It wasn't worth it!

As if I needed further confirmation that my skin is affected by what I eat (dairy and bad carbs), I went on vacation for 3 days and pigged out.  I ate burgers, fries and ice cream on a daily basis along with standard amusement park food like funnel cakes.

To show for it I now have 3 white heads and one giant cysts on my chin.  And 3 extra lbs of course.  It'll take a week of damage control to lose the weight and who knows how long to get rid of the cyst.  It wasn't worth it!


How do you maintain your sanity and your diet while on vacation?


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Once I get to my vacation destination, I stop at a supermarket before going anywhere and stock up on fresh fruit, carrots and protein bars. That way I don't have to eat junk food, I can just eat something from my backpack. I also pack my resistance bands so I can keep toned in my hotel room. If you do your resistance exercises without stopping and resting between sets, you can get your heart rate up to nearly a decent cardio level. I do treat myself to some fun, though hi cal foods on vacation, I just only eat out once a day, figuring I probably am getting a whole days worth of calories at that meal!


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People tell me I'm still at the age and whatnot where I can pretty much eat what I want.  Then again, I'm supposed to be gaining weight, but that is difficult to do when limiting gluten.


However, I sometimes do eat a bit more during the summer.  I don't know if that's because I'm more active or what.  Yet, some of the summer gluten either makes me feel like a bloated cow or gives me a stomach ache.  To compensate for a bigger meal or snack, I usually skip a snack or something.  Playing Wii Just Dance is definitely a work out lol.


Re: It wasn't worth it!

@beautylovingirl - I have portion control x4!  :smileyhappy:  They're called children.  "Mom, can I try yours?"  "Hey!  If he gets some I get some...."


@beautytester - Breakfast wasn't bad at the hotel because they had a fruit basket and things like scrambled eggs and oatmeal.  Unfortunately leftovers or saving things weren't an option.  We didn't go back to the hotel until the end of the day so the only options were junk (burgers, pizza, etc) until we left the park.


@sephoraluvex - Yup!  Eat whatever and not worry!  That was my philosophy.  I've decided I need a new philosophy.  :smileyhappy:


@roxystar -  Yeah I figured some of it was water weight but either way my pants are tight and the scale is higher.  :smileysad:

Thanks for the heads-up on Happy Cow!  I'll definitely check that out!


Re: It wasn't worth it!