New Years Resolutions 2014?

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It may be a little bit early but I am already thinking about my resolutions for the New Year.  Wondering if others are doing the same?  Here are a few of my top resolutions:


  • In 2013 I obtained a lot of makeup and learned application.  For 2014, I want to work out and eat better so my insides are as beautiful as I try to make my face and hair.
  • I am going to work a bit more on staying on budget.  I can get lured in pretty quickly Smiley Happy by sales and limited edition items.  That will still be fine in 2014 but I will have an amount I have per month I can do that with.
  • I want to "pay it forward" more, and just practice more random acts of kindness.  I am surrounded by wonderful people in my life and I love my friends here on BT - I feel very lucky and want to share, even in small ways, with others.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

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  • Do a project 10 pan for powder eye shadow
  • get back to a regular 3x/week gym habit
  • start tretinoin regimen 
  • cultivate 1-2 more quick and easy looks that can be a go-to. I have a standby 5 minute routine but it's getting boring to do it every time I need a quick look. 
  • cut my non-work computer time down, stick to a tighter schedule
  • plan out my beauty and fashion purchases a bit better and cut my overall impulse spending even more than I did this year! Not necessarily spending less, just spending smarter. 

I've already filled my tretinoin scrip and am testing on my hands for reaction/allergy but I can't find my yoga pants anywhere, haha! 


I did well with some 2013 beauty goals,

  • cut out impulse drugstore makeup spending. It was tough but very worth it! 
  • Sorted makeup, discarded any unusables. I'll share still-good products I just don't use with a friend. This sort needs to happen annually. 
  • Used up/purged down samples to just the known and tested products I can use while traveling to save space. No more foils, YAY!
  • unsubscribed to bloggers and vloggers that aren't as informative for me that I'd just been keeping up with as a habit. (Hopefully that will help in cutting the computer time I spend too!)

I still bought a few things at the drugstore but they were planned purchases. I don't browse the makeup aisles in drugstores or big box stores anymore except maaaaybe once in a while at Target or Walgreens.

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

Kind of neat to review your 2013 goals, sounds like you did well! Good luck with your new ones! Smiley Happy

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

Hopefully 2014 will be nice to me Smiley Happy

As for now, my goals are:

1. Study, study, study hard (I'll be applying to Pharmacy program Smiley Happy)

2. Make my parents happy and proud (this is my life's goal Smiley Very Happy)

3. Exercise/ work out more often (I'm pretty lazy Smiley Sad)

4. Keep up with my volunteer Smiley Happy

5. Find a part-time job... Should I apply to work @ Sephora? Lol

6. Shopping, shopping, and shopping Smiley Very Happy

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

Good luck with your goals! And if you get a job at Sephora, don't forget all of your BT friends during the F&F sale!! Smiley Happy

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

BUY MORE MAKEUP!!!! just  kidding! my famiys moving soon and we have the money for the house but unfortuatly the place we are moving to is a really nice, rich neighborhood where your neighbors pop in randomly to check in. (or so ive heard) so im saving for nice furniture and also a new gaming console. hehe CALL OF DUTY!!!!!!

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

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Buy more makeup, lol! I'm not sure I could outdo 2013... Smiley Happy

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

2014 for me is going to be a lot of work with, i hope, a lot of reward at the end.


  • save up half the amount for a down payment on a house (really aiming for a total 20% down)
  • get back in shape (esp. cardiovascularly ... had hardware in my leg all 2013 until two weeks ago.  couldn't run, couldn't do vigorous resistance training, and no yoga)
  • read a book a fortnight
  • restart my project journal so i can feed my creative side
  • make non-work friends in my lovely adopted city


Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

I don't believe in resolutions per se, I'm more about yearly goals. Last year my goals were to try to be more patient (that didn't last), try at least 1 new recipe a week (this one I really did stick with.  I didn't get a new one each week, but I tried quite a few new ones) and be silly as often as possible.  I think next year will be all about making changes to my life to start making me happy and not really worrying about everyone else. 

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

Oh i have no idea what my New Years Resolution will be!!

My 2013 resolution was to take better care of my skin! And i did it! It was a super expensive, but amazing outcome! My skin is so much better than it was at the beginning of the year! 

Although for 2014 i'm thinking my goal is just going to be to figure out what i want to do with my life. I feel stuck, I'm going no where with my Cosmetology license, Have no idea what i would like to study in college. Oh and maybe getting a decent job! 

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

I need to add a couple.


  • That I will phase out products that contain parabens/other major carcinogens and go completely cruelty-free (and continue to monitor my major "go-to" brands to make sure their practices don't change).
  • I need to make some changes to my life, there's some tension with my dearest friends and my family even on Christmas Eve. I need to own that part I am responsible for and work to make a more positive difference in the world around me.

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

*Do not skip class unless it is ACTUALLY an emergency or I am sick


*Don't pick at my skin anywhere for any reason


*Learn to cook and bake more


*As always: be a better wife to my hubby

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

1. Spend less money.

2. Drink more water.

3. Sleep earlier (yeah, right).

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

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Elina Alex and Linda say hiiiiii 

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

1) play less vid games

2) start doing my community hrs

3) take my drivers at DMV 

4) eat less chocolate and exercise more 

5) drink more water

6) sleep earlier

7) remember to apply hand cream every night

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

1. Stop biting and picking at my fingers

2. Figure out what I would like to do with career and apply to schools

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

My resolution is this:  I am going to stop apologizing for everything and anything.  


I find myself saying I'm sorry for every little thing, whether it's my fault or not.  It's like an instant reaction to everything that goes wrong.  For instance, I'm in a line at Target with a cart full of stuff.  Not an express lane or anything like that.  Someone gets behind me with a few things and I'm mid-ring so offering them to go ahead isn't an option at this point.  I usually will look at the person and say I'm sorry.  But I didn't do anything wrong.  


Or is someone is upset because they think I did something to them, but I didn't.  I will apologize for the offense even if I don't feel it.  I shouldn't do this.


This doesn't mean that I won't ever apologize.  It just means that I need to stop assuming blame automatically.  In my mid-thirties now, I have finally learned to accept a compliment, and now I want to stop apologizing if I'm really not sorry or if I really didn't do anything wrong.  


I hope it doesn't make me sound like I want to be mean.  I never really open up here this openly, but I just really liked this thread. 

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

Thanks girls!  Happy New Year!

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

That is such a great resolution. I'm getting better about it, but my husband is terrible about it. I think it is a confidence thing. At least, it was for me. Claiming my space in the world, instead of apologizing for taking it up. Good luck!

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

I think that's a great resolution! I can be like that too, and I get mad at myself all the time for being more apologetic than I ought to be! 

Re: New Years Resolutions 2014?

I am not big on making resolutions, but I hope that everyone is successful with theirs!


My ongoing resolution, if I can call it that, and one I know I can't actually "accomplish" but is the motivation behind everything I do, is to try to make my loved ones and myself happy every day. So far so good, only 50 plus more years (and beyond if the universe allows!) of trying to go ;-)

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