Not Liking Tonight's Severe Weather!!!

Here in East TN and neighboring states, they are calling for very severe weather and possible tornadoes.  With the mountain terrain and whatnot, it is pretty rare for tornadoes.  Last April, the area learned otherwise.  When a tornado occurs in the mountains, it is horrible.  In my hometown, some touched down in the southern end of the county, which is pretty much at the foot of the mountains.  It was horrible.  I saw the pictures of the damage on Facebook, and I was shocked.  I thought the mountains were supposed to protect us.  My mom was at work during all of this, and her car had over $6,000 worth of hail damage.  It's been fixed, but she drove dad's Dodge truck tonight.  The car was finally fixed back in the fall, so not chancing that.  West VA was hit really bad last year as well.  A tornado touched down on the freaking mountain!  When I went camping with my boyfriend and his parents last summer, some areas of the campground were destroyed.  I can't get over how it ripped huge trees from the forest like it was nothing.


Last April, I was by myself at my off campus apartment.  I remember hearing the sirens all the way from campus, and I was prepared to camp in my bath tub.  When one warning/watch would end, another one was shortly issued.  I didn't go to bed till 2 in the morning.  I'm home now for Spring Break, so I'm glad for that.  I hated being by myself at the apartment at that time.  I was scared to death, and I'm scared of storms to begin with.  However, home is a double wide.  Although I think it's beautiful and whatnot, it's not the safest.  However, papaw (lives next door) has a basement.  If needed dad, the animals, and I will run over there.  3 of our animals are indoors, but 2 of the dogs are outside in the fenced in backyard.  We hope to drop the gate and get them to follow us. 


What really has me spooked (even more) is how my papaw's miniature chihuahua, Sugar, was acting when I went over there earlier.  Usually, she piles up on my lap wanting to be petted and whatnot, especially since I was sitting in her favorite spot.  She didn't do that.  Instead, she stayed in her bed and just stared at me.  I've always heard that animals can sense storms and whatnot, and Sugar is very scared of storms. 


Please keep all the states and areas in your thoughts tonight. 


@ssmittys  I know you've said you live somewhere in Kentucky.  If you're in one of the storm areas, please be safe tonight!

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The grid of watch and warning areas is pretty scary.  Have friends in family in that range.  So far, no negative reports from them.  Likewise, stay safe.  Glad to hear that there's a basement just in case. 


Hail is pretty common around here come spring and summer.  It is even used as advertising sales and discounts.  :s

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@kimmi1115 Yea Kentucky has been hit pretty hard but so far no tornadoes. There has been some gnarly wind and thunderstorms though, and the hospitals have been moving patients to the hallways so they can stay safe. I for one am not a fan of storms like this!! (Makes me wish I had a hunk of man candy to snuggle up to ... thankfully my Doberman is a pretty good substitute lol) Stay safe tonight!!!


I was watching the news when my power came back home and there are a few towns in southern Indiana that were hit with a tornado Smiley Sad I'm praying that the injuries are minor and that no one was severely hurt or killed.

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I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts! I remember growing up and being used to typhoons. So much that I knew the routine of closing all our shutters, bringing in items that could fly away and covering our cars.  My family would put trash cans out to catch the rain in case water went out. We also made sure to invest in generators and gas stoves to cook with. I can also relate with animals being weird when a natural disaster is coming. I feel like they always know when something will happen. My dogs used to bark like crazy, then we realized why they were acting like that when we found out a typhoon was coming our way.


Please stay safe and keep us posted. Heart





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@kimmi: Stay safe! My sister is supposed to be going to a wedding in TN this weekend and is apparently having all sorts of travel issues because of weather.  Animals do have a keen sense of things we can't see, but maybe she is just sensing the change in the atmosphere, and the storm won't be as bad as expected!


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