Dreaming About BT

Does anyone else ever have dreams about BT?  Last night I dreamt that I was having trouble uploading and linking photos.  Then I was trying to respond to other's comments, but was getting confused about what comments were replies to what because I was in "linear" instead of "threading" view.  I woke up frustrated. 

Sheesh!  Maybe I need to step away from my laptop before I go to bed.

Re: Dreaming About BT

I haven't had a dream about BT (yet) but I did have a dream the other night I was in front of my bathroom mirror putting on the "Little Pretty" lipstick by Marc Jacobs!  Not a color that I would normally go for, lol

Re: Dreaming About BT

Haha, this is too funny! You set me off into a daydream of my own...one of the MODs replying to this message saying "I'm so sorry you had a frustrating experience in your dream! I'm sending you a message to help."

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