New brands you would like to see at Sephora

I would like to see:





Juice Beauty 


YBF Beauty


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Dermalogica! Hopefully other people want these brands and maybe we can get some into Sephora stores!


Re: New brands you would like to see at Sephora

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I've got one that I just learned about in the last few months- Whish.


Their body products (especially the shave cream) are incredible.


Re: New brands you would like to see at Sephora

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I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but it would have to be MAC.  I realize that they are highly successful as a stand-alone brand with their own stores and makeup counters at different department stores, but it sure would be nice.  They have some of the best makeup brushes I've ever purchased not to mention its wide array of lipsticks.


Another brand I would love to see at Sephora is Estee Lauder, especially their fragrances and gift sets.  They have really great bonuses and giveaways particularly for Mother's Day and Christmas.  Please, Sephora, pretty please?


I would also love to see Sephora offer products from Chanel (excellent makeup brushes!) and SkinCeuticals, which has an excellent skincare line.  I just purchased the line's clay deep pore cleansing and refining masque, and it's my HG masque for my oily skin especially during the summer months.



Re: New brands you would like to see at Sephora

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purminerals. I like their powder foundation.


nvm I like Cover FX's powder foundation even more


Re: New brands you would like to see at Sephora

Honestly, I don't know what I'm even missing, but if I had to say one...maybe MAC? That seems so cliche to me to say that but I really don't know any others brands I have to have or I know them and have no interest in trying them . If they had MAC and I didn't have to go out of my way to a dept store...I'd really be n more trouble Than I am in makeup expense.
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