I have to work Christmas:(

Where I work we rotate holidays I forgot I was off last year so this year I have to work Christmas eve and Christmas. But the bright side I'll be off thanksgiving and off Christmas eve and Christmas next year. Is anyone else working this holiday season?

Re: I have to work Christmas:(

Me....Smiley Sad They said we HAVE too, and that it will bring more costumers to our restaurant knowing that one thing is open that day. We will also get more hours, and possibly tips with nothing to spend it on since everything is closed that day. Everyone else is pissed...But hey, I see joy in it that we get to wear Santa hats. I didn't work Halloween so I didn't get to ask if I can wear something special for that day, like my wig. Almost all my family is in Arizona..So I'm sure they won't mind I won't be home for Christmas.

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