New 500 Point perks

I just noticed the new 500 point perks (from MUFE and Tarte) and must say that I am very impressed!  These are the best 500 point perks I've seen in a while (in my opinion).  I'm glad Sephora is including makeup rewards as well as skincare-I'm just so reluctant to try out new skincare products since I've found ones that work for me and don't break me out, so I haven't cashed in my points in a while.  Anyway, thought I'd just draw some attention to the new point perks and say great job, Sephora!


Re: New 500 Point perks

I know, right?  Especially the Tarte one (the MUFE set looked a little small size-wise).  I love it when there's those little sets with like 4 products, but I also like when there's maybe 2 or 3 full-sized ones, just 'cause I tend to lean towards full-sizes things rather than little teensy weensy ones.


Re: New 500 Point perks

I was just about to use the Cladalie perk but now I'm glad I waited.

Re: New 500 Point perks

I agree. I think the Tarte one looks amazing. Does anyone know what color the Tarte liner is? I can't tell from the image on my computer.


Re: New 500 Point perks

I do like the choice of products in each set, altho I wish the items are bigger like the skincare set, or if one of the items is full sized (like the Tarte 500pts set I got).


Kudos for the mix of skincare and cosmetic offers. I'm (not so) secretly hoping there would be a mini (or full sized) lipstick offering. For now, I'm going to try reaching 1000pts (prob ~Sept), so if I used 500pts on one thing, then something much much better comes out right after, I won't feel devastated. =X


Re: New 500 Point perks

my favorite was the tarte 500 perk point set like a year ago. that tarte bronzer was the bomb!! think its almost better than laguna nars bronzer. hope they bring that back again!!

i just looked at the perk points now, eyeliner and mascara? i'll pass. :smileyhappy: the skincare purchase perks were wayyy better. I had to get all three this time, the sizes were very nice!

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