Racism in Fashion?

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Ok, this doesn't apply to Sephora because they do a good job of showcasing beauty of different races and ethnicities, but my beef lies with the fashion designers, in particular: Dolce and Gabanna, Prada, Dior, etc. It angers me that since they are popular high-end designers, people still support them....ok now I'm starting to babble, I'll get to the point...


My point is that they see white people as high end, elite, and everyone wants to look like them. I have never seen Prada use a black model ever. 


Now there's another question: what about Asian, Hispanic, Indian...?


Yes, they are the minority, however, they get better job openings because of their skin color, which is sad. In 2013, you'd think that there's change, but there's non, nada. Yes, blacks (dark-skinned people) can get sucessful, but that's about it. 


Why post this on Sephora? 


Sephora does a fantastic job of seeing people as beautiful, everybody is beautiful in their own way. Several companies Sephora carries such as Bobbi Brown, Nars, Lancome, etc, they do a wonderful job and they're sucessful. 


I think the biggest problem is that since Dior Prada Coco Chanel, etc are popular brands at the moment, they have extrodinary influence on the way people outlook beauty and since 93 percent of the models they used are white, it's enough to assume that they think whites are super while there are other diversities.




What is your opinion on Racism in fashion? 





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Hopefully everyone will understand. amen

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The pale to tanning phenomenon is very US. And "Caucasions are forever tanning and even getting surgeries to make their lips like an african american, for example." Is so naively offensive I'm not even sure how to start the unraveling of why.


I can try to pull up studies if I can get into my journal article account, but its a topic of study of why beauty standards and fashion love tanning but turn away from naturally dark skin.


So to start with, the two are obviously not the same. And your implication that tanning=preferring AA beauty is wrong.

Re: Racism in Fashion?

I think you need to look into "white privilege" - I'm not sure you realize how