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I love getting lost in a good book.  You know the kind where you dread reading the last page?  It's been awhile since I've read one of those.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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I liked the Hunger Games trilogy so much I bought the books!  Now I've got my 12 year-old reading them so I have someone to go to the theater with when the next movie comes out. :smileyhappy:


I just finished reading the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series now too.  Thanks to those who recommended them!


I was going to start reading the Divergent series but then I found out there's a third book coming out.  I'm NOT doing that to myself again.  I'll just wait to get involved until all the books are out!


Think I'm going to move on to David Sedaris now.  "Me Talk Pretty One Day" should be a good laugh after reading so much drama!

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@Katie - Are you talking about Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls?  It's on my list!

I am a huge GWTW fan but I have not read Vivien's biography.  Putting it on my list now too!


Regarding The Hunger Games, they are Young Adult books so you will find them easy to read but I never felt like the author was "talking down" if you know what I mean.  I grabbed a teen magazine (YM or Seventeen or something like that) in a waiting room the other day and cringed while scanning the articles.  Unlike that magazine, these books aren't clearly written for just the young.  I think you'll find them well written and definitely interesting!


I grabbed Catching Fire this morning and had to make myself a to-do list before I'm allowed to open it!  Vacuum, fold laundry, and load dishwasher have been accomplished so far.  :smileyhappy:

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@Katie1724 I've been holding off on the Hunger Games for the same reason, but I'm also considering it because sooooooo many people swear the books are fantastic.  I also had a friend who generally wouldn't be interested in that type of thing and really enjoyed it.


@Colorobsession I'm totally the opposite!  If I haven't read a book, I will read it before the movie because the book is always better, but when I have reread the book right before I get so angry at the movie.  I did that with the Da Vinci Code.  I read the book 4-5 years before the movie, so I reread it the day before I saw the movie and I really couldn't even enjoy it with all the changes.  If I went in vaguely remembering the book it would have been fine.


In general I love a good mystery!  I have many favorite authors, but my number one is Harlan Coben.  I find his books so gripping it is painful to put them down.  I have to restrain myself from starting one late in the day because I will continue reading until I pass out from exhaustion. No joke!

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