May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

As you all know, I had to put down my almost 15 years old "sister" Jewel.  Although I am not completely healed and I still cry over her, I think she has pointed my family and I into the direction of a new furry family member.  Some people may think I sound crazy that I believe this her doing, but that's just your opinion lol.  And we all know the saying about opinions lol.


Anyway, over the weekend, my former high school English teacher shared a picture of a bloodhound on Facebook from the local Animal Control page.  I knew the Humane Society had a page, but I did not know that Animal Control had one as well.  I believe Jewel was using my former teacher to point out the bloodhound.  The timing is quite strange because a) it is my dad's turn to pick the next pet and to name him/her  b) he has always wanted a blood hound.


I showed my mom and dad the picture and whatnot, and we all fell in love.  We prepaid the adoption so he could be ours.  Since he looks like he may be a pure breed, animal control has to hold him for about a week for an owner to come forward and claim him.  The owner has until tomorrow.  If the owner really cared, I believe he or she would have come forward sooner.  I don't think the person will because it looks like he has been roaming for a while.  He is skinny, especially at the waist.


Lanndan and I went to meet him yesterday, and he has some of Jewel's personality.  I about cried when we left Animal Control.  I think Brutus will love his future brother.  Brutus has been lonely, too.  I've seen him look at Jewel's grave, especially when I visit it.  He's also been in his dog house more.


Here are some pictures Lanndan and I took.


dog 1.jpgBloodhound kisses  :smileyhappy:


dog 2.jpgYou can see how skinny he is in this picture, and he is shedding his winter coat.


dog 3.jpg

I have a picture of Jewel where she looks at the camera exactly like he did.  :smileyhappy:

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Hiya Kimmi,

first time poster here. I am so very touched by your story and posts, I had to chime in! First, you have my deepest condolences on the loss of Jewel. I have 3 rescue dogs myself as well as my own rescue group. I always say that the price we, as humans, unfortunately pay for all the unconditional love and adoration our beloved pets give us is the grief we feel when their relatively short lives end. As heartbreaking as the loss and grieving is, isn't it actually worth it when you consider all the love our fur kids give us? Each time I lose a dog I break and think I can never go through that kind of loss again. But then, I always adopt again and, whilst the grief remains, I honor my departed pets by giving a home and love to other needy animals. Dogs are so pure-hearted...I believe Jewel would love nothing more than to know that you have opened your heart and home to another dog. And there is zero doubt in my mind that Jewel led you to Meat Head. At the very least, she, by being your sweetest friend and "sister", "trained" you and your family to both show and accept love and compassion towards and from her canine kin!

I wish you many, many years of love and fun with Meat Head. Yes, he does need fattening up! You are correct in looking for a high protein food for him, preferably grain-free. He also needs fat in his diet, literally. That will help his coat too. You might want to look into adding salmon oil to his food to help him get his coat back to a normal, healthy shine. Eggs can help too, shells and all!

Thank you so much for adopting your precious and gorgeous new "bro!" He is so lucky to have you, just as Jewel was. I hope you won't mind if I name one of my next adoptable female rescues Jewel...your story touched me to the degree that I'd really like to do so in memory and honor of your blessed, departed girl. The love you obviously shared with her is quite an inspiration. Bless you and your lovely, compassion