Dream Makers - wildlife edition

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Hey guys! This may be completely inappropriate, in which case I understand if I need to delete it.


I'm only somewhat involved in the Sephora community. I lurk a lot, post sometimes, but I'm not one of the important beauty gurus that everyone feels graced by when their advice shows up on a post. You know who I'm talking about :smileywink:


Nontheless, you may have seen me post every now and then with vague implications that my love of makeup is NOT looked well upon in my tough-guy, male-dominated, rough-and-tumble field of study. This happens to be wildlife ecology and education. Recently I acquired an internship working to rehabilitate orphaned animals, squirrels specifically, that requires a ton of personal monetary investment to get going. It really relies on donations.


I would be endlessly, unbelievably grateful to anyone who donated even the smallest amount to my cause, which I've set up on GoFundMe.

www dot go fund me.com SLASH wisconsin-wildlife-rehab 


Again, I TOTALLY understand if this is inappropriate. But I know the kind peeps on here love to help one another out, so I figured it was worth a shot.

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