If you had one color...

That you had to wear EVERY DAY, ALL DAY ONLY for the rest of your life (as in to sleep, to parties, gym clothes, socks ALL OF IT) what color (NOT black or white)  would you choose? You can wear any accessory color you would like but your pants, dresses, shirts, etc all must be that ONE shade.


I would probably choose a pastel pink. I think it's the most forgiving shade I could wear all day ( I already have pink jeans and a pink shirt) without getting TOO tired of. :smileywink:



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: If you had one color...

I would say either red or turquoise :smileyhappy: I'm a fan of both colors


Re: If you had one color...

Purple, purple and some more purple!


Re: If you had one color...


I love teal!


Re: If you had one color...

I think mine would be royal blue I love blue. This is a really hard question so I'll say blue.


Re: If you had one color...



Some variation of dark pink.  (black accessories)


Re: If you had one color...

My color would be hot pink all the way...maybe a light pink but preferably hot pink.  Any pink at all would really do.  I wear so much pink and black. Now, it's unreal.  I try to stear away but everything looks so much cuter in pink.


Re: If you had one color...

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I'd choose a light shade of pink :smileyhappy:





Re: If you had one color...

I would choose purple. It makes my red hair look brighter.


Re: If you had one color...

Hmmm.... I think I'll go with red.  It's one of my favorite colors, and I've been told I look good in it.  My mom said red was my color after she saw me in my 8th grade homecoming dress for 8th grade superlatives lol.


Re: If you had one color...

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I know it sounds like a boring go to shade but, I think I would pick black! I worked for a few companies where that is all I could wear and you would be surprised how used to you get to wearing it. On my days off I would even wear black. You can always add a pop dimension by adding some silver or gold jewelry!

<3 Melissa

Re: If you had one color...

I ADORE pink, but when it comes to clothes I'm really drawn to WHITE. Its just so clean and classy looking and no matter how simple the outfit it always somehow looks more put together and glam in white. Plus I live in Texas where winter doesnt even exist, and triple digit temperatures are considered normal so its also a plus that it keep the heat the heck away from me.


Re: If you had one color...

I would wear a deep royal purple with silver accents/hardware!!!! My favorite blouse is that color with silver chain mail links sewn to the cuff of the sleeve :smileyhappy:


Re: If you had one color...

I would probably go with deep deep eggplant if I had to wear one color forever, since it's one of the closest colors to black. Think Sephora by OPI's Caffine fix :smileyhappy:.



SEPHORA by OPI - Nail Colour

Whimsically yours,

Re: If you had one color...

I'm most drawn to shades of yellow, but the thought of yellow yoga pants is slightly terrifying (for me) -- so I will say navy, which is one of my favorite colors for coats and dresses. (I guess that's two colors...oops...but one is ideal and one is realistic :smileyhappy:)





Great question!




Re: If you had one color...

I also have to go with Navy Blue.  Blue is my fav color, and navy is practical for work and can be nice for play as well.  I also like black and white but I guess thats two colors lol.....



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Re: If you had one color...

Those navy blue shades are pretty! Maybe I should rethink mine hmmm.. even a dark purple could be fun!  REALLY dark purple, maybe an indigo?

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: If you had one color...

I really liked your pastel pinks, but of course, being a blue fan, indigo sounds appealing lol. :-)


Re: If you had one color...

A nice coppery brown. Not too dark, not khaki. The color goes well with my hair and skin tone, doesn't show dirt much (a big asset when working around animals) and I can wear any accessory color with it. I had initially thought of turquoise which is my favorite color, but I think it's not so practical.
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