How do you heart...?

I've asked this question a while ago, but seeing beautylovingirl's post about heart oarties has inspired me to post it again...


How do you heart?  Do you give out hearts slightly more randomly or are you more conservative with your hearts, hearting only when a post really catches ur eye?  


I tend to give hearts somewhat freely, like when someone posts a cute picture or some really good advice, or when they answer to one of my post directly.  I try to  also heart newcomers a lot so they can start to build their BT heart profile ;-)  So serious, I know!  

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Actually, the first heart party was given by Officegal for Tenngal.


I was doing parties for the longest time, but since I got so busy with work, my party activity has definitely slacked off. I gotta get more organized.

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I'll heart posts that I think are interesting or informative, regardless of whether or not I end up adding a response of my own. I'll also heart people's responses, or generally when I agree with or appreciate what someone is saying. 

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I'll heart to that!

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I heart pretty freely if I'm reading responses in a thread. Unless I see something I really don't agree with, I usually heart it.


I forget who originally started the heart party trend, but they were fun for landmarks :smileyhappy: (was it you, sephoramusthave? or beebrunet, ages ago?)

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I think heart parties are such a cu