Looking for a good book


Looking for a good book

I love getting lost in a good book.  You know the kind where you dread reading the last page?  It's been awhile since I've read one of those.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Looking for a good book

I loved Delirium by Lauren Oliver (It's a three book series!) It's amazing. If you like the dystopia type books with romance. The first book took me a while to get into but once you are hooked, your hooked.

Also another dystopia book that I loved is Divergent! Also a few books in the series.



Re: Looking for a good book

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Khaled Hosseini ( I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly ). A Thousand Splendid Suns.  My fav all time.


Re: Looking for a good book

My favorites (in no particular order):


William S Burroughs - Junkie 

Howard Dully - My Lobotomy

Peter Jenkins - A Walk Across America

Carrie Fisher (yes, Princess Leia) - The Best Awful

Augusten Burroughs - Dry 

Mary Roach - Stiff

Hunter S Thompson - Hell's Angels


I love to read. I have a bunch of other favorites that are escaping me right now and that are packed away in boxes.


Re: Looking for a good book

I've been reading through the Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi series lately, super gripping!  Otherwise, hrm, anything by Heinlein is good, Mercy Thompson novels, Dresden Files, etc. :smileyhappy:

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