Something new you're wanting to try?

Hey there, my lovely guys and gals!


With the move into the Spring and the New Year, that means tons of brands and lines are launching out new promos and products! I love checking in and seeing all the new things featured on the Sephora front page.


What I wanted to know is, what are you looking to possibly try or consider trying? It doesn't necessarily have to be a new item, maybe something you've had your eye on for a while or something you're tentative on but decided to take the plunge!


I for one have been eyeballing the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush!

Too Faced - Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush


I'm not even going to deny it, I'm a sucker for pretty and unique packaging and design and this blush just takes the cake! It's so cute and sweet, it reminds me of candy and chocolate boxes around Valentine's Day. Though I'm at no shortage of blushes, this one is just so, so, so eye catching, I can see it on my vanity now!


I'll probably go into my local Sephora today and swatch it and check it out in person before making any decisions, but again, to all those in the Sephora and Beauty Talk world, what are you wanting to try?



Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Holy cow, I know I'm bad if you have 3 shadow palettes and have the will power to not buy anymore until you hit pan on one of the eyeshadows. I have more palettes than I know what to do with! Ugh, I wish I had your will power!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

@latinadiva. How often do you wear make up?

My problem is I don't wear them, as in I only wear make up 1-2x a week, and I only wear eyeshadows in the summer. So, yeah...=/


Now the harder part for me is I'm a skincare junkie. I've got ~50 full/half/deluxe sample sized product and prob ~30 sample packets. My skin doesn't really appreciate change, so I try very hard to wait a week before switch things up and am slowly going through the samples.

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?