Favorite Starbucks drink?

Visiting a Starbucks for the very first time this weekend! :smileyhappy: Any suggestions?

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I'm not a coffee person (LOVE the smell, not a fan of the taste, probably don't need the caffeine) but I really like the Refreshers, my favorite is the Valencia orange one and the lime one is also good. I also really liked the peach green tea lemonade that was a seasonal thing this summer, I hope they bring it back because it's the first tea drink I've had and liked.

Honestly I mostly go to Starbucks for their pastries, my favorite is a pretzel with dijon mustard baked into it. Though they totally revamped their pastry line and got rid of almost all the cake pops except the birthday cake one and I'm grumpy about it (my favorite was the salted caramel one).

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I missed out on the peach green tea (cry), but never had the Valencia orange Refresher! That sounds yummy!


I get the Very Berry one!

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@lylysa the peach green tea is heaven. Everytime I'd go to starbucks they'd run out of syrup (YEAH RIGHT i never believed it LOL) but its sooo good.. they need to make it a regular choice!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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I found out about it a week after they stopped having it on the menu for Summer!!!!!!!!!


Blarghhhhh!! >.<


I hate when they run out of sea salt towards the end of the season...it throws my craving for a salted hot chocolate right out the window!

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IT'S RED CUP SEASOOOON! Aka when Starbucks breaks out the infamous red holiday cups, far too early in the season this time in my opinion. I love the red cups and I think this year's are super classy/elegant but seriously, Halloween just happened.




My personal favorite is the venti no whip peppermint mocha! Starbucks has it as a seasonal drink but it's not, you can order it at any time. I am also super fond of the pumpkin spice latte which is limited edition and is probably going to disappear from menus soon! As for cold drinks, I really like an iced venti 2 pump classic green tea. It's less sweet as a regular venti iced tea has 6 pumps of classic, which is their syrup. Another iced tea/summer time fav is the iced venti 2 pump raspberry green tea lemonade! 


Hope you like your first drink!

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YYYAYYY I love the red cups! It always reminds me of the kick off to the holidays.

<3 Melissa

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