to my Wet n Wild shadows! Oh the space that would be saved!

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We'll make a Saturday of it when you order one! Smiley Wink

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

I think there are a lot of you tube tutorials on the WnW depoting with the use of a lighter

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I'm waiting for one to come in the mail so I can do all of my drugstore quads and trios. I don't think i have the guts to do anything to my high end palettes. but I decided to do it to all of the drugstore quads and trios and take those with me on my next assignment and just try to tear through them Smiley Very Happy

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You have to tear them up- and that hurt my heart a little...... I felt like a monster. However they look very nice in their new home!

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Week #1 goes to theBalm Nude Tude palette!


Today is my second day playing around with the nude tude palette since joining, but I'm not very happy with it =( The colors are underwhelming (I've been using the browns / dark gray-brown shades) and I don't think my eye looks are very exciting. 


Does anyone have any advice? What color combinations do you like using? Smiley Happy


If I don't love it by the end of the week, I'll be giving it to my cousin! Works out better that way, I can focus on my palettes that make me happy rather than suffer with one that is just 'eh' to me.

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Katie723 maybe you could add a pop of color using eyeliner or one of your singles? image.jpgI was wearing turquoise liner by the end of my first week! I will say if you have to work this hard to love it on day two it is likely not a keeper! If you are able post a pic of what you are using one of our resident geniuses should be able to point you in a direction! Xoxo

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OOOHHHH, I'm loving that last look with the turquoise liner! I may have to try that one!

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I'm doing the green next time I come to a neutral palette!

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i was lazy all last week and i don't think i put make up on once... but since i can't sleep i pulled all of my make up out to play around in it and make decisions on what to toss in to tsbs. fun fun! 



ignore the jacked up brows and the pimple next to one of them...


i used daylight and snap from a lancome gwp quad, diorshow extase mascara, meteorites in teint rose aaaand nothing else. still lazy haha. 

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WOW! I was scrolling through and noticed this picture. Your eyes are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

You do have beautiful eyes, jaimelove!

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade

I think your brows look great Jaime! You have such pretty eyes!!