Shout-out...or something :]

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Pardon me while I ramble for a moment.

Please, stay tuned if you'd like Smiley Happy


So, I really never knew this BeautyTalk thing existed until I accidentally clicked the wrong button while doing an online order a couple of months ago. I started to  back out, when I realized many of the post titles were things I could relate to! I started reading through threads when I realized I had been sitting at my computer for two hours getting lost in the abyss that is BeautyTalk! I found myself learning new techniques on how to apply types makeup, opening new tabs to "Love" new items on my Sephora account, getting together a new skincare routine, and even writing down things that I wanted to try out later.


I quickly noticed that many of posts and/or comments made were by a lot of the same people. I found this tight little community of beauty lovers by accident one day, and it has already changed my normal routine.  I wake up-I check BeautyTalk.  Throughout the day (I lost count how many times), I check BeautyTalk. Before I go to bed? Yea, I check BeautyTalk.  For many weeks I never posted, I just read soaking up all that is this wonderful place.  Now; however, it seems as though you can't get me to hush up!


My husband, my friends, or family may never understand my obsessiveness over makeup, products, or what-not but I know when I come in here I am just like everyone else...Eager to try new things, spend money on another blush when we already have tons, learn a new technique, or to just laugh and joke around, I know that I will be accepted in here...and maybe make a friend or two. Smiley Wink


I really think Sephora SA's should start telling customers about this section...Maybe they do? (Just not in my store, I guess?) 

...I guess I was wrong. Nobody wants to share. Smiley Sad My bad.


It has quickly become a new obsession for me, all thanks to an accident of hitting the wrong button. 



Everyone in here is really great, as well as the mods who work hard to keep this a drama-free, clean place to come and chit chat.


Sorry for the long ramblings this afternoon!







Re: Shout-out...or something :]

amen nikki

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

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marydiva, as a little sister myself i have to say that you are being incredibly gracious! if i ever did this to my big sister, she probably never would have spoken to me again! come to think of it, she didn't speak to me all that much when we were teenagers . . . but now we are best friends and if i ever discover something good (clothes, shoes, makeup, etc) i absolutely have to get one for her too and vice versa. 

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Hi ghkim - That's really beautiful. I'm glad you and your sister are so close, that's a very special bond. Please remember to cherish what the two of you have and don't take each other for granted. Please nurture this wonderful relationship & hold it dear. It will be a source of strength, wonder, joy, nourishment and light for the two of you.

Sounds like Somebody's been reading too many Hallmark Cards. Smiley Wink

But it's completely true and from the heart, believe me.


Re: Shout-out...or something :]

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@marydiva - You're so much like me it isn't even funny..well, it kinda is. A friend & a sister were thinking about coming on to see what all the hub-bub is about...


Nooooooooooo........**kssweetheart holding up her hands, fingers forming a Cross, shouting 'Away, away with you' in en effort to drive them away from bt**


I don't want them to know about my 'stuff' - this is mine, find your own 'stuff' - 'thing' **sticking tongue out at them**


Be Gone, or someone may drop a house on you!!

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

(0) Hearts


Re: Shout-out...or something :]

I get that some people may not want to share BT and enjoy the tight knit community; same with me. I love it. It's one of the reasons I joined.


I was simply saying that if a SA had told me about this, or I knew sooner I would have been in long ago. 


But then again...I do enjoy seeing new faces sometimes!




Re: Shout-out...or something :]

I found out about BT when they did the swatch to get a free eyeshadow promotion, but I struggled with the organization (or lack of...) of the forums. Eventually I figured it out, and I LOVE BT! It seems much smaller and more personal than some of the other forums that I frequent, which is so nice.

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

No no no, please! It'll be our little secret 

What happens in BT, stays in BT...

The first rule of BT is-you do not talk about BT.

and so on...

Smiley Wink

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

I Hope This Gets Read And Not Lost....


The first rule of BT Club etc. Soooo funny!!


We should make up some rules of our own, Something like the 10 Commandments for BT - although I don't like 'stealing' the title of 10 Commandments, makes me uncomfortable. We'll have to think of a new title and rules.


***The Declaration of BT-Dependance***


Oh yeah, that works, I think that's a keeper, what do you guys think?

This could be the start of something really fun. Smiley Tongue

We've already got the 1st 'Declaration' thanks to **anb0906** Smiley Happy


Are we ready to run with this??


btw, love newbies, fresh faces etc - besides, we were all newbies once.

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Smiley Happy



Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Dear lord, thank you...

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

is anyone else finding it very difficult to scroll away from this picture?


*wishes desktop computer had a zoom function*

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Yes, I have had this page open way longer  Than needed 

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

LOL so true.


and unf.

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Of course I must disagree with everyone b/c I am just a miserable, disagreeable kind of person. Smiley Very Happy  My thought is that BT should not be advertised and sang from the rooftops. There is a reason for everything. The majority of us found this place by accident and I would like to keep it that way. If this is becomes wide open it will change our little community. We have already experienced enough box stealing counterfeit trading snot bags IMO.


Happenstance is a wonderful thing! Smiley Happy

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Have to say it's true. Not only from a trust perspective, but I don't think BT is programmed to handle a large community or too much activity. It is programmed so anyone could ask question about their beauty problems, and anyone else can answer, that's about it.


As a forum/community the functionality is too lacking. You can't view past first 100 pages of your post, the friends list don't actually do anything, the amount of image you can have is limited to 1k, it's impossible to find subscription (and what's the difference between that and bookmark anyways?) and some of the functionalities like @mentions don't really work, and there is no way to categorize/organize PMs or posts. If they want more people to come to BeautyTalk, they have to make sure it can handle that first.....

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Don't disagree that they would need a more functional forum if they had more people around.


BTW, your friends list does one thing -- supply you a choice of usernames to send messages to if you start typing the beginning of the name.  It is useful when some of the usernames get long/oddly spelled or if you write to someone frequently.  (I found it useful to put people before/after me in a TSB on my list, for example.)  But if could be used for so many more things.

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Ooohh, so that's why some names show up and some don't. Hmmmm, is there a limit to the number of ppl you can put on your friends list? lol.

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Like Narnia! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

I totally agree. Leave it up to serendipity. Smiley Happy

Re: Shout-out...or something :]

Me too!

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