Sephora is my Tiffany's

Remember Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, going to Tiffany's when life got too hard and she felt like nothing bad could ever happen to her there?  I just realized Sephora is like that to me.


Last week I had a work meeting that I was super nervous about.  I arrived at the location a little early and there was a big Sephora on the corner so I went in there to kill some time and also because I knew it would calm my nerves!  I even got to touch up my makeup a bit prior to my meeting (the Too Faced Sweethearts blush was on display!)  After that I felt calmer and ready to go!  


So different from my first ever visit to a Sephora years and years ago...I was new to makeup then and had no idea what I was doing!


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

Agreed!  Much like this forum it is a safe place :smileyvery-happy:  If I ever feel terribly stressed or upset, the little jaunt out helps, and going between cities so much I don't have too many friends IRL that I get to hang out with, so it helps to go geek out about makeup, granted the employees are probably sick of it, but they're always so friendly and it helps to just talk, and usually I'll buy at least something small for their troubles of listening and gathering samples (even if it is just the JCP Sephora) :smileyvery-happy:


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

I'm embarrassed to admit that I currently have 1162 Beauty Insider points, which is indicative of the amount of money I've spent at Sephora since December 2011.  I silently swore to my husband that no more little boxes would be coming to our home.  I've kept that promise...well sort of since the little boxes now come to my job!  Wink!


I just can't help it.  Even last week when I left my doctor's office, I stopped in a Sephora which was literally by the subway I needed to travel on to get to my job downtown.  I already knew what I "needed,"--a Clarisonic replacement brush and the Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum.


I did feel quite virtuous though by purchasing only the things I needed and not lingering to buy anything else.



Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

I'm the same way. Anytime there is a Sephora near by and a few minutes or more to spare I'm going in for a visit. Hope your meeting went well!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

How fun, I feel the same too! When I was traveling through Italy a few years back (during my employment at our Sephora Union Street SF store) I got really sick but had a long bus ride from Rome for a day trip/tour in Florence. I was so tempted to stay in the bus but my friend said NO get out! 


While I felt terrible wandering around, the fresh air helped  and lo and behold.. I found a Sephora in Florence near the carousel meeting spot! :smileyhappy: For some reason it calmed me down and helped me feel like I wasn't millions of miles away from home (as silly as it may sound) and I felt a bit more relaxed. Smelling the perfumes & looking at the makeup all distracted me from thinking how terrible I really felt. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

Your right about the good feelings that Sephora can give you. I guess it's just the true love of being around all the stuff that can make you happy. This is a great post. Thanks drrragon.:smileyhappy:


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

I totally get that feeling. You know in yoga when they tell you to go to a peaceful secret garden? Now I feel like I would totally end up going to a Sephora store. :smileytongue:


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

Sephora is one of my happy places.  I can easily kill time in there or Ulta.  However, I also like going to Petsmart, especially since I haven't been able to volunteer much lately.  :smileysad:   However, I go see the critters whenever I can.  Of course, I also browse stuff for my furry family members.  I'm convinced that Sally knows what a Petsmart bag is lol.


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Sephora is my safe haven :smileyhappy: it's that place that when people say "go to your happy place"...that's where I go;figuratively and physically :smileywink:


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Oh my gosh, drrragon, me too! 


With Sephora though, I can actually test products out , get free samples, and afford to buy things some of the time!! Yay!


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I know what you mean. For me, I think it's because after shopping at Sephora a few times -- each time going through different brands and tons of product reviews, one gets familiar with the brands, and that sense of familiarity can be quite calming. I also tend to associate beauty with scenes in nature, and beautiful people with that air of elegance. So, being in a beauty store naturally makes me not be jittery and crazy about life's details for a just a little while.


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

Agreed!  Anytime I walk into a Sephora or an Ulta I feel so peaceful- like I'm in my second home!  :smileyhappy:


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

I think my debit card agrees with you. lol.


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

Oh what a sweet sentiment! It's so nice to hear that the store has that sense of comfort for you.  I totally get that too. Anytime I'm in a mall or area with a Sephora, that's the first place I'll head towards :smileyhappy:


Re: Sephora is my Tiffany's

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@keely -- yes!  a sense of comfort is the perfect wording!  :smileyhappy:  when I was little, everytime I was in a mall I'd make a beeline to the bookstore, but these days it's definitely Sephora.

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