Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

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Ok, 5002 at time of writing. Congradulations!


Thank you for your numerous helpful and fun post/response. Cheers to the next 5k hearts!



(If you are my friend IRL and within driving distance, I would totally make that for you (assuming you are not allergic to nuts or vegan), so, err (I'm sorta bad at this party thing), enjoy!)



(@.@)   ~~w00t!





(p.s. That's an owl, and I'm officially out of text animals (will have to resort to plagiarism next. *gasp*))



Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Thank you beautytester for throwing me such a fabulous party!!  Those brownies look scrumptious, and Godiva flavored, how did you know?


Today was a really tiring day between running errands and general business, so it was such a treat to come home to a heart party!  Thanks to all of you for the wonderful photos and special compliments, you are all so dear to my heart, I feel well loved. I hope I can give back to the community as much love, help and fun that you give to me.  You are the BEST!


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Congratulations prettyinpa for 5000 well earned hearts!  Your posts are so knowledgeable and well researched and thought out; love reading them!


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

I haven't been on beauty talk in a bit but I'm here now so -


Happy happy happy 5,000 hearts Prettyinpa!!! Congratulations! That's incredible! You always give such excellent advice and you post so wonderfully frequently! It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you (online) and I'm so glad you're here! You deserve every single one of those hearts. :smileyvery-happy:


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Congrats!!!! I alway look forward to reading your advise and knowledge.  Here is to 5000 more <3<3<3<3<3<3<3


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Congratulations PrettyinPA!! Thank you for your thoughfulness, detailed posts and assistance (especially when we mods can't get to customer service posts!) You are a truly valued member of Beauty Talk and your helpful knowledge and tips have been priceless! All the images of snacks and cookies made me hungry for ice cream!




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Awww, prettyinpa, I'm so glad I've come to know you a little on here, and I love reading your posts. They help me immensely even if the question isn't mine. Congrats!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

You always have GREAT advice! Thank you and congrats on your 5000 hearts:smileyhappy:

<3 Melissa

Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Wow!!!  Congratulations, Prettyinpa!!!  That is beyond impressive!  I agree with everyone, your posts are full of knowledge and enjoyable to read.  Reading your posts about the UD Naked palette helped me slowly cave on it, and I love it! lol :smileyhappy: 


*sends you good ole Sweet Tea and bluegrass cds*


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Wow!! Reaching 5000 hearts is such an acomplishment!  Thank you, Prettyinpa, for being such an active member of our community!  I look forward to many more amazing and informative posts to come :smileyhappy:


xo, Mia


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!



Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Congratulations Prettyinpa!  Wow 5000 points, incredible.  Thank you for your helpful advice as always.




Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Congratulations Prettyinpa!  Still giving great words of wisdom and advice.  I always enjoy reading your posts. 


ASCII Art brings back memories.  o/~


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

Congrats prettyinpa!!!  I truly enjoy reading your posts and learn so much from them.  Thank you for encouraging me to continue posting makeup looks-you are such a sweet person!  I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon...congrats again :smileyhappy:


Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!

5,000 hearts?! Now that is impressive!!


Congrats Prettyinpa! Thanks so much for all that you've contributed. You always have such thoughtful posts and great insight. Those Godiva brownies look divine beautytester! I always need some sort of beverage to accompany any sort of chocolate cake or in the spirit of summer: pink and traditional lemonade ^_^.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Happy 5000 hearts Prettyinpa!!!


Thank you for all your posts!! This board would be nothing without you!!

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